Lesson 4. Planning your Future.

Planning your Future and where you want to be in five years.


Dear Thinette darling

When you were younger did you have the wish to be a grownup and be free of all the ties holding you back?

Well you are there, and what now my dear?

Have you for one moment stop to think how you are going to make your dreams a reality, or will it just stay dreams?

I dare you to dream big, develop your own magic formula for success and you can achieve it.

All dreams are possible!

Think of it this way, who thought a radio wave could cook food. Stumbling across the possibility someone had a vision and a dream and so the microwave oven became a reality. Someone else had a dream to land on the moon. He started planning it step by step and it became true too.

Finding your own magic Formula.

Now is the time to find a formula to plan your future making all your dreams come true. Don’t let people around you with small dreams detour you from your mission.

Let’s start at the Goalpost.

What are your expectations in life? Where do you want to be and what would you be doing in twenty years from now?

• Would you be on your yacht sailing the Mediterranean with family and friends?

• Travelling the world in luxury, visiting as many countries as you wish?

• Living in a mansion and driving a super car?

Maybe you want it all! Nothing is impossible my dear. To make it happen you need to decide on a formula with short term and long term goals working for you. Let’s begin with the short term goals. How far will you have progressed in five years time? Here are a few examples.

• Do you want to become a professional and focus on a career. Becoming an authority and get recognition in your field, you need to study degree after degree, reseach and read as much as you could. Where on the ladder of your success do you see yourself in five years?

• You have decided to become a housewife to the best man in the world and the best stay at home mum. Finding information can be very confusing. You will soon realise how much hard work it will take. How will you go about it? (More about that in a later letter.)

• Do you want to become an entrepreneur running your own business. What will your focus be to get your business out the blocks. Making marketing a priority set weekly and monthly goals and keep to the schedule?  I do have an option for you … but later about that too.

• How long are you going to sit idle, living in a dream world, letting the good life pass you by. Looking at all your successful friends in envy. Stop procrastinating now!

Important steps.

• Find a quiet spot were you will not be distributed.

• Stop thinking of your past and how life has been.

• Review what was important to you and find your passion.

• Think of all your achievements, there might be a passion hiding there. Find something you are good at and you feel enthusiastic and excited about.

• Trust your instict and write the options down, even make a list if there are more than one.

• Find your strengths and build on it in your planning.

• Winners do not make excuses.

• Become a warrior and take nothing lying down.

Take a pen and paper, yes pen and paper and start the outline of your planning,  plotting your future to make your dreams come true. Pen and paper make it more real and personal.

Yes if you can think it you can do it.

Nothing is impossible my dear, only personal image and laziness get in the way.

When planning, be realistic. The importance of goal setting is to make achievable decisions. Start with small steps and climb every mountain with determination to reach the great epitome of your vision. Don’t start running on the water, sinking halfway with exhaustion.

Best is to jot down a framework as you see it from beginning to end in other words see the bigger picture.

Break it up in achievable sections and put a time frame to each. Start using your process, by planning small tasks around the house using your strategy in other words practice and refine your strategy.

Well done, now keep this document on your bedside table and read it every evening before you go to bed. On the mirror in the bathroom you write in lipstick and leave sticky notes all over your domain, which will remind you every time you look at them of your mission.


Read it out loud every time you walk past, as a reminder of your final goal, and keep you motivated.

My greatest wish for you is to be happy and successful.

Next letter is about The Debt Trap.

All my love.

Gran Stella.










Letter 3. Building the Foundation to hold your Empire.

Building the foundation to hold your Empire.

Dear Thinette

Let’s determine who you are but also who you want to be and then change bad habits.

I have jotted down some personality characteristics which you can identify yourself with or mark the ones you want to change. Write then your own resume of who you would like to be. Here they are:

• Are you positive, always see the bright side of life, outgoing, bubbly and fun to be with.

• Never satisfied, always negative, grumpy, moaning, nagging and demanding.

• Afraid, scared, anti-social, lonely, and shy.

• Honest, sincere, trustworthy, confident and happy.

• Not always telling the truth, cheating, depending on people and things to make you happy and a Miss Know-it-all.

• Sporty, artistic or musical, in other words do you have a hobby.

• Are you a good listener, can you hold a good conversation, having knowledge what is in the news and be interesting.

• Self centered, boring, shallow minded with a small frame of mind housing a small world.

• Do you have friends, what are they like and what do they say about you?

Mark the ones you recognize and select the ones you would like to be.

Now write your own personality resume. Deciding which characteristics you want to adoped.  Make a decision and then my dear begin by changing the habits one by one to become the person you want to be.

Habits having the biggest influence in your life is the cultural and family habits. Some of these habits form part of a control system for generations, which keeps you from being who you want to be. It is part of a system that is meant to trained people to fit into a social pattern, walking the streets like  obedient faceless ghosts.

Break loose and become your own person. Make your own choices, have a mind of your own and live the life you want to.

Walk away from the flock of sheep and become uniquely you!

The most valuable characteristics you want to have are honesty, trustworthiness, have a positive outlook and be a good listener.

Having decided who you want to be, it is now time to get rid of the old bad behaviour and in with the new.

They say you can change any habit in 21 days with repetition and never go back to the old. Find the habit that will be the easiest to change and tackle it first. Be dedicated till you feel comfortable it is part of your lifestyle. Go to the next characteristic and make it part of your chosen pattern to become the new stronger you.

To earn recognition in life you have to become an authority in your field. Search research and gain all the knowledge you can, read it and make it your own.

Never be forward with your knowledge, listen and observe, always be the last to speak my dear.

In the next letter we will concentrate on planning you bright future.

Love you.

Granny Stella.



Letter 2. Who are you?

Letter 2.

Who are you?

Darling Thinette

Hope you are well? Ready, here we go!

Today it is about developing your personality for adulthood. The foundation is already laid but the vast world out there with different influences will have an impact on this development. It is all about the choices being made.

Your Identity.

No it is not your name, address, phone or family ties, these are your official information for statistics. We are going to delve deeper than skin deep to find the real Thinette and what makes her happy.

Remember in Your world You are the most important person. To protect your persona you have to establish a strong Self. In every situation always find your position first and then find a solution from an advantage point.

Filling a position at work or at home are never about the title or position. Every position in life is temporary and nothing is certain, only You are for ever. To protect Yourself, you have to know your identity and be true to Yourself at all times.

If you are married, never say I am Jack’s wife, always say I am married to Jack and are the mother of 2 lovely children and the daughter of my parents. Your position originates from You. At the moment this is what I do or who I am. Just one more example if applying for a job and the position is that of a Managing Director of a company you do not become the Managing Director of the company, You are managing the company at the moment. That might change any minute and who are you then?

Stay true to yourself and all the rest in the world is there to enhance your life.

The Key to Happiness.

Your emotions and feelings are determined by your subconscious mind which in return is the keeper of your happiness. Remember your behaviour and your thoughts feed your unconscious mind and that mirrors your mood and your feelings.

By having an open-heart, being honest, sincere, truthful and caring you feed your unconscious mind and spirit what it needs, projecting the emotional healthiness which makes you a happy person.

Follow these principles and you will be a confident trustworthy person with integrity which everybody can depend on.

No money in the world can buy that my dear.

The next we are going to look into building a strong personal foundation to hold your Empire.


Your loving Gran.


Letter 1. Expectations.

My Dear Thinette

Every young girl has many fantasies, all starry eyed about a wonderful romantic life. Dreaming of a fabulous white wedding, riding off into the sunset, streamers in the wind and visions of living in luxury ever after.

Well, lifestyle and habit changes might be in the air to achieve that goal my dear! You might want to become a professional or a successful entrepreneur but happiness will always be the most important of them all.

A Solid Base.

For everything you want to achieve in life my dear you will need a solid foundation. The higher you rise the stronger the base has to be. These letters will give you an idea what the elementary criteria is for building your Empire. As you go higher you will have to develop and enforce your structure. Dedication and determination is crucial for reaching the high of successful fulfilment.

Streetwise Lady.

Coming of age you will start planning the future of your new life and how to achieve your dreams. These letters are meant to make for a smooth ride. I am writing not love letters my dear but letters full of basic information for some of the obstacles you might encounter. With the hope you will have the knowledge to turn all stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

Basic Needs.

These letters will spell out the basic skills needed for a carefree life. Some you already know but no harm in reading it again. Knowing what is needed will give you a head start in life. Everybody have his or her own idea how to live their dream and may land in trouble many a time. The aim of this information is to help getting you out the maze.

We are going to start from the beginning, giving you the strong base you will need to build your success.

The next letter will be about knowing who Thinette really is and getting you to become the best person you can be.

Love you lots.

Gran Stella.