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Guidance with Granny with Letters to my Granddaughter


My granddaughter with her cat

Dear Reader  

A warm welcome to my website Guidance with Granny with Letters to my dear Granddaughter. With these letters, I am aiming to guide ignorant young adults towards happiness and success.

Reminiscing about the good old days, how simple things were, and best of all, how happy it made us.

Is this still the case in today’s world?

A Tribute to My Parents

My Foundation

My parents were born very early in the previous century and experienced many world events over nine decades.

Both were very wise people. Set a perfect example with good planning.     As an example, my Dad never bought anything on hire purchase. He even bought his cars and houses cash, no debt ever. Dad had the patience to wait until he had enough to buy cash, He had a second income though and save not spend. Mom was the most caring and supportive person and an excellent organiser. She did all her planning in advance. Making lists of everything. Experience taught her to always have a plan B and never left it until the last moment. All was always done to near perfection.

They had a wonderful relationship.  She adored him and he was a good provider. There were disagreements, but never arguments or name-calling.

Money was never too much, just enough, but love and care in abundance. As an only child, I received it all. They were the best parents and I was very lucky. Use this example to make our kids proud too.

Can I be this parent to my children?

ce.As time goes by a dedication to my parents Willie and Mien Kok

My parents Willie and Mien Kok

Guidance with Granny is my way to honour and keep the legacy of my parents alive. What I am sharing in these letters, I learned from them.

Guidance with Granny My Granddaughter Thinette

 Guidance with Granny with Letters to my Granddaughter

The Changes

These letters to my Granddaughter are all about creating a happy lifestyle with habit changes, to be a success.

Over time political, social and family lifestyle changes were inevitable. In this process, certain core values got lost along the way. As a result, it is hard to find honest and sincere people today, in other words, people with integrity.

Most people have a self-centred image and appearances to maintain. Wanting so desperately to fit into society, is more important than being themselves. To them, it is essential, because acceptance has become their priority number one.

On the other hand, there are still wonderful selfless people around, making it all worthwhile.

Our older generation grew up with a different value system than the young adults of today. Therefore, makes it sometimes hard to understand the new ways.

Life has changed, from the warm caring families and close-knit communities to the clinical impersonal cold, competitive disconnected societies of today. Why did it happen?

Even the way we eat has changed dramatically. From wholesome natural food to genetically modified synthetic products, hardly recognisable as healthy hearty food.

All is not bad though, there are many advantages that came with the new millennium. Greater choices can be made in almost everything. Just think about commerce, the world has become such a small place because of new technology.

Conclusion of Guidance with Granny Letters to my Granddaughter

Dear Reader,  enjoy these letters with an open mind. Feel free to agree or disagree. It will be very interesting to hear your opinions, and best of all, suggestions and experiences. All will be welcome.

Be Successful and most of all Happy.
Fulfil your dreams and goals with the help of old-world glory.

Kind regards

Granny Stella

These letters are certainly not in any way professional advice. It is a reflection of my own experiences and what I was taught. Therefore, forwarding practical experiences to my dearest granddaughter Thinette, and for that matter, each one reading.