About Stella.

A warm welcome to my website.

Why writing these letters?

Being the granny of my only grandchild makes me more aware of what is going on in her life, better than in a larger family.

My name is Stella and as a teacher my concern always was with the slow and lost ones. Everyone focus more on the top achievers, being the stars they walk away with all the attention too.

Many a time it is the ordinary learners becoming the stars of the future. They muster their success through hard work, dedication and determination.

Growing up as an only child, in an environment where generosity and assisting others in need was a lifestyle, the example set by my dear parents helping and caring others was in my genes.

With this living experience I could easily see the mistakes my granddaughter is making through ignorance. Being at the vulnerable, stubborn, know-it-all stage it is hard to give advice … and so the idea of the letters was born.

I just want to stipulate these letters are not in anyway professional advise, it is a reflection of my own experiences written to my dearest granddaughter Thinette.

Enjoy the reading and feel free to leave a comment below.