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A Blueprint How To Create Your Own Happiness

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Dear beloved Thinette

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To be happy is a challenge in the modern era. First of all, you are responsible for your own happiness. Only you can create happiness for yourself. Nothing and nobody can do it for you, even more so, it has to come from within.

A Blueprint How To Create Your Own Happiness

What makes you feel happy, my dear? Is it Events, People or Things? Could it be the feelings you get when you accomplish something on your own? I have to say, to depend on things other people and happenings have proved to be very short-lived.

Try and find the Why? Why do I feel the way I feel.

You know what is best for you, therefore, only you can make it happen. Find what really brings the sparkle to your eyes. It can be a bright and sunny day that lifts your spirit, maybe, a goal you have avhieved?

  • Attitude has a lot to do with your happiness and how you feel my dear. There are two ways to interpret the word ‘Attitude’.

  • According to the behaviour of a person, having an ‘Attitude’ can mean a person with a high level of confidence and self-esteem bordering on arrogance but are always happy.

  • Another person can also have an ‘Attitude’ but has a low level of confidence and self-worth that borders on depression.

  • One is positive and the other one has a negative influence. It all depends on the thoughts feeding the mind, as a result, causing the behaviour of the person.

Best is, have a positive frame of mind, noteworthy to create sunshine and happiness.

How To Be Happy Create Your Own Happy girl being a sunshine

One’s thoughts, behaviour and attitude have a direct link to your happiness. What kind of person are you? It depends on what you feed your mind, what thoughts are dominant in your life, positive or native.

  • Then there are people who are Neutral and has no feelings or emotions, they are normally lazy people, waiting for others to do everything and are just floating along, have no life at all.

A Blueprint How To Create Your Own Happiness

10 Ways to Create Happiness.

  • Be Grateful. Find 5 things to be grateful for every day. Look around and see what you have, not just worldly goods but friends, health, sunshine, family, etc. Never envy another person, as they say, you do not know the fine print coming with that parcel. Focus on your happiness and leave the rest to their own. Don’t sit back and be satisfied, always plan for a bigger and better life. 

  • Surround Yourself with People that love you. Feel nourished and save. It has a positive effect. Surround yourself with people you would like to become, people that will enhance your life. Have friends which you can admire.

  • Do Something you love and keep learning, educate yourself non stop. Be creative and think of a neglected interest. Dig out the easel, canvas and paintbrushes. Play your guitar or piano again. Go to the movies, or play squash with a friend. Do some potting in the garden, do something that makes you happy. Laugh and have fun as much as you can How to be happy in a mad mad world is having a hobby, potting in the garden

  • Walk with vigour and vitality and a smiling face in the shopping centre. See the positive effect it has on other people, greet them loudly and share a compliment or two. It is very satisfying to see how their faces lit up, making their day a better one

Look and Find the Good in every situation. In the bigger picture, there is always a purpose for every experience, either good or bad. There might be a lesson to learn. This is where the saying ‘Every dark cloud has a silver lining’ comes from my dear.

  • Go Back to Nature. Leave the rat-race for a while and focus on the essence of life. Not necessary to go on a hiking trip, a stroll in nature is also good, watering the plants and potter in the garden, watch the beauty of a flower, the butterflies and the bees. Lie on the grass and look at the clouds drifting by, seeing the different formations and identify faces or animals in them as the wind blows.

How To Be Happy In A Mad Mad World, see the little things the butterfly and n bee on a flower

  • Trust your Gut Instinct. When in doubt over anything, listen to your inner voice. Your first thoughts are normally the correct ones to follow. It is your subconscious mind guiding you.

  • Write Down Your Thoughts. Have a journal or a file on your computer, but, pen and paper are better. Write down your thoughts negative or positive of the day, how did it make you feel. 

  • Do Something for Someone. Your help might be needed, visit an elderly person and ask if there is something you can bring from the town they need or wash their hair. Give someone in need money to buy food. You will reap what you sow, it is the law of the Universe. It is the first step on the ladder to confidence and happiness, focus on someone else in need.

  • Be the change. Begin by changing and become what inspires you. Take charge and become what you wish for. Become a person who influences and motivate.

How To Be Happy Create Your Own Be happy and jump with joy

A Blueprint How To Create Your Own Happiness


Happiness lies within my love, for the reason, it is a mindset and attitude that will set you free. Nobody else can do it for you. You have to realise, you are the architect of how to be happy in this mad mad world we live in.

Wishing you all the happiness in the world my darling Thinette!

Gran Stella

Gran Stella

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2 thoughts on “A Blueprint How To Create Your Own Happiness”

  1. Good day to you,
    I enjoyed your letter and liked how you inserted links to other letters. I used the links and read some of those letters as well. You write from the heart and I personally experience men have agendas and women are emotions when trying to talk to my daughters.

    • Thomas yes you are right women are emotional beings and will never change because they can’t.

      Men has to find the magic way to deal with it, speak softly and gently at all times and you are halfway there … lol
      Treat your wife as your Queen and your daughters as your princesses and guide them as such even if you feel like sending them to the gauntlet.

      I believe men only have an agenda with women they don’t respect, don’t you agree?

      Thank you for a valuable comment.


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