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Can you Afford Not to Read this, It Is Free?

Darling Thinette

Thinette behind a laptop

Hope you are still doing well and you enjoy your new place of work.  Always hard the first week, not knowing the people, walking down the corridor and all eyes are on you. It feels you know nothing and think you will never be able to manage? With the skills and experience of the past, you will soon fit in perfectly my dear.

Remember the time you were between jobs I mentioned I will introduce you to an opportunity to earn money online. The best Internet small business. It is Affiliate Marketing. In this letter, I will explain what it is and how you can start your own business earning money online.

It is such a basic explanation to let you in on one of the best Internet small business options online. I explained the concept in very simple terms and easy to follow.

This is one of the options for someone wanting to earn an extra income, it might become your full-time job, never to worry again about being laid off and lose your income in this unpredictable world.

It is a way to secure your own future.

No experience needed, only the desire to be financially free, sincere interest and a passion making you excited and you want to share with the whole world. 

Have you ever had dreams and visions of becoming one of the many coffee shop laptop entrepreneurs? Seeing people sit in a cosy corner in a coffee shop, busy on their laptops preoccupied head down and typing.

It is everybody’s dream to work in your own time at any place and make more money than your normal nine to five job. It is not an overnight quick results scheme my dear, but dedicated working taking time to have the success you want.   … how do they do it?

Man typing on laptop in coffee shop

Well, one-way making money online has just landed in your lap if you are reading this. You can be the next successful Internet entrepreneur sitting in a coffee shop busy with your WEALTHY AFFILIATE marketing business.

How will I achieve it, will you ask? Affiliate marketing is one of the sure ways to make that money and with the help and training of Wealthy Affiliate and the community of more than 1.5 million members it is all possible my dear.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is promoting and selling products of a company, on your website sitting at home. First, build a website, write informative articles on a subject you are interested in or there is a need for.

Giving helpful information and solutions to people with the same interest or problem an option to buy a product they need, earning commission on the sale if your visitor buys through your link.

You can do it!

Let’s see what all is needed to fulfil this dream

What Will You need:

  • Have an interest and a goal

  • Select a unique Niche or interest

  • A Website

  • Training to build your website

  • Support and assistance

  • A Hosting company

  • Information to write Articles

  • Traffic

Big Internet data image.



In my search over the last 12 years, I came across many options on how to make money online, but none worked for me.

In the past, I joined a well-known Guru, but the training manual I bought was written in a coded language and I had to go back office into the programming side. I couldn’t understand most of the tasks and with no support it is needless to say, I did not get anywhere.

During November 2018 someone offered me an invitation to look at an option to become an online entrepreneur, designing my own website to earn an income.

My first thought, with the knowledge I have, it is impossible but when I saw I could join for free and there was as much support as I needed with no obligation, curiosity got the better of me and I joined.

Was I surprised to see WEALTHY AFFILIATE [WA] is offering exactly what I was looking for all these years. At last, I found the opportunity to prove to myself I can do it.

This is my opportunity to get Financial and Personal Freedom, with WA it can happen. Free membership for life, upgrade when you are ready and you can leave anytime you want. It sounded good and I jumped in and join.

I can do it!

Once on the inside, I soon became part of a community of 1.5 million WEALTHY AFFILIATE members, many very successful, ready to give encouragement, advice and support around the clock when needed.

I was welcomed by many in the community and the owners Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim from Canada gave me a warm welcome too. I felt at home.

What do I get

  • Free membership

It can last a lifetime or 7 days, it is your choice. You are a free member for as long as you want and can end your membership when you want. There is no need to upgrade if you are not ready. Free members have 2 free websites to develop.

As a free member, you are granted the luxury of 7 days full membership to see and feel what it is all about, to interact, ask questions and have training. Free members have access to 10 training lessons to build the essentials of your website.

  • Full membership

Costs $19 with the discount the first month and $49 per month for as long as you pay the monthly fee.

As a full member you have 25 free domain owned websites to develop and 25 .siterubix.com sites under the umbrella of Wealthy Affiliate to develop. It was overwhelming.

  • Full membership have access to more than 70 training lessons divided in categories and more training from the other experienced members, live seminars every Friday kept in a library for you to listen to when you need it, private training, hosting, website security, technical support and practical support which is priceless and the only phenomenon of its kind on Internet. All inclusive.

  • There is an annual membership fee optional of $359 which comes to $29 per month.

With all the extras, you get far more than you pay for.


All you will need to build a successful website with are in the excellent training of Wealthy Affiliate. The two owners Kyle the training guru and Carson the technical guru make sure their well-developed program to assist you, are running smoothly and earned its reputation as the best training program on the Internet.

In the training Kyle the co-founder leads and explains in detail how to build your website from the very beginning, how to register your own website, thinking about the Domain name and selecting a website name.

Follow the instructions and type your information into the spaces provided on the Site building page, select as a free member a theme from 12 different template options or as a full member there are a choice of more than 4000 options, push a button and magically your site is done. Carson the co-founder and his dedicated technical team was responsible for this creation.

The training WEALTHY AFFILIATE [WA] offers are the most comprehensive and the best on the Internet, rated 9.5 out of 10. The Wealthy Affiliate program offers  a Support system that is the X-Factor of the great success. 

Kyle, the co-founder owner and presenter of the training lessons, will explain to you step by step in the first ten lessons how to develop your website.

You can do it!

Busy typing on the laptop with cell phone next to it

Making it easier for myself, I had two screens open, a phone next to me with the training video running and my site open on the laptop, building my site as he explains. Stop and go as you need. The free membership only has the first 10 training lessons, but it helps you to build your website.

The dreaded building of a website becomes so easy and understandable. When all was not clear the first time I went back and listen to the video again and again.

Everything is explained in very easy terms and if still in doubt the members of WEALTHY AFFILIATE [WA] community came to the rescue and answered my questions within minutes.

Very helpful supportive people, always there to assist when needed and very encouraging, motivating you to be successful.

You can do it!

Setting up the website during the first ten lessons is very basic, as a full member you can now continue to develop your site.

In the next training phase members with full membership build and add more to their site. How to add pictures, change menus, add widgets, changing your header making it more pretty if you want to, add the social media icons like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter etc.

How to add your affiliate links, how to find traffic for your site and much more. Now the site begins to look like it should.

I could do it!

Now what do I do with the Website?

What is an Affiliate Marketer?

As an Affiliate marketer you create a website in the niche [segment of the market] of your choice and become a salesperson from outside a company sitting at home selling their goods from your site.

Writing informative articles on the subject, giving interesting and helpful information, adding pictures with a built in link of goods they might need.

The visitor gets an opportunity to buy a product from the company via your link on your site, earning you a commission on the sale.

What is a Niche?

A Niche is a small profitable fragment in the marketplace identified by an entrepreneur, that is you.

Find your interest and passion, create a website to market specific needs and wants for your topic with interesting and helpful articles using Keywords in your contents.

On Google, there are list of most popular niches making the most money you can to select from. Make sure not to compete with the most popular sites, rather chose a unique fragment of a popular niche and create your own popularity.

What is a Keyword?

Image of network of Keywords


Keywords are the words and phrases people use when they Google search for information. Google robots then select, sort and file this information in its Keyword ‘library’. When typing a word or phrase in a search engine, it becomes the keywords for Google to find what is needed and present it to you. There are tools or apps which can supply popular keywords being used by searchers for your theme or niche.

It is therefore important to find the keywords popular to your topic. WEALTHY AFFILIATE [WA] has a tool to help to find the best keywords by the name of JAAXY. It assists in finding keywords for your niche.

Here is an example of the keyword researcher Jaaxy. Give it a try and find keywords needed! See how it works.



What is a Theme

Different types of themes for your website

A theme forms the framework or called a template, space to organise heading where the name of your site is at the top, your posts and all the advertisements with pictures and your links. Select one and with the push of a button the template was done and your frame or template was done. Now add your information to it and the website is on its way. Carson one of the two owners of WEALTHY AFFILIATE and his Technical Support team did the magic and WA is hosting the site too.

Hosting and Domain name.

Showing a network of traffic

A Website Host is a company that has the technology and service needed to list your website and domain name safe and secure in a memory bank to be found during any search and be seen on the Internet. The Hosting company keeps your URL which is your address where the search engines will find your site. A Hosting company connects the website to the world wide web for your visitors to find in a search.

The company requires ownership of the domain name of your site in order to host it.

To buy a name or known as a Domain or address for your website with a URL .com or .net or .org means paying for the space your website takes in cyberspace. That cost about $14 annually. You own that name for as long as it is renewed it every year.

This is where the hosting of your site comes in. You buy the website name [Domain name] from your hosting company. At WEALTHY AFFILIATE (WA) the names get bought from the Domain platform and WA does the hosting too.

There are many other hosting companies on the Internet that charge a small monthly fee to host after the domain is bought. At WA hosting is included in your membership fees, no extra cost.

What is a Blog Post

Word BLOG in blocks

A blog post is the interesting article that appears on your Website as info on the topic of your niche. The contents the website owner wants the visitors to see and read, also called a blog or a post or a blog post or an article, all the same thing. Write a new blog post at least once every week.

The more interesting honest information shared with your reader, the more traffic will visit your website and traffic means potential buyers which leads to commission in your bank account.

To build trust with your visitor is the key to success.


Writing a post or a blog or an article means having a conversation online with your visitor, explaining and talking to them as with a friend.

This is what you will be doing in the coffee shop. Maintaining your website by replying to comments, communicating with your Internet friends and writing new posts … as easy as that.

Where do I get my Information

  • You may have the Knowledge of Experience.

  • Own Opinion in reviews written on books, movies, politics, games, ect

  • Research on the Internet is also an option.

  • Writing the truth is essential, rather leave if in doubt.

  • There are thousands of different sites with different opinions and perspectives, choose to enhance your knowledge and then write your own version.

  • Make sure it is good quality truthful information. When writing information on a product, situation or ailment make sure of all the facts before publishing.

  • Everything you wrote has to be original and true.

The most important aspect is to win and keep the trust of your visitors.

You can do it!

What is an Affiliate Link.

Businesses offer an affiliate program to web owners promoting their products on the websites earning a commission from sales. The companies reward you for promoting their products.

Website owners get a coded link to put on the website in a promotional banner supplied by the company. Visitors buying from the link, register at the company to the website owner’s account and pay the commission into the specific web owner’s account.


Internet traffic is the flow of information via websites by searching for visitors. Popular sites with good content get more traffic. Using the correct keywords, writing honest helpful information, earn the trust of the visitors.

There are different ways to get traffic to your site and Wealthy Affiliate have training lessons teaching you. Some traffic is free and there are options on the Internet to pay for traffic.

SEO Network

Everyone talks about SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) it is the name given to the activity that attempts to give a website better rankings using the keywords in the name of your posts and in the contents on your website.

It helps Google or other search engines to find your site, making it popular and it will appear on the first page of the search engine, resulting in more traffic which means more money, so this is your aim.

Your Money

Wealthy Affiliate does not take any money of the commission you earned from sales on your site. The company gets its money from the membership fees and that is it, it is a training company.

All the money earned through your affiliate links on your website goes directly into your bank account paid by the company promoted on your site. 

Your money growing.

This, in a nutshell, my dear Thinette is an introduction to one of the save ways to make money on the Internet to secure your Success. You can be one of the successful people on here too.

If more information is needed or more options on how to make money online, you are welcome to leave a comment or a question below in the comments section and together we will find a solution.

Could this be one of the moments in life, you will regret not acting on this free option to develop the best Internet small business to secure your future!

Think twice and do not let this golden opportunity slip by. You are at the perfect age to build and secure your future now. You have nothing to lose, but financial freedom to gain if you build your own best small Internet business to fulfill your dreams and goals.

You can do it!

Greetings from the Wealthy Affiliate community

Granny Stella

Gran Stella



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  1. Hi Stella
    After searching over and over trying to find a genuine business I could build form home, I stumbled across the Wealthy Affiliate site. Definitely, will give it a go as all the tools and help are there for you.

    1. It is very true Mark, Wealthy Affiliate it trustworthy, has excellent training and the support you get with in minutes from the community is the X-Factor! The key to you achieving your goals are the comprehensive training lessons, stick to it religiously and soon you will have the results you were searching for.
      To your Success!

  2. Hi Stella,

    Another wonderful post! Thinette has the best Gran! I too love Wealthy Affiliate and I highly recommend it too Thinette!

    The laptop lifestyle really is a possibility in this day and age. I have my own online business and travel and spending time with family is paramount and so easy to do here.

    Keep up the great work Stella, your dreams are unfolding,


    1. This is WA on ground level, explaining the concept in the simplest form for a novis to have an idea of this brilliant opportunity.
      As long as she realises it is a long slow dedicated effort to make your dreams come true.
      Thank you for your valuable comment.

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