What is Customer-Driven Marketing


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How To Write Articles For Your Website

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Dear Thinette Do you want to know more about articles, blogs and posts than most Newbies, my dear? Then keep reading and learn. Here you have 12 tips on how to do it. It covers most of the important aspects to start this race on your front foot. What is Blogging then Gran? Blogging means, … Read more How To Write Articles For Your Website

What is a Niche and a Domain


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Dear Thinette darling

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A Niche is a word in French, meaning “Nest-maker” and it is exactly what is says. Just like a bird when it wants to breed, it wants to nest in a unique place.

It will select a tree and then a specific branch, not just any branch, to nest. A niche and his domain in a safe area, but where everybody can see him.

It is the same when preparing the content for your website. With great care, you will select a topic of interest with a need.

Situating your web topic where it is not too crowded, but very sought after. Where there is little or no other popular topics, safe in a little corner, and shines like a jewel, hence a Niche.

Today we are going to discuss the technical layout of your website. What makes it a website and how it works, explained in simple terms.

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What is a Niche

Every position and job in life are created to solve a problem, whether it is in everyday life, health or mentally. From there, the degree of how to serve gets developed. It is wise not to focus on the broader spectrum of problems, but find those that need special information.

In the case of a Niche select the topic in the smallest most profitable place on the big branch.

What is a Niche, Nest-in-a-unique-safe-place-hist-like-your-niche

Let us use cooking as an example, my dear. Food represents the tree and cooking is one of the big branches. Find a specialized subject such as healthy foods or recipes. Still to wide, narrow it down to a more specific subject like the value of fresh foods or eggless recipes.

I know you will say, it will be a smaller group of people interested, Gran. But remember dear, people already know what they want. They will search for a specific subdivision of a topic.

If you earn their trust and offer good information with a solution you have a great percentage of loyalty visitors.  They all have that specific problem and will come back and support you time and time again.

How to Select a Niche

Find what you love and what interests you, my dear. It might be something other people have a problem with, or want to know more about. Identify a passion and a need you have, to also want to know more about. Research the topic far and wide.

Use keywords to search a topic, people will search for, and see what websites come up. Read the sites on the first page, this will be your competition. Have a good look and see what they offer and how they present their info to the public.

Write down ideas, but never copy their contents, that is fraud, my dear. Trust is gained when you write your own authentic information on articles.

Follow down on your list of interests and do the same with every topic. See which topic is the best, because, you will have to write quite a few articles on it. Don’t feel scared, it is all in the training of WA.

Find a Niche Online-Information-print-info

Keep notes of ideas as far as you go. What are your interests and passion, love? Is it a sport, a hobby, cooking, a pet or business. In the end, there will be a clear winner. It is wise to see if you can monetize the topic you have chosen, to make money.

Which sites are popular Moneymakers

  • Health and Fitness

  • Relationships

  • How to make money from home

  • Pets

  • Food and Recipes

  • Beauty and fashion

  • Parenting and Education

  • Travel

  • Living green

These are all very popular niches. It will be good to find a very specific unique angle or topic to stand out, my dear. Take the time and play around with your topic and names on Jaaxy and Google.

What is a Domain Name

Once decided on a niche or topic, select a name for your site. Select a name that is descriptive and tells us about your business. Be clear and not funny or cute. That name becomes your domain name and URL.

You buy that domain name from your hosting company. It represents and gives access to your website. This is your piece of property in cuber, your virtual real estate.

This is the virtual street address of the site.

What is a Domain, Web-Domain-names-web-design-

I bought the domain name from the Wealthy Affiliate platform because they are the hosts.

A .com is the most popular domain name to buy. You get .org, .net, .co.uk, and many other domain names. But I recommend you stick to a .com domain name if at all possible. Many of the new domain names aren’t as easy to recognize and does not have the popularity a .com has.

Select a name that has a keyword of what the site is about in it. As an example, Guidance with Granny is telling what it is all about,  granny is guiding and assisting.

To find this site on the Internet, one has to use its domain name which is the URL.


What is a URL

It is a web address, and the meaning of a URL is (Uniform Resource Locator)

The URL is now the key to unlock the website, and read the information.

A URL normally has the name of the site and then there are codes, in the beginning, www. and http: or https:

Important to know is to have your website address as the https protocol code.

A protocol is just a standard set of rules that allow electronic devices to communicate with each other.

Some sites have the http: but the best is the https: the ‘S’ stands for a Secure site with a little lock. It is not spam, and the site will be widely accepted on the Internet.

What is Hosting a Website

This is a company with the technology to accommodating your website. Keep it safe in their system for Google to find and present to a searcher on your topic.

The search robots come to your URL address and fetch the info. Wealthy Affiliate has the most comprehensive hosting for your sites at no extra cost. All included in the membership fees.


Let me explain at the hand of an example. A Hosing company is a hotel where you and your website stay in a room. You rent the room paying a monthly fee.

The hotel can accommodate many people with their sites in different rooms. When visitors are calling upon you, asking with the URL at the front desk. A staff member will contact you via internal phone or come and fetch you at your specific room and take you downstairs to where the visitor is waiting in the foyer.

What is a Theme

A Theme is the face of your website. You will design your blog in a space on the Theme. There are many different Theme templates and designs, and as a Newby, it is hard to know which one is the best.

It is good to ask on the forum in WA for guidance, explain what are the functions you need, and you will get assistance. A good theme that fits most needs is a free theme on WA or WordPress by the name of ‘GeneratedPress’

To explain on the hand of an example. Fashions come and go, sometimes there are much makeup and mini skirts, and others prefer a more classic natural look. This happens with websites too.

Very important to know what is the latest trends. At the moment it is a simplistic site with no flashing adverts and calm soothing colours.

Searching on Google and have a look at the appearances of other sites. Which ones are easy on the eye with no or very little disturbances, for instance flashing adverts, pop up email opt-in forms blocking your reading or in your face social media icons.

In the beginning, it is very confusing how to choose. I, for instance, had two or three themes before I settled.What is a theme, different-theme-images-

A Theme consists of open space in the centre with open spaces called bars on each side, left and right to add some information in. But you can change it to just one bar on the side, preferably righthand side, because that is where your eyes stop when reading, or a single open space with no sidebars.

Wealthy Affiliate has more than 4000 examples to choose from if you are a premium member.

What is Branding

A hint, my dear is to select a name that will make branding your site easy. Branding is a logo or an emblem, with colours of your choice to represent your site. A way to recognise your site amongst many. When you see an image with your colours, you will know what it stands for.

What is branding, a Nike-brand-logo-

A few examples are Coca Cola, with it’s red and white, Nike with its black and white emblem, McDonald’s with the huge M and the yellow and red colours.


Now that you have a better understanding of how everything fits together, it will make building your website easier, my dear. Go and do your homework to find your niche and domain. Select wisely because this will be your future!Wealthy Affiliate joining form

The best place to get this whole package is at Wealthy Affiliate, it covers it all in one. Come and join me at Wealthy Affiliate, together we will make it a success.

With the Technical side out of the way, the next letter is all about writing your Article, or Blogging, for your new website.

Love you

Gran Stella



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