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5. What is Customer-Driven Marketing

Dear Thinette

It is a way to tell the world about your interest and passion in a blog post, how it can help them and enhance their lives.

Creating a website with stunning content and sharing with the world is one way of doing it. Marketing is bringing your website and its content into their own home.

4. How To Write Articles or Posts

Dear Thinette

Do you want to know more about articles, blogs and posts than most Newbies, my dear? Then keep reading.

Here you have 12 tips how to do it. It covers most of the important aspects to start this race on your front foot.

3. What is a Niche and a Domain

Dear Thinette darling

A Niche is a word in French, meaning “Nest-maker” and it is exactly what is says. Just like a bird when it wants to breed, it wants to nest in a unique place.

It will select a tree and then a specific branch, not just any branch, to nest. A niche and his domain in a safe area, but where everybody can see him.

2. How to Create Your Own Website

Dear Thinette

This is the beginning of fulfilling your dreams and how to create your own money making website.

Previously we talked about having your own Internet Home business and discussed affiliate marketing as the option, my dear.

1. Best Internet Home Business

Darling Thinette

After being a member for 2 years myself, I am happy to share my experience with you. Let me first tell you about my walk in the woods before WA, my dear.

Find The Best Mentor for Your Success

Dear Thinette

A Mentor guide you mentally or practically. Why would you need a mentor?

The motivation and inspiration is priceless when creating the success you want for your business, my dear?

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