How to Choose a Nutritional Meal

Healthy Hamburger

Dear Thinette, How to choose a nutritional meal, can be a challenge! Especially if you have a love for take-a-ways and all the bad sugary stuff, my dear? Know the Value of Foods Know the value of foods, and compare the foods that you like, with healthier alternatives to make adjustments. Don’t you think it … Read more How to Choose a Nutritional Meal

Easy and Quick Cookie Recipes


Dear Thinette Quick Cookie Recipes, especially when making your own, adds a special personal flair to a cup of tea.  Everybody in a holiday mood wants to nibble. It is great to have the tins full, when there is easy and quick cookie recipes, to bake cookies or biscuits to celebrate the season. Freshly baked … Read more Easy and Quick Cookie Recipes

Easy and Quick Dinner Recipes

My dear Thinette A full menu for one day my dear. These recipes are homemade, tasty and quick. Where do we begin and how do we select Easy and Quick Dinner Recipes. With a hectic lifestyle, everyone wants easy recipes, therefore, no slaving over the pots. Easy and Quick Dinner Recipes Planning and preparing menus … Read more Easy and Quick Dinner Recipes

Best Internet Home Business

Best Internet small businessLaptop, notepad, cell phone and cup of coffee.

Darling Thinette Let me tell you about my walk in the woods, my dear. My Experience In my search over the last 12 years, I came across many options on how to make money online, but none worked for me. Some were scams lying about their success, and the others too advanced for my knowledge. … Read more Best Internet Home Business

Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping


My dear Thinette My dear, women always get the blame for being shopaholics, but little do they know we have the responsibility to clothe and feed the family. That calls for continues shopping, and is a good excuse! But we do our best. Planning with lists to go shopping, brings order and clarity, my dear. … Read more Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping

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