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How To Be Kind To Each Other

Dear Thinette

Have you lately heard someone say  “Oh thank you very much, it was so kind of you!” How to be Kind to people is not an everyday practice.

Mostly people will just look and carry on with their business. I had such an experience in town the other day, and utter those words with the greatest gratitude.

What Is The Meaning Of Integrity

Dear Thinette

According to the Oxford dictionary, Integrity means,

 “The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refuse to change.”

Emotional Intelligence for Good Leadership

Dear Thinette

What makes you an Emotional Intelligence person, everybody is talking about.

It is a mental state of mind to be aware and considerate of other people’s feelings and actions. A very important attribute to have as a leader in the workplace, my dear.

How To Create Your Own Happiness

Dear beloved Thinette

Happiness lies within yourself.

First of all, love yourself for who  you are. Only you can create that feeling and begin by accepting yourself.  Nothing and nobody can do it for you, even more so, it has to come from within.

How To Make Good Life Decisions

Dear Thinette

Making your own life’s decisions means taking the power in your own hands to change your life. It is a scary thought, as well as exciting. What does this mean?

You decide on the goals for your future. You take responsibility, wooo, a big word, my dear with consequences, either good or bad!

9 Tips How To Plan My Future Life

Dear Thinette darling

Visualise your future.

Knowing what you want, will make planning easy with the 9 Tips How To Plan My Future.

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