Cutlery Crockery Utensils and Food

Envelope with seal of approval

Dear Thinette

Thinette with glasses

 Selecting goods for your first little nest is so exciting! Browsing through the shops, going through your list and see what you want is a wonderful feeling. Don’t buy impulsively.

Take photos of goods at different shops, look it over in the safely of home. Decide together and make your selection and list of what where to buy. This way you will get what you want and don’t waste money.

Here is a tip my dear, it is wise to select good quality utensils. If the quality is not good, after a few times of using it, the platting of stainless steel will peel off and it becomes toxic. On the crockery, you can safe money but please not on the utensils.

All needed for your new kitchen, Cutlery Crockery Utensils and Food are listed in this letter, my love. You will find a list of what you need to get, as well as, a record for vitamins and minerals needed for good health.

Big dreams and having great visions for your own little nest is part of the joy. How are you going to feather it, and furthermore, what will your lifestyle be?

Thinking about your daily life, you are going to cook the most scrumptious meal in the best pots your money can buy, and furthermore, bake the best cookies and cakes in the brand new tins. The smell will be divine!

Cutlery Porcelain and Utensils

Lots of planning to do my love, first of all, let’s get going with cutlery and more for your new home. Start at the beginning, pretending you know nothing about cutlery and the rest needed in your kitchen. We are going to set you up to develop your skills, and best of all, to have fun.

You can make cooking an exciting part of your life, it is a form of art. Be creative and simultaneously, experiment with different recipes. I am sure you have inherited the love for cooking from Mom and will become an impromptu cook, it evidently runs in the family.

Nobody expects you to cook exotic dishes, but in contrast, they want to enjoy a simple cooked meal. It is the conversation, goodwill and togetherness over good food and a fine glass of wine that counts the most.

Utensils and Appliances

Cutlery Crockery Utensils and Food Chefs knife

  • Three good quality sharp knives.

  •   A chef’s knife, a paring knife for vegetables and a serrated bread knife.

  • Big mixing bowls two

  • Smaller mixing bowls two

 Cutlery Crockery Utensils and Food Paring knife

  • Cutting board for cutting and chopping vegetables, use one side for veggies and the underside for cutting meat. What cutting board will I get? A synthetic set comes to mind but is, evidently, not a good choice. Why? The surface tends to get cut marks damaging the surface, as a result,  it discolours and it gets toxic overtime. Cutting board made of wood is more hygienic and easy to clean. Scrubbing it with half a lemon dipped in salt and bicarb of soda gets it germfree, and more so, as good as new.

  • Sift

  • Measuring cups and spoons

  • Grater. the boxy type is perfect and has 4 or more different options to use. On the other hand, lemon zest and nutmeg use a smaller handheld grater for best results.

  • Potato peeler

Cutlery Crockery Utensils and Food Cast iron pans

  • 2 Non-stick or cast iron saucepans one big and one smaller one. Cast iron pots are also very durable and will last you a lifetime.

  • Toaster

  • Kettle

  •  Cooking Pots

  • Set of wooden spoons. In my opinion one set is not enough, more so, a bunch of different sizes is great. Try and find handmade ones at farmstalls because they are much stronger and of a better kind of wood.

  • Spoons for dishing up 3

Cutlery Pottery Appliances and Food

Cutlery Crockery Utensils and Food Crockery cutlery cups and glasses, utensils pots and pans

  • Set of Utensils

  • Cutlery for 6

  • Steak knives 6. Steak knives are essential when having steaks on the plate. There is a choice between a smooth blade or a serrated one. A smooth blade has, in contrast, the advantage to get sharpen down the line.

  • Placemats and napkins

 Cutlery Crockery Utensils and Food a Bread knife and sliced bread.

  • Breadboard and knife

  • Food processor

  • Baking trays and pans, a variety, cake, cupcakes, flat trays etc.

  • Stand Food Mixer

  • Washing machine

  • Steam iron and ironing board

Cutlery Crockery Utensils and Food Steam iron and ironing board

… but a better idea is to get a

  • Portable Clothes dryer

  • Dishcloths, scouring sponges and scouring pad

  • Dustbin


  • 6 Plates, small plates and bowls each

  • Glasses 6 Wine and 6 other glasses

  • Mugs 6 for tea or coffee

  • Sugar bowl

  • Small milk jug

  • Salad bowl or plates

  • 4 Dishing-up food bowls


  • 1 Flower Vase

  • 1 Glass jug for water

  • Tea Tray

  • Tablecloth and 6 napkins

The basics of Cutlery Crockery and Utensils are done,  so, now we can give attention to the food needed.

Essential Food

  • Coffee and tea for when I visit.

  • Sugar

  • Milk

  • Bread

  • Butter or Margarine

  • Jam

  • Breakfast cereal

  • Cheese

  • Vegetables, tomato, onion, lettuce, potato, carrots etc. Make your selection from the vitamin and mineral lists. Select to have a balanced meal every time.

  • Fruit, banana, oranges in season, apples, grapes etc.

  • Olive oil or coconut oil, never Canola oil, rather use lard.

  • Eggs

  • Meat

  • Brown rice

  • Pasta

  • Packets of soup powder, mostly to thicken the gravy for when you are in a hurry, [reducing gives you better quality and tastier gravy.] This soup powder mix has a tendency to taste too salty and extract.  Make your own mix with two or more different kinds of soup powder and Bisto-sauce powder, therefore, remember to add the cornflour to minimize the salty taste, for that reason do the tongue tippy test.

  • Cake Flour

  • Vanilla essence

  • Baking soda or baking powder.

  • Spices and

  • Herbs

  • Juice, select juices with no sugar added.

  • Mayonnaise

  • Vinegar

  • Bicarbonate of soda

  • Washing liquid for dishes

  • Powdered soap for linen and clothes

Cutlery Crockery Utensils and Food needed to accommodate the spices used in cooking.

Tableware and Food

 Herbs and Spices


  • Cumin

  • Turmeric

  • Ginger

  • Chicken spice

  • BBQ spice

  • Cinnamon

Dry Herbs:

 Cutlery Crockery Utensils and Food needed to cut cook herbs in food.

  • Rosemary

  • Thyme

  • Parsley

  • Oregano

  • Italian mixed

  • Cilantro

Containers on the shelf

  •  Bread bin

  • Coffee

  • Tea

  • Sugar

  • Spice rack

Now, what are you going to do with all this stuff my dear?

Remember you have Mr Google to help with all you need.

Healthy Food Sources

Your health is number one on the list, my dear. When buying food, stock up on fresh and natural foods. Avoid processed foods in tins and packets, because, the preserving chemicals in the products are harmful to your body over the long period.

 A Balanced Diet is very Important

Healthy Foods

Cutlery Crockery Utensils and Food will be used to cook fresh healthy vegetables.

Eat as many different colours of fresh vegetables as you can, therefore, select to have the rainbow on your plate.

A list of healthy foods to choose from.


All green vegetables such as green beans, lettuce, spinach, Kyle, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Swiss chard, green peas are evidently, called ‘greens’ too.

Beetroot, eggplant

Sweet potatoes, pumpkins, carrots

Brown rice, barley, oats

Tomatoes, chilli’s

Green, red and yellow peppers

Garlic and onions, leeks, spring onions.

Asparagus and mushrooms











Make use of this list when you plan your menus my love, and as a result, you will have a well-balanced meal.


These are the basics, start planning and setting up your new kitchen. Have a look on Google and you will see a great selection online, crockery, cutlery, pots and pans. It is the core of every household to have what you need my love. Always ask this question before buying a kitchen gadget, my dear: “Does the kitchen really needs it and, furthermore what will the purpose be?”

Have fun whenever you are busy in the kitchen.

 Our family have a joke about cooking and the curiosity of a little girl.

A young girl asked granny while she is busy in the kitchen, “What did you do when you were young Gran?”

Granny said, “We cooked!”

That was not the answer that the little girl expected and ask gran again, “I mean what did you do for fun?”

Gran looked at her, pulled up her shoulders and ultimately said, “We baked!”

Strawberry cream cake. baked for fun.

Happy cooking and best of all, have fun baking my dear!

Love you lots

Gran Stella

Gran Stella

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  1. Wow the and more was great!

    Thanks for all the info LOL I am terrible with home organization and my mate is a chef and I am an avid amateur cooker lol

    Having the right basic equipment is so important. It also is something that young people need to grow into. I know my ex-mother in law had every gadget and kitchen tool immediately when it came out because she could not because she needed them. lol Most of them ended up unused in the box at goodwill when she passed. Only saying that as the young uns need to watch their money lol

    Keep the advice coming
    onward n upward

    • Very true Captain, the basic you have to have … it is the nice to haves that is the problem.
      It is so easy to get hooked and just want them all, best way is to get a pair of blinkers … lol
      Cooking is an interest you can develop if you want to, if not enjoy the fruit of someone else’s interest!
      Thanx for dropping by Dennis.


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