Financial Freedom

To be financially free is not about how much money is in the bank, it is the control you have to have over the fear, agony and anxiety money has over you, not to let it interfere with your mission to success, only then you will be financially free.

Find a motivational motto that speaks to you and motivates you, reading it every time while on your way to reach the goals you have set. Have it close by and read it every day, read it out loud, repeat it as much as possible and BELIEVE it.

Set your goals how unbelievable it might be and BELIEVE they are within reach. Work your way towards it step by step.

Be Honest with yourself and have Trust in yourself.


Surround yourself with successful people, listen to their story, learn from it and do the same.

Have respect for money and you will become a magnet for it.

Know where your money goes.

Never spend more money than you have.

Concentrate on helping other people reaching their dreams.

There is an Eb and Flow of money. Know all will not always go your way, you might fall, but get up and go again.

Learn to ride the wave, it is the only way to grow.


Gran Stella

As Time Goes By an Introduction