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Find The Best Mentor for Your Success

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Find the right Mentor to guide you to your success. Why would you need a mentor? Is it motivation and inspiration or a way to market your business, my dear? A good mentor understands his role to build trust, share their experienced knowledge and motivates you to replicate their success. It is up to you to follow through and find your own success.

Every phase in the development of your business you will need a different mentor. One who specialises in the phase you are in. You will need specialised motivation in the beginning and later you will need guidance with marketing and how to invest and grow your business.

Find The Best Mentor for Your Success

Find the mentor you respect and the one whose success you want to duplicate.

1. Dan Lok

If selling is in your blood, The Dan is the mentor for you. He is teaching the closing of High Ticket Sales for great success.

Who and what makes an entrepreneur successful? The key to success is to learn from a successful Mentor, who’s business style compliments yours, and replicate his model of success.

A person taking action, making mistakes, having failure after failure, but get up and try again. Gaining knowledge and experience needed to be the success you want to replicate,

Reaching your goals in copying his or her life’s motto and attitude. A leader to look up to, to give you inspiration, motivation and guidance.

I will give examples of different mentors leading the way to a more fulfilling life.

Dan will open your eyes in many ways.

7 Things Poor People Do Rich People Don’t by Dan Lok

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1. Poor people watch TV,

Rich people read books

2. Poor people get paid based on time

Rich people get paid based on performance and results.

3. Poor people blame others for their misfortunes, lazy people blame.

Rich people take responsibility for own failure, responsibility brings power.

4. Poor people focus on saving, a penny saved stays a penny.

Rich people focus on investing, earn more to invest not save. If you can’t invest any money, you most probably have an income problem.

5. Poor people think they know it all, therefore, as a result, they are always very opinionated and it is their only way to get attention.

Rich people continuously learn, ask questions and listen and read to gain more knowledge. Action speaks.

6. Poor people think money is the root of all evil, look at crime, drugs is a lack of money and cause all the problems.

Rich people believe poverty is the root of all evil. Money is a neutral entity it is a tool, and how you use it categorized it.

 Find a mentor for your success, Poor people buy lottery tickets.

7. Poor people fill in Lottery tickets because they think it is the only way to get rich therefore all they do is buy a fantasy because it is the easy way out.

Rich people believe the only way it is going to happen is, Me taking action, above all I can only rely and depend on myself.

10 Rules for Success by Dan Lok

  • Say YES – I will accomplish more if I say yes. Most importantly test many different options and fail multiple times to know what you want to become successful in.

  • Stand out, be different. Start connections with a story. People love stories and are intrigued to listen, relate better and therefore, engage more.  Emotion gets added to my contents, makes it real because they can identify.

  • Show up and do it immediately. Don’t wait, no one is going to rescue or save you. Get up and do what it takes, because perfect timing never comes. Do not put convenience in front of conviction.

  • Never Quit. Keep going especially after failures, get up and try and try again until successful.

  • Do not Chase Money. Focus on value in a calm and steady way, create a different mindset.

  • Find WHY it is important. The reason why would I want to do it or why do I want it so bad? Will, it changes my life for the better? In other words, people do not know what they want, they lack clarity. Do more and fail often. Pain brings Motivation.

  • Search for the right Mentors. Select a Mentor I admire and want to learn from, his success is exciting. Take courses and grow permanently. Learn from their experience and never stop reading to gain more, never feel satisfied.

  • Learn from Martial Arts. It is all about the Simplicity, Directions and the Discipline needed to be successful.

  • Get used to be Uncomfortable, besides it will get me out of my comfort zone to explore new horizons and get familiar with challenges and growth.

  • Find the right Vehicle. Be the right person at the right time at the right place. An opportunity will not come to you, you have to find it and try and try again.

  • Experience failure many times until finding a platform from which I can operate my success. Always be on the lookout for opportunities.

Developing a Personal Strategy

with Dan Lok your Mentor.

~ Who do you hang around with and who is your Mentor, above all search for an entrepreneur you have the highest respect for.

~ What do you learn from who, noteworthy, find a mentor with the success you want.

~ Those around you will dictate your success, you will do as they do and become who they are, therefore aim high and go for the best.

~ Get clarity in what I want. What do I desire, clarify and be precise?

~ How much money do I want to make, be specific hence to set clear goals.

~ Importance on how I want to make money, I would probably have multiple streams of income,

~ What am I prepared to do for money, most importantly specify what am I not prepared to do for money.

~ Where I live, near the ocean, in a house, a condo, or a farm,  will most probably not have a huge difference, but the quality of life matters

~ Be specific what car I want to drive, for instance, specify the colour, model, make etc.

Find a mentor for your success, luxury with a Bentley

~ What lifestyle do I want to live is it one of luxury, most of all, what are the sacrifices I have to endure to make it happen.

~ How bad do I want this, furthermore, what price am I willing to pay.

~ Be ready to work for five years non-stop, most importantly, to achieve my goals and in the process reap the benefits.

~ I am prepared to do what other people are not willing to do, for instance, work long hours to reach my ultimate goal.


Sell Me This Pen.

How to find the best mentor for success Image of pen - how to sell a pen.

Dan’s approach to selling and marketing.

Work with the best successful Mentor, and follow his advice.

How can I sell a commodity and, at the same time, be successful most of the time?

  • Remember people do not buy because of logic, people buy because of Emotion and then justify it with logic.

  • Think of something I want to buy and ask myself at the same time, WHY?

  • I always want something to make me feel better and at the same time enhance my life.

  • When selling a product on my site, it is important, at the same time to find the emotional angle. Don’t just talk about the features and benefits. It is a good strategy to make people aware of emotional value.

  • The reason why it will feel good owning it, as a matter of fact, the cost does not become an issue but the feeling of contentment.

  • Create a need by hanging the proverbial carrot in front of their noses, in other words describing the feeling.

  • Make it flattering to own this item and how good it will make one feel. Linking it so a celebrity wearing or owning the same goods and stress the benefits of them to own it too.

  • When people appear on my site, they already did their homework, and furthermore, are ready to buy. Never talk them out of it with small talk, hence jump into action.

  • Money making is in a direct per portion of how deep I understand the problem or pain my client has, therefore have compassion and address their problem.

  • People do not buy a Product or Service, but instead, they buy a Story with emotions, it is wise to add a story to an item to give it more value.

  • Stand out from the rest on the Internet by adding a story, for this very reason, it gets a person’s attention.

Dan’s will power to become a success, his determination and persistence got him where he is today. One of the most successful entrepreneurs on the Internet.

Find The Best Mentor for Your Success

You will not make a mistake to select him as your mentor.

Read his life story and follow Dan Lok on


To your success


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