Letter 7. Home Cleaning Tips Tricks Trades an Routines.


My dear Thinette

Are you living like a bum?

Harsh words my love but it can be true. How does it feel walking into a place, dirty and with the smell of old cigarette smoke, I am pretty sure you feel depressed and grumpy.

When walking through the front door and the clean fragrance of polish and freshener meets you, one feels like going out, just to come back in to experience the feel good feeling over again. You feel happy to be home again after a hard day, switch on the radio, filling the place with a feel-good calming atmosphere.

Living clean is the essence of one’s personality. Everybody wants the look but no one wants to do the work.

Today it is our task to find an acceptable cleaning routine you will feel comfortable with. To become the domestic Queen of your home we have to find the best house cleaning tips and tricks.

A routine you will want to follow, so here we go home cleaning tips, tricks, trades and routines.

The magic trick is TO CLEAN AS YOU GO

Dirty dishes

Never let dirt starts accumulating. Keep your hand on it, keep it clean. We will discuss a cleaning routine which will be easy to follow. Make it a habit and stick to.

During your stay at home growing up, all was done for you and you never noticed how it was done.

Not knowing anything about house cleaning can be a deal breaker in any relationship.

You have to find your own step by step cleaning routine and healthy living lifestyle, it is part of your character and personality.

 Finding a place of your own is very exciting my dear. Keeping it clean should become an important part of your habits. It must become a daily, early morning and last thing at night routine.

Nothing feels as good as waking up in a tidy and clean home. IT SHOULD BE DONE!

THE CLEANER YOU LIVE  THE LESS YOU HAVE TO CLEANLady with broom mop and bucket to clean


Think hard and then decide:

•  Will I live in a clean tidy place where I feel confident receiving guests anytime day or night. Am I prepared to do what it takes to keep it that way

•  Will I be content to live the lazy life in a pigsty, messy and smelly, enticing all cockroaches and rodents in the neighborhood for a free meal.

Your choice my dear!

If you decide on the first option I have some sound advice making it easy, but if you choose the latter you are on your own and I really mean that. No friends will want to visit.

To take the negative out of house cleaning my darling, is having a daily and weekly routine. A monthly deep cleaning schedule is a topic for another letter. Keeping your place clean should be as important as breathing to life.

It is impossible to do it all at once, first we have to establish your daily and weekly routine.

Here is a proposed schedule to help you. This will be your routine whether you are staying on your own or with a partner. He or she will just have to join in and follow your routine, helping with some of the cleaning.

Man helping with cleaning


My daily cleaning routine

● Early morning

• When you get up, first thing to do is make your bed and fold your nighties, walk naked around tiding all things lying around. It is very liberating. Leave the room tidy before going to the bathroom to groom.

• When you are done in the bathroom, have a sponge and a bottle all purpose cleaner ready to clean and dry the basin, wipe the taps of the basin and the shower too.

Put away all your make up, brushes and hairdryer.
Brush the toilet when done and last thing, add some cleaning liquid to the bowl of the toilet before you walk out.

Get dressed, feeling satisfied the bedroom and bathroom are clean and tidy.

* Off to the kitchen. While the kettle is boiling, wipe it with a damp cloth. While waiting pack away last night’s clean dishes.

Clean dishes on the dry rack

Have some breakfast and enjoy your coffee. When done wash the bowl and mug cover with a tea cloth and leave to dry, no dirty dishes when you walk out.

Brush your teeth and when done, look in the mirror add your lipstick smile and say ” Hi Beautiful, have a great day”.

Take your handbag, container for lunchtime at work and walk out the door with a happy smile on your face. Remember to lock up.

 Night time routine.

• Mmmmm getting home after a long day at the office, there is nothing so welcoming and rewarding as walking into a clean and tidy home!

Kick off your shoes put your bag in the hallway, walk to your music center and switch on you favorite music. Dancing and singing your way to the kitchen.

Pour a glass of wine or cool drink, come back slouch down in your favorite chair or couch, sit back and just relax and enjoy your drink. Close you eyes and just listen.

• Back to the kitchen, while

Preparing food on the stove

  • Back in the kitchen, while preparing your food, have a sink full of nice warm soapy water and clean as you go, your utensils and bowls the whole lot. 

  • A sparkling clean stove

  • With a wet cloth soak with your cleaner, wipe the stove top clean after cooking and while it is still warm, no dirt and grim should be left.

  • If you have used the oven, spray cleaner while it is still warm not hot and wipe it clean, it only takes a minute or two. Never leave the stove dirty. Next time you use it the dirt will get baked into the enamel getting very hard to clean.

  • After you have dished up, soak the pot or pan in the water before sitting down to eat.

• Enjoy your meal at a table setting, yes sometimes with a candle or flowers too and always music in the background.

Never be in a hurry, enjoy what you do, it’s YOUR time. I know this is new to you but try it once in a while.

Kitchen basin full of dirty dishes after a meal.

After you have enjoyed your meal , wash your plate, the pot and your glass, no dirty dishes should be laying around. Pack your lunch for work. Enjoy your cup of coffee watching TV. Try not to bring home some office work.

• Before going to bed, have an empty decorated box or plastic container handy, walk around the room, picking up all the clutter and add to the box.

Your empty mug, shoes, your handbag, some magazines everything not belonging in the room, carry it to the kitchen and wash the coffee mug, the rest go to your room.

Freshen up the cushions, empty and clean ashtrays if you smoke in the house. Spray to refresh the room, walking out satisfied with a song in your heart. Unpack the stuff from the box, putting all in it’s place before you shower and get ready for bed.

This will be your easy daily routine during the week as a working girl. Nothing is difficult or time consuming.  Always do some cleaning while you wait.

Boiling kettle

You will be amazed how much can be done while the water kettle is boiling. MAKE IT A HABIT.

Never leave any dirt behind when moving on, that is what gives cleaning a bad reputation and makes it a chore. Keep it clean as you go, not just in the kitchen. 

Saturday Morning Weekly Routine

Image of a weekly planner

Cleaning happens on a Saturday morning. All your friends should know you have a date with Home every Saturday morning. If they want you to join on a morning out over the week end, it has to be a Sunday morning.  Saturday afternoon is free too.

GET UP WITH A SMILE ON YOUR FACE AND PUT ON THE MUSIC. With a cup of coffee in hand stand before the open window breathing in the fresh air and watch the birdies and all come alive.


Swaying and swinging happily while you do it … don’t see it as a chore, remember it is all in the mind.

Feed the negative and you will be grumpy!


Clean washing on a lane..

First of all sort your clothes, separate the white clothes from the colored, and wash separately. Treat dirty spots before adding to the machine. Put clean linen on your bed, take the dirty linen, towels and facecloths to the laundry.  Start the washing machine with the first load, continue washing and hanging in between the cleaning, till all is done.

Wash dark clothes separate

If you get up early and do the cleaning, the sooner it will be done. Your place will be smelling fresh and be sparkling clean.


Now you have to decide how you are going to do your cleaning , test different ways, find the best for you and stick to it.

What’s needed for cleaning. If you invest in a Robovac you can set it to start vacuuming the floors.

Have ready

mop, and bucket

scouring sponge

Scouring sponges and cleaning cloth

sturdy pair of cleaning gloves

dark colored cleaning cloths

old toothbrush

anti-septic cleaner

toilet bowl cleaner with it’s own cloth

small wet cloth

soft dry cloth, best to use a micro fiber polishing and dust cloth.

scoop and little brush



Dirty bathroom


The bathroom has it’s own spray bottle with all purpose cleaner. Add 2 lids full of disinfectant to the mix. Keep the bottle in the cupboard in the bathroom.


After a shower, take your cleaning cloth hanging behind you in the corner, wipe the walls and taps dry. On a Saturday just make sure it is clean and  pay attention to the soap dish, cleans it and underneath too.

Wash basin

Add some cleaning stuff to the sponge and scrub the inside with the scouring side till the basin is smooth and clean to the feel, scrub around the taps with the old toothbrush.

Clean brass taps and washbasin in bathroom

Wipe the outside of the basin. Check for hair blocking the drain of the basin and the shower, remove it and use the old toothbrush to clean the drains. Rinse and wipe dry with your small wet cloth, rinse frequently. Wipe the tiles around the basin too, and polish the mirror

Sparkling clean bathroom.


Use an anti-septic cleaner for the toilet seat and bowl and use your gloves. The toilet has it’s own cleaning cloth, make it a different color. Spay some cleaner on the wet cloth and wipe the seat and cover clean. Lift the seat and wipe clean underneath the seat in all corners. Brush the bowl clean, give attention to the rim where the water runs from, wipe that clean too. Make sure the water pipes and tap feeding the toilet with water at the back is free of dust. Rinse wipe all the surfaces darling.

Image of a toilet in the bathroom

Cupboards and mirror

Wipe the counter top, take off all make-up marks, wipe the cupboard doors and window sill and all latches with the cleaner. With the soft dry cloth you polish the taps and the mirror. 

Mop the tiles on the floor, empty the dust bin and line again with a plastic bag. Lastly wipe the light switch plate at the door on your way out.


All bedrooms are the same.
Make your bed with clean linen.
Put away all extra stuff on the bedside table, wipe with the damp cloth clean.
Dust the bedside lamp and books. Wipe the front of the drawers and headboard.
Dust the all the doors and the wooden skirting on the floor with a  damp duster.
Take each ornament and photo frame and clean them.
Wipe and dust all surfaces clean, remember the light switch plate.
Don’t forget the window sills, and blinds.
Shake the curtains while hanging.
Empty the dustbin and vacuum the carpet.
If there are tiles on the floor, vacuum the small carpets and put aside.
Lastly mop the floor, and put back the small carpets.
Spray to refresh and close the door.

Bedroom with wooden floors


Take the cushions off the couch and shake. Clean the bottom of the couch and chairs with a brush to get out old stale bits of snacks, coins or whatever has slipped in there. fluff the cushions and put them back.
Dust the side tables and all ornaments.
Dust the pictures frames against the wall, the door and top of the door.
Wipe window sills, latches and blinds, shake the curtains.
Dust all tables or other furniture in the room, do not forget the legs of the furniture. Dust the wooden skirting on the floor too with the duster. Vacuum the carpets or mop the tiles on the floor.

Lounge with minimalistic furniture.


(Time for a tea break.)
If you live clean my dear there is not much to do. With a wet cloth and cleaner spray the counter tops and wipe clean, removing the utensil and wipe behind them. Wipe the window sill too. Make sure the stove top is still clean and the oven too. Wipe with a vinegar cloth to eliminate all old oil smells.

Clean shelves and floor in the kitchen.
Make sure the stove is spotless, wipe the tiles behind and around the stove, wipe and rinse wipe with your wet cloth. Rinse the wet cloth frequently. Wipe the cupboard doors giving attention to the handles. Dust on top of the cupboards and on top of the door, wipe the light switch plate too. Empty the dustbin and put a new lining in. Mop the floor.

Remember to sweep and clean the front entrance an door, as well as the step by the back door.

Clean the mop, bucket, rinse the cloths and hang to dry, shake the duster clean, and put all away in your cupboard. Take out a clean set of tea towels and cleaning cloths. the used ones go to the washing basket.

Done with the cleaning for the day. Water the plants inside and at the front door.

Beautiful front door with with flowers

Time for a nice long shower (Remember to wipe it dry and the taps too)

Off to town with your shopping list. Bringing back your supplies and tend to it. Separate and portion the meat, putting it in the freezer. Dress the veggies and add the milk to the refrigerator, putting the rest into your veggie shelf or cupboard.

When done with the putting away of your shopping, it is time to take the washing and linen off the lane. Neatly fold the things that do not need ironing and put away in the cupboard. Invest or hint for a steaming iron for your next birthday. Put your clothes that needs ironing on a hanger and steam them.  Let it dry and hang back into the cupboard.

Done for the week Gorgeous! Congratulations you have the neatest cleanest little nest in town after you have done the home cleaning tips and tricks trades and routine. You can feel very proud of yourself! Pour yourself something cold and relax.

… and this my dear is the suggested routine. You can find your own routine but all should be done Beautiful!



* What is important to you and how are you going to achieve it?

* What would you change and how?


Love you lots

Gran Stella


20 Comments on “Letter 7. Home Cleaning Tips Tricks Trades an Routines.”

  1. This is good advice for us single guys too! I live in a townhouse with two other men and needless to say, it can get cluttered. Keeping things tidy around here is definitely a daily chore.

    Learning to clean as you go as been a big help. Especially in the kitchen! If we are all sitting down to the same meal, we all pitch in with who cooks, who cleans, etc.

    Glad I found this and I think the overall idea of your blog is awesome!

    1. Hi Jerimy

      Cleaning always gets the blame but it us being lazy that gives it the bad name.
      So glad you could benifit from the letter. The secret is to clean as you go. Never walk on and leave anything dirty behind.

      Having a zink with soapy warm water ready at every meal will help the boys to keep it clean, no excuses… lol
      In the end if everybody is doing their own cleaning as they go there will not be much to do.

      Would love to hear how you are couping.

      Thank you for a very motivational comment

  2. This has been another very helpful and interesting read, l liked the part where you told her to look in the mirror after applying lipstick and say hi beautiful, have a great day, I always liked cleaning as I go because I don’t really like mess. plus it easier that way.
    thank you so much Stella for yet another great article.

    1. Hi Rose
      There is nothing more rewarding as living clean, a clean house, a clean kitchen and best of all clean and fresh bed linen.
      Cleaning gets it’s bad reputation because people are too lazy to clean as they go. It is a great habit to have.
      Thanks for your support.

  3. Hi Stella,
    This is another great letter for your granddaughter. I really like the idea of clean as you go. It really makes the cleaning simple instead of a burden. I admit that there are times that I fail to do “clean as you go”, and when it is time for the cleaning, it feels that it is already an added burden.

    I liked the article because you also discussed the methods or steps on how to do the “Clean as you go” method. In this way, we never leave any dirt or unfinished chores behind. We get to go home to a clean house from a tiring work.

    I also agree that living clean is having a peace of mind. It gives you clear mind to think well and plan things.


    1. Hi Joyce
      Cleaning up after ourselves is a concept very few people think about because it was always done for us…
      To live clean is everybody’s wish and it is just a instant wipe away. If one deep cleans in the beginning it is not needed again soon if you clean as you go.
      Glad you could find something to make life more easy on you.
      Bush Lady

  4. Hi Stella, thank you for a simple cleaning routine that I believe anyone can follow.

    The best advice you have given, and I do this as a matter of routine, is to clean as you go along and don’t let it pile up.

    My ex-girlfriend’s mother had taught her a routine which went something like this… wake up and enjoy the breakfast, then do the housework and cook the food for the evening and have all this done by 1.00pm. Then take a shower and enjoy the rest of the day by going out to meet friends or shopping. This was and still is her routine and it works well for her and her house is a pleasure to walk into.

    Of course, she has the advantage that she does not work however the main point is there must be a routine and discipline to follow that daily routine.

    There really is nothing like walking into a clean home!

    1. Hi Moni
      So true, it is lazy people that makes house cleaning a bad experience. If not done immediately and left till later it becomes a major and time consuming.
      Your ex-girlfriend is a lucky lady to have a mother that taught her so well.
      Cultures are so different and not all are good. Some children never learn these virtues, and these letters are there to guide those unlucky ones.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate it very much.

  5. I wish I had the habit of doing at least half of what you’re doing to keep your house in order!
    Unfortunately, my cleaning routine looks nothing like yours.
    Never thought how easier it would be if I stop at the moment and take care of the small cleaning tasks immediately. On the contrary, I usually clean my house all at the same time and that takes triple the time and efforts.
    Your tips are very useful and make so much sense!
    I’ll be trying them from now on.
    Thank you for sharing this article!

    1. Hi Boby
      Glad you could find someting you can use.
      It is much easier to clean as you go… try not to walk away from dirt, clean it on the spot it will only take a minute.
      Yes if you do not clean as you go it will become a major task that will kill your spirit.
      Hoping it will become one of your New Years new habits to make life easier …..
      Kind regards

  6. Thanks for sharing,

    I definitely need to some house cleaning tips and tricks so it was very appropriate to come across your post.


    1. Hi Tom

      Glad you could find some tips to help with the cleaning of your place.
      If you need any more tips and tricks, I will do my best to assist.


  7. Hi Stella,

    Great idea for a blog. I enjoyed the literal step by step way you show how to keep things clean simply. You even include what we should have with us when we go in to different rooms.

    1. Hi Larry
      These letters are meant to be for my Granddaughter fresh from school, therefore all the detail.
      Building her personality and planning her future to become succuessful in all she tries.
      At the moment she is not ready, but might need the advice later.
      Thank you for your comment and message. I appreciate it very much.

  8. You have some great tips here Stella, thank you! I am just in the process of creating a cleaning routine to help with my time management as this year will be a busy one. You have given me some inspiration on where to begin and whats most important to me. I am a very clean person but need a routine to be able to fit everything that needs doing into my days. Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Nicky
      Cleaning is so rewarding, nothing better than a clean house and even better if you reward yourself with something special when the job is done.
      Glad the letter could serve a purpose and you found it useful.
      Best of luck with your schedule.

  9. These are great tips! I am a bit of a clean freak myself, so I always clean as I go and pretty much do everything you have listed. I could substitute Thinette with my son Matthew 😀 He is about ready to move out on his own and I have taught him to be clean, but you never know what they will do when they get their own place. This is great advice that I will be passing along to him. Thanks!

    1. Hi Leahrae

      That is a very good habit Leahrae, nothing better than walking into a clean fresh smelling house and getting into a bed with clean linen.
      Well Mom, have patience with him, when leaving the nest they might become messy, because the feeling of freedom when leaving the rules of the nest is just to good not to ignore and do as he likes. Soon the mess will get too much and he will fall back to the order of a clean place he was used too. Please turn a blind eye if you see a mess in his place and say nothing. If you respond and reprimand he might rebel and withdraw.
      Forse yourself to say nothing, and cary on as if normal. He will soon want to live clean.
      You had him to form him until he leaves home, after that you have to sit back and and just love him. You had your time, now it is time for him to find himself and implement what he has learned at home. He is his own person now.
      Enjoy him.

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