2. How to Find A Topic Of Interest

Dear Thinette

Thinette with glasses

This is the beginning of fulfilling your dreams. Find a topic of interest you would love to do everyday. What topic makes you excited, and you can to talk about it the whole day? That will be your money making niche.

What is Needed

Previously we talked about having your own Internet Home business and discussed affiliate marketing as the option, my dear.

This letter is dedicated to the novice under us, how to build your own website with a money making topic.  This letter will explain the different components of a website, from choosing a niche or topic to the footer bar and why it is necessary.

Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy, it is free to join and they do the basic work for you. In the training WA offer, all these topics gets discussed in detail, in easy to follow lessons.

Now that you have a better understanding of what Affiliate marketing is, it is time to give attention to your website.

Let us create a killer website to impress the world. Becoming successful you will rub shoulders with the best, my dear.

What do you already Know

Let us see what you know already know from the previous post.

  • You know what Affiliate marketing is

  • What do I get when I join Wealthy Affiliate for free

  • Know the basics of Website building

  • What is SEO

  • How do you earn your money

  • The Right Mindset

I think it is time we should fill in the body of your website. Here is a list of what is needed for your site.

The process of building a website, and then just a brief description of what each component are.

Building Process 

  • Find a Niche

  • Choose a describing Domain name

  • Buy the Domain and register with a Hosting company

  • Install WordPress to be able to write blogs

  • Choose your Theme and design your website

  • Add your About page and Contact page

  • Privacy Policy page

  • Activate the Comments section

  • Add some widgets

  • Organise your menu and set up a navigation system

My Niche or Topic

The next step is to find your Niche. A topic you are going to write your blog posts about. Every website has a topic and that is the Niche. Narrowing the topic down to a small section in a specific market. Find a way to serve the needs of what people are searching on the web.

My Appearance

Different types of themes for your websiteThis will be the appearance and framework of your website. A theme organises the face of your site, it is called a template. Heading or the name of your site will be placed at the top. The posts and all the advertisements with pictures and links have a specific space in the centre of the template with sidebars. The picture shows examples of a few templates

Mobile Responsive Theme

More and more people are using their phones to do their surfing on the Net, and do the verbal asking technique. You have to make sure that your theme has the setting and ability to accommodate Mobile viewers. The downloading speed is very important.

What is Web Hosting 

Website Host is a company that has the technology and service needed to keep your website and domain name safe and secure. List it in a memory bank to be found during any search and then be displayed on your screen.

What is a Domain

A domain is your address on the Internet, you URL. Your Virtual Real Estate, your piece in the sky. You buy that specific space in cyber on the Internet from your host. That is your key to unlock your website. You are the owner and can develop it, just like in real life.

What is WordPress

WordPress is the writing pad of your blog and is free to use. About 30 % of all blogs on Google are using WordPress. It is a very easy and versatile platform and easy to navigate.

banners-with-WordPress-URLWhen you write an article, highlight your headings, post pictures and space the content, you have developed your little space.

With the push of a button WordPress makes it possible to publish your content on the Internet. It exempts you from many technical processes. It is done automatically via their design.

My ‘About’ Page

This page is used to introduce yourself and your mission to your visitors. Tell them why you want to do the website, what motivated you and how they can benefit from it.

Tell who you are and a bit about your background. No need to tell all the detail, but a brief history with a little story is good.

The Contact Page

To make your website trustworthy and legitimate, it is good to have a page where people can contact you via email. Encourage people to talk about your site and information.

This is one of the widgets you install that does the job for you with the push of a button.

Privacy Policy Page

This is necessary and an indemnity to safeguard everybody. Almost every site needs a Privacy Policy. It is exactly what is says. If you have a page where you collect the email of people you should tell them and promise not to misuse the information.

If you get a commission from goods sold on your page, your visitor should know. This information is on pages and displayed normally in the footer bar of your site. It is out the way but there for anybody who wants to read it.

What is a Blog Post

Woman-sitting-at-a-desk-writing-an-article-A blog post is an interesting article you write, that appears on your Website as information on the topic of your niche.

This is contents, the owner wants the visitors to read, and is called a blog. A post, a blog post or an article, all the same thing. It is recommended to have a new article every week.

On your web page, there should be different plugins, links, social media buttons and more. All at your disposal in WordPress, The training lessons in Wealthy Affiliate teach you how to do it.

What is a Widget

A widget is a mini-program that runs in your mobile or computer. Part of its function is to display some information and help with the execution thereof.

A Weather widget is an example, you normally install it on your website on phone and then activate it. It will give you daily updates of raining possibilities, winds, temperature etc of the weather in your area.

When people read your blog until the end there is a button or an arrow to push, This button takes you immediately to the top again, that is a widget you can install as well.

There are widgets to enhance the speed of your site for mobile phones, set up the social links and more. WordPress has a whole library full, and you can access and install it from the back office of your website. Wise not to download too many, it has an influence on the download speed of your site.


Every website has a menu, telling your visitor what you have on offer.  It makes it easy to navigate and find articles they want to read under different subjects. It is normally found on top of your page, just under the heading.

Scroll back to the top of this page and play around on the menu above. It will get clear how to navigate and find information.

This gets organised under Appearances in the side menu of the back office in WordPress. The less complicated it is, the better it is to navigate your site. It is good to make use of drop-down menus under each section. All in the training lessons of WA.

What is Internet Traffic

Internet traffic is the flow of information when searches are conducted. From the websites to the searcher via search engines. Popular sites with good content get more traffic.

Comment Section

When people visit your site they will want to comment on the content in your article or ask a question. Therefore, you have to activate that section in WordPress. A box then appears at the bottom of your post for them to talk to you in writing. It is just polite to reply to every comment you get.

The Last Word

Now you know more about your website than most, my dear. How to make a success of this new venture, is to stay enthusiastic, it is not always going to be easy.

Never be discouraged, stay excited when you get up each morning. Obstacles are there as a challenge to grow. Stick to it how sticky it might be!

To achieve your goal and find a topic of interest, you will have a successful money-making website. Do some extensive research and training to learn as much as you can is your solution. Be persistent and make a success with determination and dedication.

The next letter will be dedicated to “What is a Niche”.

A High Five To Your Success, My Dear!

Your loving Gran



Inspire, Motivate and Empower the Next Generation


2 Comments on “2. How to Find A Topic Of Interest”

  1. Hi Stella, I enjoyed reading your letter.

    The concepts and terms used in the process of creating a new website can be daunting and baffling to those who haven’t done it before, but once you get your head around the concepts it’s quite easy.

    You are right that to excel at anything in life we have to train ourselves and once we do we can have a much better stab at doing it for ourselves.

    Thanks for laying all of this out in an understandable fashion for us. I’m sure it will help everyone who reads it and those who choose to take it on will have success with your help.


    1. Dave this is really for the novice, the basic concept. I was thinking back when I started.
      You are in a maze with no exit. Everbody accept you know something which is not the case, therefore I felt the need to do it this way, and at the hand of simple examples too.
      I can tell you there is a need for a comprehensive abbreviation list for beginners. Most of the time we do not know what the terms used means, eg. PPC, CTA, and many more. It takes time to try and figure it out hahaha!
      Thank you for your valuable comment, I appreciate it!

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