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How will I find my mission and what is the difference between a mission, a career and a job?

~  A Mission is finding what excites you and gives you pleasure to enhance other people’s lives and develop it. Taking responsibility to make your own money, pay salaries and wages to those assisting you in reaching your dreams and goals. Have unique skills and are still learning every day. Own the company.

~ A Career is assisting the owner of a company in his mission, earning a salary to help them reach their goals. A person with above average skills to find a position in management of a company of your interest.

~  A Job is a position to help the person who has a career assisting the person on a mission, and get paid a wage. These are people with everyday skills everybody else has. Doing all the grinding work to make the wheels turn in a company. To them it is just a job, does not matter which company.

Now that you know the difference it will be easy to find where you want to be in the system. Knowing what excites you and makes you happy will make planning easy.

Previously we talked about finding a way to create a good foundation for your future. Now it is all about your mission. What will your end result look like after achieving your goals but first we will have to walk the talk my dear.

Where do I Begin?

 School board, Self Confidence, Believe in yourself

The first step is to get rid of all negative thoughts and start TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Your inner dialogue, positive or negative is related to your relationship with yourself and dictates the outcome of your future. Therefore believing in yourself is not negotiable.


Say out loud every morning and every night: I am going to create a fantastic life and I CAN and I WILL achieve my goals! I will be Great!

Creating My Future

Time to list those dreams. Will it be a mission where you can help people and serve them or a career assisting someone else to enhance the lives of others. Before you make any decisions, especially life-altering decisions, you have to figure out what you want in life and how you want to spend your time. Be ready to have a mindset change.

All your dreams will be possible, no matter what you choose. A positive mindset plays a huge role in creating your plan. You and only You can make that happen. People who know themselves and their abilities make the right decisions for their future.

You have to Believe in Yourself. Dream and imagine what your future will be like, start living your dream now in your mind and thoughts and it will become a reality.

If you want a Ferrari, go to a dealer and sit in the car, feel it, admire it. When you are looking to buy a leather couch in the future, go to the shop and sit on it, smell it, feel it and see it as already in your house. Let it be your motivator.

Dream Big

I dare you to dream big!

School board, Dream big, Make it Happen

When outlining your future, have no limits,  but stay true to yourself. Don’t let influences from outside put you at a crossroad, my dear. Develop your style and own vision and perception for your success. Put your hand to the wheel, and know only one way … up up!.

All Dreams are Possible

Think of it this way, who thought a microwave could cook food. Someone got an idea, start imagining and visualizing and eventually, the microwave oven became a reality.

Someone else had a dream to go to the moon, but at that moment there was no technology to make it happen. He believed in his dream. Talked to people and got a team together with the same vision and together they started planning step by step to make it come true. The rest is history.

Don’t let people with small dreams around you detour you from your mission.

How to Set Goals for My Future

  • Nothing is impossible my dear. Make it happen.

  • Just list at random what pops into your head, my dear. You will prioritize later.

  • You will have to decide on a formula and a strategy to make it happen. Have a short term and long term plan with vision. Set your goals, most certainly with an achievable structure.

  • Let’s begin with the short term goals, and set smaller goals on the way to your dream goal. How far will you have progressed in one years time and where will you be in two years, and have a five-year plan too? Here are a few examples.

  • Do you want to become a professional and ultimately focus on a career?

  • Becoming an authority and getting recognition in your field, you need to study at a university for your degree and then specialize.

  • Afterwards, find a company to gain experience and if, when will you start your own company? Add a due date to every milepost.

  • Research and read as much as you can. Where on the ladder of your success do you see yourself in five years? For instance, management in a  company or having your own practice or business?

  • Decided to become a housewife to the most wonderful man and be the best mum in the world. How many children do you want to have and when? Agree on a way how to raise the kids. Will you be a stay-at-home mom?

  • Know how old you will be when they will leave the nest? Finding information can be very challenging. The most important issue is to have a loving and harmonious relationship. How will you go about it?

  • Do you want to become an entrepreneur running your own business? Brick and mortar office or online business with a home office. What training and where? Research your competition to know who you are up against.

  • Remember competition is always good, the more the better, that means people need that product. The secret of success is, be the best option. In addition, what will your focus be to get your business out the blocks?

  • Finding a legal trustworthy option online with good training could be a hard task. Making marketing a priority, set weekly and monthly goals, stick to it and get financially sound? I do have an option for you!

Get Going

Become a lifelong member of ‘The 5-Second Rule’, a worldwide life-changing motivational movement by Mel Robbins for free and get things done.

Save the link, scroll down and start at Day 1 for 35 days. This is a life-changing challenge!

9 Important Steps and Tips

Shield, Saying Follow your Dreams

• Find a quiet spot, most importantly where you will not be distributed.

• Stop thinking about the past and how life has been, that is water under the bridge. Take the positive and move on.

• Review what was important, in fact, decide in advance what will motivate you.

• Think about your reality and what you need, most noteworthy, there will be a hidden driving force, hence stimulating you. Never lose your enthusiasm.

• Trust your instinct and write the options down, most of all, make a list if there are more than one.

• Find your strengths and build your planning on it. Know your weaknesses too. Learn something new every day and furthermore learn new skills. Never feel satisfied with the knowledge you have.

• Winners do not make excuses, that is not an option.

• Become a warrior and take nothing lying down, most importantly, you are unstoppable and the victor. Love yourself and be your own best teammate.

Nothing is impossible, in contrast, only personal image and laziness get in the way.

Plan of Action

Take a pen and paper, yes a pen and paper my dear, write a review of all the happenings, positive and negative, during the year past. Goals accomplished and those still pending. Keep this in mind with your next planning

When done, start outlining the goals and tasks for the coming year. Do your planning in a journal, clarify your actions for the next year to make your dreams come true. Pen and paper make it more real and personal, my dear.

Know what you want to achieve during the next year. Be realistic, do not put too much pressure on business or personal achievements.

Set some guidelines for the year, for instance, divide it into twelve steps one for each month.

Take the task of each month and divide into four weeks.

Divide the weeks into the workdays of every week.

Work out a detailed example schedule to stay on track, in addition, it will make all very clear.

Keeping Records

File Folders, records, Desk

  • Have a journal or file for each month.

  • Keep all receipts and guarantees and file it. Very important!

  • Write down and keep information on a daily basis as it happens, do it at the end of each day.

  • Make copies of all slips immediately, because the ink disappears. Dated it at the top and saved it in a huge envelope allocated for each month. Name and date the envelope.

  • If you want to be meticulous, have another journal on your desk and keep cross-references to the specific file, it makes it easier to track an issue.

I cannot stress the fact enough, how important it is to keep proper records, my dear. It will save you a lot of money and heartache over time.

Safeguarding yourself, it is important to keep daily records of every move you make. Date and what action was taken.

How Do I Handle Failures

There will be failures, my dear, failure is one of the tools for success, furthermore, it makes you mentally stronger. It will have an influence on how successful you will become in the future.

The way you handle failure will dictate the height of your success. Your persistence and determination hold the key.

Let it become a motivating factor. It shapes you and teaches you. Gaining the experience on what to do next time, best of all, what to avoid. In turn, it will help you make better choices.

Never see failure as the End, as a matter of fact, it is only the beginning of great things to come.

Rowena Tsai says “If you don’t rise to the level of your goals, you fail at the level of your systems.”

Get up, dust yourself, apply the knowledge gained as an advantage. Create new systems and make this stumbling block a stepping stone to

your success.

School board, Self Confidence, trust yourself

All good in life, is worth waiting for. It comes with effort and over time. Patience and being consistent with enthusiasm is all that counts.

The bad side, can easily destroy and it happens in seconds.

How to go about it

Without the necessary preparation, your dream will never come true in time. It will be easier if you create a template to do your planning on, every month, week and day have their own page in a file. All you need to do is to date and fill in the framework and your preparation or report is done. Most importantly you have to have deadlines of completion.

When you plan your ambitions go for the ultimate dream. The importance of goal setting is to aim high. Decisions have to be made above your ability, certainly within range, but a challenge, believe you can reach them.


What I Speak and Thing is what I create.

Start with small steps and climb every mountain, with determination to reach the great epitome of your vision. Don’t start running on the water, and after a while, sinking halfway with exhaustion.


Write it on your bathroom mirror, more importantly, on sticky notes all over your room.

Read it out loud every time you walk past as a reminder of your final goal, most importantly, it keeps you motivated and focused.

Write your yearly intentions and plans down, importantly keep it at your bedside table. Read it every night and every morning out loud to yourself.

This is what you want and you will get it, no matter what

Believe It Will Happen

Live as if it already has, even if you don’t know how just know it is going to happen,

You have to say to yourself “There are no limits to a bright future, all can be overcome, therefore, I will dream big and go big!”.

All is possible, it is just determination and persistence that makes the difference, you will have accomplish. well done!

 School board, Done, Well Done you have made it.


My dear Thinette the only thing holding you back, is you, your thoughts and your behaviour.

How long are you going to sit idle, living in a dream world, my dear, and let the good life pass you by? Don’t look at all your successful friends, instead, let them admire your success.

My greatest wish for you, dear Thinette is to be happy, successful and financially independent.

Stop procrastinating if you are! Remember the 5-second rule!

Get up and create the life you desire.

All my love

Granny Stella

Gran Stella.

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