Letter 25 How to Make A Man Fall In Love With You

Dearest Thinette

Thinette my Granddaughter.

How to make a man fall in love with you? Is it possible and can I do it? What is the secret to keeping a man happy you may ask? Instinctively we want to shower him with your attention love and care but that could mean the end of a good relationship. Make it your task to know the mind of a man.

 Nothing feels as good and makes you glow with happiness than having a man truly loving you from his heart.

Him giving you his devotion, undivided attention, making you feel special and the only woman that matters. He wants to be with you, furthermore, do things with you and for you.

Your happiness in this special relationship has captured his heart because men love to be able to make you happy. It really exists my dear, if you have not felt it, you have not fallen in love!

 I am pretty sure you seldom will find him in the early years of your adult life because everybody is then still on a learning curve and experiencing just good fun.

That is the time you have to enjoy exploring too. It is not the time to look for a serious relationship yet, because they are just not ready to settle down. The serious men who want to settle do not exist in the groups you are mixing in now.

Have fun and enjoy your youth without trying to settle too quickly because it will be a huge mistake, most of the time it is with the wrong person and will cause many unhappy and sad moments.

When you are older and know what you want you will find your man. When men are older they have calmed down, know what they want and are ready to get serious and therefore are themselves looking for a long term relationship.

They also get sick and tired of the hollow dating scene and fun and sex.  Most of them have established their careers and feel much more confident.

How to make a man fall in love with you

Be Selective.

To find a man in an ordinary bar is not an ideal place if you want a keeper unless it is a high-class specialised bar. Guys in local bars are not ready to settle down and are still on the fun stage.

Find a guy who has the same interests as you, for instance at a sports club, charity events, church, business seminars, visit top restaurants, etc. They will most probably have the same interests and values and will be a much better chance of finding your man.

When you have caught his eye and he is interested too, what now my love?

Learn the art of flirting. Never rush into any relationship.

Have a few dates to make sure he is as interested as you are, you have a lot in common and you can start trusting each other. Invite him to join you and friends at a sporting event. See if he is comfortable, take part and fits in.

When you feel sure he is the one.

How to man a man fall in love with you

The way to capture his mind is just meant to be for the one you really feel serious about. How to make a man fall in love with you, keep him interested and devoted to you has all to do with his primal needs.

How to make a man fall in love with you is to:

Capture his Mind, Caress his Ego and take Care of his Soul.

A man set goals and is always on a mission. When a man is serious he wants to be the victor of every goal he sets in his life. Everything is a challenge and he must be the champion whether it is a race or a business deal.

Most of all, he wants to be the conqueror of the most valuable prize of his heart… You! How do you create this contest to become the ultimate winner of his heart?

How to Make A Man Fall In Love With You

Ways to Capture His Mind.

 Secrets to a Man’s Love.

  •  Men need a challenge to ‘win’. Keep him winning your attention repeatedly. Never become comfortable and too easily accessible to him. Let him ‘deserve’ a date with you, occasionally let him earn it, even when you are married.

  • It is good to keep evenings specific for dates, at least once a week. You don’t have to go out, have a private date at home, just the two of you, lock the doors and switch off the phones. Organize with a friend to take care of the kids overnight and next time you return the favour.

How to make a man fall in love with you, lock on door and give him special attention.

  • Make him conscious how important you are, having you by his side will enhance the quality of his life tremendously. Every man wants a great woman by his side.

  • A way to create value is staying away for a while with good reason, go out with lady friends, go and visit your parents, go on a course at work, etc.

  • It will leave an emptiness making him aware how much he misses you, imagining a life without you will be detrimental. He will realize your value and be more dedicated.

  • A man wants a woman who has a calming effect and brings happy feelings in his life. Men are programmed to move towards things and people who create the feel GOOD and happy feelings and will move away the moment something feels BAD and heavy.

  • Makes him feel he is the most important and best person in your life. Shower him with compliments and mean it, especially his physic, he wants reassurance every day.

A man wants to be in a relationship which makes him feel good. Never turn a relationship into your emotional dumping ground, blaming or accusing him.

The best attitude is to be happy and fun to be with and not give him the feeling you are using your relationship as a place to air all negativity or problems you have. If that is your attitude, change it if you care about a successful relationship.

Find a specific place and time to discuss bad influences threatening the relationship. Do in a calm manner and deal with it in a unified way.

Ask each other’s advice, listen and compromise. You can say anything and everything you want to him and have his deep appreciation for you, as long he feels you are on his side.

Never accuse, blame or make him feel like you are opposing him, that is conflict. In a healthy relationship, a man wants to share his emotions with someone he can trust, just like you, whether it is good news or bad.

  • Never try to change the character of your partner. To have a complete relationship you must accept and enjoy each other as unique individuals.

  • Don’t try to conform to your partner to your needs. Relax, love and enjoy who he /she is, stop having concerns and worries, let go and let be! Things you find important might be destroying your relationship causing your man to pull away.

  • Why did he not text me back or call me? Remember your man is a Hunter! Single-track minded with good reason and his focus is on his goal of the moment. I

  • t all goes back to ‘winning‘. Anything outside that target of the moment is a distraction from his mission. Texting or calling is the last thing on his mind and has nothing to do with you or what you did.

How to make a man fall in love with you, limit texting and calling him on the phone.

  • A man wants to feel acts of love from you too. Unconsciously they expect your love back it the same way they show their love to you. It is the only way they will recognize it.

How do you show the love the way he will recognize?

How to Make A Man Fall In Love With You


Make it your priority to understand the way your man loves.

Love and romance have been confused with wants and needs as much as they need for oxygen. All his acts of love can be romantic if you know his love language. You might have an image of what love means to you, on the other hand, your man has an image what love means to him and these two images can be worlds apart, with unnecessary misunderstandings as a result.

  • Many women have a man that loves them deeply and show it to her in his way. She never appreciates it because she does not know the love language of her man.

    Simply look at the way he is showering you with his love. What are his surprises to you like? Pay attention to special personal little acts of love, is it words of love and praise, hugs and kisses leading to the bedroom, small gifts he comes home with or things he does for you to make you feel special, maybe cook you your special meal. You will immediately recognize his acts of love and that is the way to love him back. Keep it balanced and don’t go overboard, giving too much and make him bored with you.

How to make a man fall in love with you, let him make her happy cooking her a meal

How to Make A Man Fall In Love With You

The X-Factor in a Relationship.

Before you enter a serious relationship make sure you both know who you are, be happy with the person you are. Inspire each other to keep growing within, together and separate my dear.

The magic ingredient for all successful happy relationships is Self-Development on all fronts. You must be prepared and willing to develop yourselves to be independent financially, psychologically, spiritually, romantically, sexually and physically, make it your mission to achieve it. Showing you are an individual earning the right to live a happy life all by yourself. You don’t depend on other people or situations to make you happy, and this is how to make a man fall in love with you forever and ever.

Love you.

Grandma Stella

Gran Stella

8 Comments on “Letter 25 How to Make A Man Fall In Love With You”

    1. I appreciate your comment Agnes!
      Isn’t it strange to see how many people still try to change a partner.
      It is a sure recipe for disaster en will never bring happiness.
      Thank you for stopping by.
      All the best to you.

  1. Hello Stella,
    Great Article! I really liked the last section the X Factor in a relationship. If you don’t know yourself how can you truly give yourself to someone else. How can you inspire the person you wake up and go to bed with everyday? I also liked that you said “Men needs a challenge to ‘win’. Keep him winning your attention repeatedly” because men are natural hunters and gatherers so they look for challenges in life.

    1. So many people go through life never find the real self, the partner will be fake and always chasing an image.
      Missing to live life to their full potential is very sad.
      Oh yes many are guilty of trying to mould someone to their liking, us women can be the guilty ones sometimes.
      It is the worst mistakes of all, one can make.
      Thank you for a valuable comment Rianna, I appreciate you stopping by.

  2. I am a guy, and I find this legit to be honest.

    It is in all honesty really that simple, girls are overthinking and when something goes wrong, they’ll start beating themselves up.

    Really thankful for this article, very informative and helpful.



    1. Deep down all women are insecure, that is why.
      They always want your approval and want to make sure you are happy with her.
      Women are always been made out as the witches but it is not always the case.
      Misunderstandings from both sides makes for unnecessary unhappy feelings.
      I would appreciate if you want to make recommendations from a man’s perspective.
      Thank you for a very motivational comment.

  3. Amazing post and very timely!

    My daughter is having trouble figuring out the love acts of her new man. She recently hurt herself and was surprised that he seemed unconcerned, did not ask how she was, and then he took off with friends and did not invite her. This is not what he was like in the early days.

    She is feeling left out and unhappy. I want to give her some hope, so do you have any advice?

    1. Hi Irma the best advice I can give her is to focus on her own life and pleasures now.

      Show him you have a life of your own which is great and much more fun than what he has to offer right now and you don’t need him to make you happy.
      Never sit and wait for him, get up and do your own thing.
      Say nothing just act differently.

      Go out with girlfriends in a group and have lots of fun, maybe activities he likes.
      If he asks her to go with him somewhere she can just say sorry but I have already made plans. Not this time but next time it will be great. Let him sit on the sideline in a natural way, never be vindictive.

      He must get the feeling he might lose her if he does not pay attention.
      Do it for a while not just once. He must get the feeling of being left out and missing a lot.

      If you browse around there are more letters on Relationships, the Authentic Happiness Authentic Love is another good one to read, try them all.
      Thank you for a very inspiring comment, and hope it will solve the problem!

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