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Dear Reader

A hearty welcome to my site and enjoy the journey.

When I sit back thinking about the decades running by, the changes has been phenomenal and made for very interesting times. During the lifetime of my parents, they witnessed the appearance of the Model T Ford untill the  landing on the moon, what a privilege. The ending of the World War II marked the beginning of my lifetime untill the exciting digital times we have today, what a wonderful experience. I decided to share some wisdom from a past era in letters to my Granddaughter.

The lifestyle I lived growing up was so different, it changed from a warm caring community to a clinical impersonal cold competitive society. The way we eat also dramatically changed, from wholesome natural food to genetically modified, synthetic products one hardly can call food.

With these letters I would love to give the kids of the New Era a glimpse of an era gone by, where all was natural,  from food, friendships and business. Most of the habits of those days can still be implemented today with great success, as a matter of fact it cancels the new manipulative ways of modern life and can only benefit and enhance your lifestyle. You just have to become a free thinker and leave the flock of sheep behind.

The letters start with simple wisdom for a young adult beginning life after leaving school or college. Building her/his personality and self-esteem. With hints how to find their dreams, become successful and reach their goals. Including practical tips and ways making life easier. By no means are these letters professional advice.

The letters to my Granddaughter, it could easy have been to my Grandson as well. The letters are addressed to my granddaughter Thinette, purely because she is the only grandchild I have. It is a way of giving them insight to those days and how life was lived. I don’t want the legacy, of what my parents taught me, get lost.

Take from it what you need, apply it and live a better life fulfilling your dreams and goals with the help of old world glory.

Loving Gran


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