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When using a knife in the kitchen it is done with a definite purpose and goal. No meal can be prepared without a sharp knife and your memory using it is either favourable with praise or very negative with whining. Think back can you remember what was your reaction when you try to cut a tomato with a blunt knife.  A Victorinox knife is one of the best and will never let you down.

A sharp knife is King in any kitchen whether it is at a hotel or at home. Are you prepared to pay the price or are you paying the price?

There are many knives in the marketplace and some are really good, but the key element is the type of steel for its purpose and the ability to sharpen it and to stay sharp.

Chefs test the sharpness of a knife by holding a piece of paper and slice it, but a housewife wants to cut a tomato in one go, no slicing.

A guarantee of longevity gives the stamp of approval, you know it is a good product and worthy of an investigation.

A good knife with a good reputation becomes and investment in the life of a housewife my dear, rather save a little longer but buy the best you can.

A good sharp knife is not a cheap item and to replace it often to chase after a better and sharper knife can get very costly. It is best to research, save and invest in good knives with good steel and a favourable reputation. You will find a great collection at the best prices at Amazon on line my dear. There are different options, you can buy single knives or sets in a bag to keep all the knives save and sharp.

Be prepared to pay that bit extra.

After a great deal of reading and researching I came to the conclusion the Victorinox brand is one of the better kitchen knives and counts amongst the best with their warranty.

Victorinox is well-known for their Swiss Army knives, but has expanded to other items in the marketplace too, kitchen knives was the obvious next development. Believe it or not Victorinox are into luggage and perfumes too.

What is a Good Knife

  • Victorinox knives are made of steel professionally composed of an alloy of Chromium between 13.3 to 14.8 % and a small amount of Carbon and Molybdenum, Manganese and Silicon about .70% to 1.0 % to make it hard enough though subtle to get the rust and tarnish free sharp blades.

  • “ Blade hardening occurs at 1900 degrees with an annealing temperature of 140 degrees giving it a Rc of 56 ” according to knifeup.com.

  • All Victorinox knives have handles made of Thermoplastic Elastomer [TPE] for a non-slip grip even when wet.

  • A good knife gets sharpened in the factory. It should be sharp when you buy it and ready to use.

  • Lifetime guarantee against defects in material and craftsmanship is a unique attribute to these knives from a factory with more than 120 years experience in knife making.

  • Keep your knives separate from other cutlery in a drawer, it will protect the blades from getting blunt.

  • A magnetic strip against the wall to place your knives against is ideal and a perfect storing place, close by yet out the way.

  • The secret to a sharp knife is to keep it sharp. Swipe it a few times over a steel [the long metal rod chefs use] every time before use. Using the rod is just honing a knife to keep it sharp. Never use a knife till blunt before sharpening it again.

  • There are different ways to sharpen a knife. A sharpening stone like the whetstone used with oil by hand for the more experienced, an electric sharpener and a hand held sharpener.

  • It is an skillful art, if not done correctly it can damage the blade.


  • A Steel sharpening rod can be dangerous and can cause injury when honing your knife, if you are not familiar with the use of it. The knife can slip off the rod, cutting you severely.  Take it slow and practice before you try to swipe like a pro.

  • Stay alert and focused when using a super sharp knife, an accident can easily happen.

Best Kitchen Knives

Victorinox bread knife, chefs knife, paring knife


What is a Chef’s knife?

  • If you can only have one knife, this is the one. The versatility of a chef’s knife is endless and can do almost every job in the kitchen.

  • The blade of a chef’s knife should preferably be between 7” to 8” long and the handle not more than 3 “, it will have a comfortable grip for most home kitchen hands.

  • Blade and handle are normally balanced for a perfect fit and handling.

  • It is rust and tarnish free

  • Dishwasher safe.

What is a Paring Knife

It is a smaller knife with a blade of 3.25” and a well fitted non-slip handle to peel, slice and chop vegetables.

  • A paring knife has a sharp pointy blade to cut out all impurities in veggies and to core fruit.

  • This knife is weighted and balanced for easy handling.

  • You have a choice between a straight blade or a serrated blade, you have to specify.

  • This smaller knife is made for intricate tasks, precise cuts and control.

  • Very important, it should be WASHED BY HAND.

Victorinox Bread Knife

  • Bread knife has a special serrated high carbon 8” stainless steel blade to slice through the crust of bread without squashing the softer inner layer of the bread, keep slicing without pressure.

  • The handle is made of the special NSF approved fibrox one piece handle.

  • Dishwasher safe, rust free and a lifetime guarantee on craftsmanship and material.

Victorinox Potato Peeler

  • 2¼” Double edged peeler

  • NSF approved

  • Polypropylene handle

  • Dishwasher proof

This best buy is available on Amazon, here is a link to see the prices.

Get your kitchen the best knives you can buy, it will be a valuable priceless contribution to the kitchen. It makes for happy slicing, cutting and chopping for many years to come. If you care enough you will wash all your super sharp Victorinox kitchen knives by hand immediately after use.

Happy slicing and chopping!

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