Letter 21 The Best Home Business To Start.


Dear Thinette

Have you realized how worthless money has become my dear? To think, at one stage when I was young the ZAR Rand was equal to the British Pound and today it is almost R18 to one pound, what a laugh!

The value of money has decreased so much and lost its buying power all over the world. The workplace has become an unpredictable and unstable place, with fewer and fewer opportunities.

Nobody feels secure and people’s retirement funds have been affected too. People are looking for alternative ways to supplement their income.

Discovering Wealthy Affiliate will be one of the solutions to overcome this problem. This is the best home business to start. With good planning the excellent training and support, it offers the best opportunity one can find on the internet, could this be the solution to your money problem darling Thinette?

Finding a way to become financially independent, is a vision everyone sees and seeks. To be successful and becoming Financially Independent you have to have the right mindset and attitude.

There is only a long term solution to your problem, no overnight quick fixes.

Make a decision, start and work diligently towards a goal. Start at any age and with this method you will still achieve your goals.

What is the Correct Mindset?

We are all raised at home and at school to be fantastic workers, with an 8.00 to 17.00 mind, yet we are programmed to follow a leader and never thought of becoming our own person and be the leader.

Now it is time to get out that box! We all have a poor person’s mindset and to be successful you have to have a Rich person’s mindset.

Dan Lok a very successful entrepreneur has this to say about attitude and mindset. I would like to share this with you before you start on your new exciting journey, reaching for your Goals to be Successful.

Dan says:

7 Things Poor People Do That Rich People Don’t Do.

1]   Poor people watch TV, to escape their situation.

Rich people Read Books, to increase their knowledge to achieve.

2]  Poor people get paid based on Time.

Rich people get paid based on Results, think about an athlete, it doesn’t matter how many hours he practices it is the results that matter.

 3]  Poor people blame others for their misfortune, if it is not the politics it is the company or family.  Lame people Blame people.

Rich people take Responsibility for their failures. Responsibility brings Growth and Power.

4]  Poor people focus on Saving. A penny saved is still a penny says Dan. You don’t have a Savings problem you have an Income problem.

Rich people focus on Investing. Earn more to Invest not save.

Investment buildings            Bentley, Car, Automobile, Luxury, Auto

5]  Poor people think they Know it All. Always very Opinionated. Have an Opinion on everything to get attention and put the focus elsewhere.

Rich people continuously Learn. Ask Questions and Listen. Reading is continuous learning.

6]  Poor people think money is the root of all Evil.

Rich people believe Poverty is the root of all Evil. Crime, drugs, family problems, etc.

Money is a Neutral entity, it is a Tool. How you use it makes it what it is.

7]  Poor people have a Lottery Mentality. In their mind, it is the only way to get rich. Buying a ticket is buying a Fantasy, not a Reality.

Rich people have an Action Mentality. It is All up to Me to make it happen. My Actions will dictate the outcome. Rich people rely only on “Myself.”


Think about this and make the necessary mind shifts for your success.

Why Would You Need Wealthy Affiliate?

To start an online business from home a reliable facilitator and good training are very important to develop your own website. Wealthy Affiliate is a Training University with support to follow through. It will help build and develop your site. Wealthy Affiliate has a reputation of excellence in helping its members completing successful sites.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a Training Company and prides themselves to have the best training facility on the Internet.

When joining the program to build your website, you have access to a full training course with more than 70 tutorials. Mentors and members are willing to help you step by step to success. No need to know anything about website development you just have to have the desire to become a successful online affiliate marketer to reach your goal.

Joining Wealthy Affiliate [WA]

WA offers something different, it has the X-factor in 24/7 support when needed, all the requirements you need to meet your goals are there. Wealthy Affiliate has a very proud reputation to keep up on the Internet.

Best Ratings on Google for Excellence

  • Support system 24/7 from any of the 1.4 million members helping and guiding you within minutes. Rating 5.0 out of 5.0

  • Building a website becomes so easy with the hands-on step by step instructions from Kyle.  Rating 4.9 out of 5.0

  • Research of Keywords for your contents with Jaaxy, a keywords search tool, perfecting your articles for Google.   Rating 4.6 out of 5.0.

  • Hosting is also included, that is the way you keep in contact with the world. Rating 4.8 out of 5.0

  • The success rate of people completing their website and achieving their goals with Wealthy Affiliate. Rating 4.5 out of 5.0



Starter member is free for as long as you want.

• As a free member, there is access to the first 10 training lessons on how to find your niche and build your website.

• For 7 days you get complimentary free access to full membership to experience the inside and to build your websites interacting with all members,

• As a free member, you get 2 websites free to develop and monetize.


Full membership costs $19 the first month, a granted discount of $30 and then costs $49 per month thereafter.

The rate annually is $359 and a Black Friday surprise can be as low as $299.

This includes everything pertaining to hosting, WordPress, emails and keeping the website updated and secure etc.

Huge savings if making the right choices.

25 paid domain Websites will be hosted plus and additional 25 home-based websites, in total you have 50 websites to develop all included in the membership fees.


Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim developed Wealthy Affiliate in 2005 and are based in Canada, both highly successful entrepreneurs.

  • Kyle on the left takes personally care of all the excellent training and updating of videos is every day involved with helping, answering questions and welcoming every new member.

  • Carson on the right has the major task of keeping the technical side running smoothly and to develop new strategies to perfect the program. He is also involved in welcoming new members and lead the extremely capable admin support team to keep your property safe.

What are you waiting for? This is the best chance you will get to secure a better future for you and your family.

The best home business to start is in your hands!

See you along the road to SUCCESS!


Gran Stella


14 Comments on “Letter 21 The Best Home Business To Start.”

  1. Hi Stella, i’m impressive about the difference between poor and rich people’s mindset that you are sharing in this post. It is true that we should change our mindset before we learn to invest and start our own business. And i’m already a member of WA, i have to say WA is a really awesome platform. The step by step training provided by Kyle is very easy to follow, you can build we online business practically with no obstacles. Moreover, the WA members are always ready to help each other. Great platform!

    1. Yes it really makes one think Shaun!
      Mindset and attitude is the two starters of a great future.
      WA is the answer to dreams becoming a reality for many people.
      The support and care to help you succeed is tremendous in WA.
      Best wishes for a bright future!

  2. Excellent article Stella!

    I love the 7 points you have listed from Dan Lok I have watched a few of his videos on YouTube and heard these points before but it never hurts to be reminded of them!

    I have used Wealthy Affiliate for nearly 2 years and I have received fantastic support and made some great bonds with fellow budding entrepreneurs!

    1. Yes the points are great, he is a no nonsense guy and has no time for stupidity.
      I have only started a few months ago. There are some techno stuff I struggle with but are progressing slowly on my mission!
      I am now on the monetizing stage and does not have the easiest of niches … lol
      Thank you for dropping by I appreciate it!

      p/s I have been to your site too and find it of great value.

  3. This is very good information. It is funny how sometimes one struggles with finding material for their content. You have done an excellent job with this piece. It was two-fold for me, fun and serious business. You made it real by the added media – video and photos. Continue with your awesome work.

    1. Thank you Althea for your comment, it is motivating.
      Glad you enjoyed it as well as getting value from it.
      Best of luck to you.

  4. Hi Stella,

    I love the list of 7 things poor people do that rich people don’t. Each item is true!

    To be truly successful, we must escape that poor mentality. It can be extremely difficult when that’s all you were raised around your whole life, but I’d like to add to that list the eighth item.

    I’d say another “poor” mindset is thinking to work for others instead of for yourself. Many are happy being employees forever. I have no issue with being an employee just to have another stream of income, but I do take issue with being an employee as your only source of income. Sadly, this is very common.

    I hope more people wake up to communities like WA!

    1. Isn’t it? … and it is an eye opener Andre.
      It just shows how much we are brainwashed to follow blindly certain rules of society.

      Luckily time and technology has changed it all and everybody is waking up to create a better life.
      Very true we are all raised to be fantastic workers, the best you can get to fill their pockets and we stay poor.

      It is up to us all to spread the wonderful word of WA.
      Thank you for a very valuable input, I appreciate your comment!
      Bush Lady

  5. Hello Stella,

    The poor person’s mindset was a really good eye-opener. When I tried to do an online business previously, I didn’t succeed because of that mindset. I’m glad WA has helped get this far and I hope you will continue to do well too 🙂

    1. A right mindset makes all the difference.
      We have to make changes to be successful. not always easy but necessary.
      Being raised by the concept that being lesser is the acceptable decent norm, makes us all losers it the race to success.
      Thank you for your comment and opinion, it is valuable.
      Bush Lady

  6. Hi Stella,

    Great description of differencies between poor and rich pepople’s mindset. Very informative.

    I’m a premium member of WA and form my perspective the biggest value is the amazing community which supports you in every cases and constantly motivates you to developing your business.

    1. Yes Kamil I agree, the community of support is the X-FACTOR that WA has over other programs.
      Have tried different programs in the past but none was successful until I joined WA.
      The support has a motivating factor too.
      Best wishes for great success!
      Bush Lady

  7. Hi Stella,

    After reading your article it has just reassured me I need to do more for my family, being raised with the mentality of 0800hrs – 1700hrs truly has lost its essence. Our part of the world there are simply no jobs; you could be holding the highest qualification and still not get a job. And what’s more the money is ridiculously low. Its devastating really and I wish for everyone to hop onto Affiliate Marketing and find a way out of whatever hole they are in. Good article Stella, I hope it serves as a reminder the possibilities it can bring.

    1. Yes Priska the world has become a stange place … nothing that we knew.
      It is good to often stop and get back to the essence of what life means. Renew and refresh and start over again with new enthusiasm.
      Thank you for your comment it is highly appreciated.

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