Letter 3. Building the Foundation to your Future.


Dear Thinette

How strong is strong enough not to crack?

Growing up you are part of a family living according to your parent’s planning and point of view. Coming of age you have to parent yourself, plan and find your own pattern because you are a different person who has form your own opinion.

No one teaches you how to do it, so the easiest way is to follow what you have seen at home but it could not be who you are. This might be the reason why so many people are unhappy as adults. Building the foundation of your future is so important.

Let’s sweep your mind a clean slate my dear and then get going again to start building the foundation to your future.

The biggest influence in your life are the cultural and family habits. Some of these habits form part of a control system for generations, which keeps you from being who you want to be.

It is part of a system from schools and churches, that is meant to manipulate  people in a subtle way to fit into a social pattern, walking the streets like obedient faceless ghosts, too afraid to do or say something out of the ordinary.

You get taught not to think for yourself.  Families tend to have family traditions, some are good and some are not so good. All I know is when it is restricting your thoughts and mind it is not good.

Break loose and become your own person. Make your own choices, have a mind of your own and live the life you want to and start building the foundation to your future, with warmth and caring.

Walk away from the flock of sheep and become unique.

Sheep being different than the flock.

To be able to start building your foundation my darling, you have to find what makes you happy and where you want to go in life. Name your destination. What are the dreams you want to achieve.


Where do you see yourself in forty years time when you retire. I know I know …. you are not thinking of that at this stage of your life, but you should … that is the whole purpose of you getting a job and start working.

How would you hope to spend your life at my age?  Living a financially, carefree happy life. Having enough money to live your dream comfortably, or probably  living in someone’s back yard waiting for handouts?

Picture of hands holding out for handouts in life.

Now is the time to think and start planning.


If you can think it, you can do it!   

Great granddad Willie always said “Every problem has a plan to solve it, no matter how difficult the obstacle is.”

Analyse the problem, break it up into sections and start solving it step by step.

Think out the box and around it.

Let’s dream big:

• You might want to be on the Mediterranean on your yacht with friends.

• Travelling in luxury to all the countries you wish.

2 glasses of champagne in luxury resort.

•Live in the mansion of your dreams driving a super car.

Maybe you want it all … but it is better to be realistic and start small with a Plan.

Anything and everything in life is possible, but there are certain conditions to achieve it.

   Setting goals and achieving dreams.

Girl with note book and laptop setting goals.

•   Do some thorough Planning

•   the four D‘s are essential

Desire big enough to get what you want

Discipline and Determination to achieve it

Dedication holds the key.


• To get recognition in life you have to become an authority in your field darling Thinette. Search research and gain all the knowledge you can, read it and make it your own to be come an authority with the best skill.

• Never be forward with your knowledge.

• Listen and  Observe.

• Always be the last to speak .



Next page in your journal.

• Find your ultimate goals in life and write them down.

• How do I make the best choices to be happy and successful. Find a good Mentor to lead you.



Building the foundation to your future my dear, is having a plan with goals first. Setting goals with deadlines is the only way to achieve success.

The sooner you start the sooner you will see the fruit of your hard earned labour, making retirement a dream come true.


Love you.

Granny Stella.


18 Comments on “Letter 3. Building the Foundation to your Future.”

  1. Hi Stella,

    Another great letter to your granddaughter. Anyone reading this will also get some help and guidance. With the list of personality characteristics that you had, i was able to assess myself. Thanks to this.

    1. Thank you for a very inspiring comment.
      Glad to know it will serve a greater purpose as I originally thought.
      Keep on reading.

  2. This is a very good post! It reminds me of some of the fundamentals in a book I’m reading right now called “The code of the extraordinary mind”. I really recommend you read it as it contains very important training on not just Learning but also HOW TO LEARN! The most important thing to learn at all. Unfortunately, most places of education never teach the kids this so they end up not learning and hating school instead.

    Thanks for another great letter!

    1. I will definitely read this book.
      All this old fashioned kind of teachings are nowhere to be found.
      It is so true everything is of a lesser kind and focus on irelavant issues. Thank yoy for a very good point you are making.
      Enjoy reading.

  3. This is so different, I love how your advice is through letters, very creative and beneficial at the same time! Thank you!

    1. Thanks for approving the style Sahar!
      The only way to reach the young.
      Many more letters to come.
      Happy reading

  4. I am beginning to see Stella needs to turn this into a full fledged book for the masses both young and older.

    Wonder what each one of us who are reading Stella’s letters might do, or might have done, with all these great thoughtful words of wisdom had we received letters like these in earlier times.

    I hope that all who are fortunate to have grandchildren might take the time to at least share these letters with the grandkids. I am sure the current generation would not understand the meaning of a handwritten set of letters like this from their grandparent(s). I might be wrong and would be more than happy to admit my wrong thinking!

    1. Thank you Barry for you motivating comment. I just honour the wisdom of my wise parents. My greatest wish is if it can only benefit one young one.
      Knowing it is a hard task to reach them from this angle when their minds are just focused on all the pleasures life has to offer.
      Staying hopeful

  5. Hi Stella. This is great advice for everyone. To move away from the mindless herd mentality that is so prevalent within societies is so important if we wish to achieve satisfaction and fulfillment in life. Setting goals is the way to begin creating the future that we desire for ourselves.
    I wished someone had asked me to consider where I wanted to be 40 years down the road when I was young! What a great way to get a young mind to consider what they want to achieve in their lives.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Thank you Andrew it is a challenge to get the young motivated to think this way and to realise the importance of thinking and planning if your mind is only focused on the the pleasures in life. Hopefully they will come to their sences in time as we know how important it is.

  6. Hi Stella,

    Another great letter. You are so right when you say that school, teachers and the culture lead you on the path of basically a zombie. Do this, do that, obey the rules, don’t think for yourself. So many people are like sheep living a life of quiet desperation as Thoreau said.

    Your granddaughter is so lucky…no…I don’t like the word lucky, she is blessed to have someone like you in her life,


    1. If people will just realise those who dictate the zombie rules are using you for there own benefit.

      Thank you for a very motivatng comment I appreciate it.


  7. Yes, if you can think it, you can do it, absolutely. great advice Stella, and Yes I like the part about dreaming big and breaking away from the sheep and being unique, wow! amazing. Desire big enough to get what you want, that quote should be on a T-shirt.
    Thank you, Stella. great post

    1. If only we will realise how controlled and manipulative our society is. I want to shake people and wake up them up to be their own uniquely self, not a follower but become a leader.
      You are an original … no other one like you.
      Thank you for another great comment Rose!

  8. Thank you sweeheart, this was very encouraging to hear. I am grateful for people like you. This was sound advice, you should not give up until you get where you want to go! Dedication is important.

    1. Hi Robert
      Glad you found it a good read.
      The motivation and dedication is there thank you.
      Thanks for your comment.

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