Lifestyle is the way you live your everyday life behind closed doors. Your daily routine, and how you get influenced by events in your life. Forming habits and then making changes along the way. Where you live, the way you make a living and the way you think about things.

What is your Lifestyle?

It is the interests, opinions, behaviour, possessions, values or world view that combines to forge a sense of self and individualism.

Are you …

Lazy, laid back, creative, drama queen, simple, chaotic, stressed, clean and organized, flamboyant, lavish, eclectic, low profile, glamorous, independent, sexually free, generally unhealthy, boring, nomadic, jeans and denim type or high fashion to name a few.

There are so many styles and none are correct and none are wrong. You live and create your own style according to your frame of mind and experiences, it can be a mix of some.

Your specific lifestyle gets its basic character from early childhood growing up. What were your experiences and what have influenced your behaviour, what have you been exposed to?

Changes will be made if you are not happy where you are at. Someone might have had a huge influence on you and inspire you to highs and values beyond your dreams. Even personality changes can happen and change your lifestyle.

Defining your Identity and the drive for Individualism is a power behind many changes.

Give the style of your personality, framework of values and principals a thought, it will develop into defining actions to a definite new lifestyle.

In these letters I will do a general over view of what might make life easier and make you happy.

We will cover Cooking Housekeeping and Fashion for the beginner.


Gran Stella

As Time Goes By an Introduction