As Time Goes By an Introduction

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Dear Reader,

A warm welcome to my website.

When sitting back, thinking about the discoveries we read about and experience everyday, the changes and developments over the last couple of centuries are phenomenal. As time goes by one think, what next, is there still something new to discover? Space has already been explored.

My parents were born very early in the previous century. During their lifetime they witnessed the appearance of so many magnificent inventions, happenings and discoveries.

To name a few the first car the model T Ford, the Great Depression, lived through both world wars, the flying of the fist aircraft, Boeing and many spaceships there after, experienced  the landing on the moon, the first kidney and heart transplants, the microwave and into the next century to witness the tragedy of 911.

New discoveries and events have marked the timeline and they witnessed it all.

Photo of my parents Willie and Mien Kok

The ending of the second world war marked the beginning of my lifetime.  Growing up and growing old it was a privilege to witness so many events and discoveries. Rock and Roll and Elvis Presley was a game changer for young people, from silent movies, cinerama, and using virtual reality techniques today when making new movies, electronics, the digital age with Silicone Valley, cell phones, Internet, Google, cuber games even Tesla solar powered cars to name a few.

This is all about lifestyle and habit changes of people and societies that came with all the developments over the past few decades.  Changes in political, social and family lives were inevitable. It is hard to find honest and sincere people.

Most people have a self centered image and mission to maintain, to fit into society and are afraid to be themselves, for they might not be accepted. There are wonderful selfless people around that still makes it all worth while.

The way we lived years ago as young adults, were so different form today’s lifestyle. It has changed from warm caring communities to a clinical impersonal cold competitive world with disconnected societies. Even the way we eat has changed dramatically, from wholesome natural food to genetically modified synthetic products, one hardly can call food.

All is not bad though, there are many advantages that came with the new millennium, greater choices in almost everything, just think about the commerce, the world has become a very small place.

With these letters to my Granddaughter I would love to give the generations of the New Century, a glimpse of an era gone by. The good old days as they say, where all was natural from food, friendships business and societies.

Most habits can still be successfully implemented today, as a matter of fact it will counter balance the new manipulative ways of modern society, because basic values never change, it only gets neglected and forgotten.

Distance yourself, leave the flock of sheep walking the streets behind to become a free thinker and uniquely you. Set your standards high and follow your values.

The new life a young person enters after leaving school or college is so different from the closed communities they grew up and study in.

These letters make an effort to assist in the transition and make life great. I once heard this saying about the big world out there … “Dog eats Dog and if you are not careful you will get swallowed!”

Guiding and motivating young adults to develop a strong stable personality. To have confidence and self-esteem for a better future and to build healthy happy relationships.

The letters begin with self development and relationships, then branch out to add practical housekeeping and easy recipes when cooking, all still in the making, makes life easier for young couples in their hectic everyday schedule, inspiring them to live a happy and successful life.

This symbolizes an info hub for all and everything needed to be the best you can be. Questions, requests and suggestions will be greatly appreciated and can be added in the comment section below every letter and we will find the answers. Relationships are the most important to discuss. It is the core of one’s happiness and success.

My granddaughter with her cat

I have only one granddaughter therefore the letters are addressed to her. The letters could easily have been addressed to my Grandson too, it attends to life’s lessons they both will encounter.

This is a way to guide and at the same time give them insight to those days and how life was lived, highlighting changes as time goes by.

I want the legacy of my parents and what they have taught me to continue and not get lost and be forgotten.

Take from it what you need, apply it and live a better life to be Successful and most of all Happy.

Fulfill your dreams and goals with the help of old world glory.

Kind regards


Gran Stella

As Time Goes By an Introduction

As Time Goes By an Introduction

19 Comments on “As Time Goes By an Introduction”

  1. Stella, you have a good heart and your objectives of writing this and future posts is awesome. We are now living in a world that is so different from decades ago, and I personally feel that the world is not getting better but is deteriorating instead. Many of the good values are no longer treasured. I would love to see you writing more of topics that will teach our future generation to learn the values such as honesty, humility, integrity and filial piety.

    Thank you for sharing, i totally enjoy your post.

    1. The world has changed to a place that is almost unrecognisable Teo. It has changed to a somber stressful one.
      I sometimes think the way we raised our kids has alot to do with it.
      The strong family bonds are missing.
      Thank you for your valueble comment and I will for sure attend to you advice and write letters on what you suggested. At the moment busy with a letter on Emotional Intelligence … lately the buzz word in private lives as well as at the workplace.
      Thanks again for you kind words and I appreciate you stopping by!
      Send me your link too please, I would love to return the favour?

  2. Hi Stella, what a great idea!

    I’m 58 now, and even though i’m not old enough to have witnessed the horrors of WW2, I was lucky enough to see man land on the Moon, the wonders of organ transplants and the fall of the Berlin Wall. Life changes and moves on so quickly.

    Unfortunately, we are going backwards in other ways – World Order is deteriorating and Climate Change is also starting to have a great impact. The World has changed monumentally in our lifetimes, and will again for the next generation.

    ‘Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be’


    1. Hi Dave it is so very true …. I wonder if each generation thinks the same, and all say “the good old days” … lol.

      I wonder what the memory moments of the future will be?

      The values of the new century kids are so different and alien to us, but basics are basics that will never change.

      Thank you for your thoughts and dropping by. I appreciate it very much


  3. Hi Stella, I really enjoyed reading this post. I was born in the mid fifties and also remember a world that was so different. It did seem a more caring society, with people having more time for one another. You are so right about the quality of food today. My mum was a fantastic cook and we always had fresh homegrown produce. Many people today either don’t have the time or can’t be bothered. The nutritional value in fruit and vegetables has declined over the decades, and yes, genetically modified foods are not such a good idea.

    1. It is a pity so much has been lost, mostly for greed, but on the other hand life has become so much easier with all the latest developments and gadgets.
      Isn’t it true that all tasted better back then?
      Many people choose to life a hectic life just to claim it.
      One has to be so careful with the modified food, most of it creates a health risk without people realizing it.
      Thank you for your comment I appreciate it!

  4. Hi Stella,

    What a wonderful site you’ve put together! Indeed times, and people unfortunately, have changed through the decades. There was a time when deals and partnerships were made with a handshake. These days one has to be skeptical of everything and everyone, especially in business. Times were certainly simpler in the “good ol days” of my grandparents and great-grandparents.

    I will bookmark your site and return for advice and ideas and also will share with my own children. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Shannon

      Thank you for your kind words!
      Isn’t it sad that human activity has deteriorated but the rest has excelled in excellence!
      Honesty and sincerity have taken a back seat, the higher the position the bigger the fraud, where will it end?
      Well we live in a techno age with so many gadgets that makes life easier.
      Thank you for your support I appreciate it very much!

  5. Hello Stella,

    You seem to be very good Mother and Grandmother, I never had a real mom, so I feel a little bit emotional here.

    I honestly wished you could have been my mother XD

    All in all, great article love the experience sharing with us.

  6. Hi Stella, what a great website and article! I was born in the early 50s and raised by my grandparents. I enjoyed reading the experience you share in your article and it reminds me of my grandparents and the values they lived by. It’s not the same today where times and people have changed, but the background is very important for our children to know about. For example, how my grandparent grew there fresh vegetables and the taste was great. Today, the taste is not so great.

    Thank you so much and if you could comment on my post-her it would be appreciated.
    Blessings to you.

    1. Hi Letha so true certain values never change and stays the same through centuries.

      If people of today will just live by some of the basic values like honesty, integrity, sincerity and respect to name a few.
      I must say those days there were also people who lack these values but not to the degree of today.

      Talking about the taste of products … the looks of the product has taken the place instead. It looks perfect 10/10 but the taste has downgraded to
      about 3/10.

      Thank you for your comment I appreciate it.

  7. Wow Stella, what an amazing introduction! I’m a youngster and I think there is so much that we can take from those who have experienced life! Fabulous idea for a blog.

    1. That is a very inspiring and motivating comment Andrea thank you!
      Yes a lot has changed over the decades and I always wonder what the youngsters of today will have to say to the next generation when they are the old timers? I am sure you all will say …. the good old days …
      Through the centuries basic values stay the same, one just have to remember to apply it.
      Thank you for dropping by, I really appreciate it!

  8. Wow, Stella, you have inspired me to write letters to my future grandkids. Leaving history lessons that are not in the books are priceless life lessons and adventure.

    1. Thank you Kelyee, glad you could find some value in them.
      I am sure your grand kids will appreciate it one day.
      All the best to you!

  9. How awesome

    Stella, i am 23 about to clock 24 and from Africa by far a Smaller and what is defined as the most poorest country on earth that’s Malawi. Being younger and growing up from the other side of life. I would say the things you described here, I know but through books and personal research, anyways the code is the way life is changing. Everyone is on the 1st lane. Due to high investments in entertainment and how Americana celebrities tends to live a happier life. Everyone on this planet now is trying to chase an American dream. This has broken us apart. People are now selfish rather than selfless. The society has now a different definition of success which has helped the core ethics of life. We are now living in a planet we are not assured of. And where we are heading to. We both don’t know.

    I am greatful indeed to read this article, your understanding has stimulated new thoughts. And a whole lot new dimension over the good and the bad. Now I am having a more inquisitive attitudes, as well as a more resourceful attitude. Iam about to read more from this sight. Keep up the good work.

    1. Brian I am from Africa too, South Africa to be precise.
      I am not chasing the American dream … too realistic for that, but chasing a goal.
      We in Africa know what poverty and living on the breadline means.
      These letters speak to the inner soul and happiness one should have as a primary goal.
      Great you enjoyed the site and hope to hear from you again.

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