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Darling Thinette

After being a member for 2 years myself, I am happy to share my experience with you. Let me first tell you about my walk in the woods before WA, my dear.

How To Be Kind To Each Other

Dear Thinette

Have you lately heard someone say  “Oh thank you very much, it was so kind of you!” How to be Kind to people is not an everyday practice.

Mostly people will just look and carry on with their business. I had such an experience in town the other day, and utter those words with the greatest gratitude.

How to Choose a Nutritional Meal

Dear Thinette,

How to choose a nutritional meal, can be a challenge

Especially if you have a love for take-a-ways and all the bad sugary stuff, my dear?

How to Argue or Disagree with Dignity

Dear Thinette,


Try never to argue and shout at your partner my dear, rather discuss a problem with a calm attitude.

How to do it in style and dignity is a challenge. Never jump to conclusions or lose your temper, calm down and take a moment of clarity. Let’s have a look, what is the difference between an Argument and a Discussion?

Your Health and Relationships

Dear Thinette,

Did you know that the quality of a relationship has an influence on your health my girl? Your health and relationships are so closely connected.

It is Hormones Health and Relationships.

Easy and Quick Cookies

Dear Thinette

Quick Cookie Recipes, especially when making your own, adds a special personal flair to a cup of tea.

Everybody in a holiday mood wants to nibble. It is great to have the tins full, when there is easy and quick cookie recipes, to bake cookies or biscuits to celebrate the season.

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