Planning My Future

Dear Thinette darling

Planning My Future?

How do I do that?

Where do I begin?

The first step is TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and say I CAN and I WILL!

Now is the time to list those dreams. Create a plan, formulate your career and future to achieve the goals and be successful. With good planning, all your dreams will come true too because it is possible, you have to Believe in Yourself. Dreams and imagination become the reality of your future.

Have you ever said to yourself: One day when I am grown up, I will ………

Yes as a kid, we likewise all had a dream that kept us going.

When younger I am sure you had the wish, be an adult, be free and therefore do as you want. Well, you are now at that point my dear, what now? Do not regret later,  and cry over wasted time as so many people do.

Have you for one moment stopped to think, planning my future life is my next step, even more,  to reach that dream.

You need to prepare to make your dreams a reality, or will it just stay dreams like most people’s?

I dare you to dream big!

When outlining your future life, it is best, to stay true to yourself. Develop your own magic formula for success and then do it.

Guidance with Granny Planning My Future

All dreams are possible!

Think of it this way, who thought a microwave could cook food, but after all, it worked.

Stumbling across the possibility, someone had a vision and a dream, so the microwave oven became a reality.

Someone else had a dream to land on the moon, he believed in it, started planning step by step and most certainly it came true.

Don’t let people with small dreams around you detour you from your mission.

Planning My Future with Guidance with Granny


Nothing is impossible my dear. To make it happen you need to decide on a formula with short term and long term visions, ultimately, working for you.

Let’s begin with the short term goals.

How far will you have progressed in five years time? Here are a few examples.

 Planning My Future Life Two people shaking hands and professionals

• Do you want to become a professional and ultimately focus on a career? Becoming an authority and get recognition in your field, in other words, you need to study degree after degree.

Research and read as much as you can. Where on the ladder of your success do you see yourself in five years? For instance, management in a company or having your own practice?

• Decided to become a housewife to the best man in the world and be the best stay at home mum. Finding information can be very confusing, above all, you will soon realise how much hard work it will take. How will you go about it? 

• Do you want to become an entrepreneur running your own business? Brick and mortar one or online business. In addition what will your focus be to get your business out the blocks?


Finding a legal trustworthy option with good training could be a hard task. Making marketing a priority, set weekly and monthly goals, stick to it and get financially sound? I do have an option for you!

• How long are you going to sit idle, living in a dream world, letting the good life pass you by? Looking at all your successful friends in envy.

Stop procrastinating now!

Become a life long member of the ‘The 5 Second Rule’, a worldwide life-changing movement by Mel Robbins for free and get things done.

Save the link, scroll down and start at Day 1 for 35 days. This is a life-changing challenge!

Guidance with Granny Planning My Future


Planning My Future Life A pen writing on a papers planning and plotting the future

• Find a quiet spot, most importantly, where you will not be distributed.

• Stop thinking about the past and how life has been.

• Review what was important and find your predetermination.

• Think about your reality and what you need, most noteworthy, there might be a hidden driven force motivating you. Start your new project with enthusiasm.

• Trust your instinct and write the options down, above all, make a list if there are more than one.

• Find your strengths and build on it in your planning,  meanwhile,, learn new skills.

• Winners do not make excuses, because, that is not an option.

• Become a warrior and take nothing lying down, most importantly, you are unstoppable and the victor.

Take a pen and paper, yes a pen and paper and start the outline of your planning in a journal. Important, to clarify your future and make your dreams come true. Pen and paper make it more real and personal.


Nothing is impossible my dear, in contrast, only personal image and laziness get in the way.

Planning My Future


At the end of each year before the holiday season, for example, take a few days to do your planning for the next year and set some goals.

Planning My Future Life Girl sitting in a quiet place and writing her goals

Know what you want to achieve during the next year. Be realistic, do not put too much pressure on business or personal achievements.

Set some guidelines for the year, for instance, divide it into twelve steps one for each month.

Take the task of each month and divide into four weeks.

Divide the weeks into the five workdays of every week.

Work out a detailed example schedule, above all, making it all very clear.

Thorough planning and keeping records of every move you make is important. Without the necessary preparation, your dream might, probably, never come true in time.

How to go about it

When you plan your ambitions go for the ultimate dream. The importance of goal setting is to aim high. Decisions have to be made above your ability, and certainly, believe in reaching them.

Write your yearly intentions and plans down, subsequently keep it at your bedside table. Read it every night and every morning out loud to yourself.

This is what you want and you going to get it no matter what, most importantly,  Believe, it is going to happen and live as if it already has, even if you don’t know how!

Start with small steps and climb every mountain, with determination, to reach the great epitome of your vision. Don’t start running on the water, and after a while, sinking halfway with exhaustion.


Write it on your bathroom mirror, more importantly, on sticky notes all over your room.

Read it out loud every time you walk past, as a reminder of your final goal, most importantly, to keep you motivated and focused.

Planning My Future


There will always be failures my dear, noteworthy, it means growth. The way you handle it holds the key.

Failure is one of the tools for success, as a result, it helps you grow mentally.

You gain so much knowledge and experience with every failure, in the process, prepares you better. As a result, how successful you will become in the future.

Let it become a motivating factor.  It shapes you and teaches you. What to do next time, best of all, what to avoid. In turn, will help you make better choices.

Never see failure as the End, on the other hand, it is only the beginning of great things to come.

Get up, dust yourself,  in contrast, use the knowledge gained as an advantage. Make this stumbling block a stepping stone to your success.

 Planning My Future Life, blocks in a row, see this stumbling blocks as stepping stones

Easy come easy go, furthermore, that counts for money too my dear.

First of all, my greatest wish for you is to be happy successful and financially independent.



Next page in your journal

Start your challenge with Mel Robbins it is just 35 days.

•  Decide how you are going to earn your money, in addition, be specific and decide how much money you want to save every month.

•  How can you better your skills?

Here is a sure way to learn a new skill with 4 free lessons from Dan Lok.

Failures and how will I handle it?


Planning My Future

You have to say to yourself “There are no limits when planning my future life, therefore, I am going to dream big and go big!”.

My dear Thinette the only thing holding you back, is inevitable, your thoughts and behaviour.

All is possible, in conclusion, it is just determination and persistence that makes the difference.

Stop procrastinating!

Remember the 5-second rule!

Get up and create the life you desire.

All my love

Gran Stella.

Managing Your Money


17 Comments on “Planning My Future”

  1. You are such an inspiration! Your granddaughter can be proud that she has such an amazing mentor in you! Keep up them good vibes and sooner than later not only your granddaughter but you too will have great success!

    Lots of love


    1. Hi Kofi

      Thank you for the kind words it is such a motivation!
      Young people are hard to get to when one sees all the mistakes … so I hope this will reach them not just her one or other time.
      It will be there, it is just for the reading.

      Thank you for your comment I appreciate it.

  2. Hi Stella. I hope your granddaughter appreciates the love that you have for her. It is evident from your letters that she is very dear to you.
    I can remember when I was younger and I thought I knew it all. All those years ago I did not listen to someone who offered me good advice regarding investing in real estate. I REALLY wished I had listened! However, we cannot hear until we are ready to learn something new. She will come around some day and realize what a treasure trove of life-affirming information you have to share. I hope, as no doubt you do, that the day she is ready s sooner rather than later.
    Best wishes to you and Thinette.

    1. Hi Andrew

      Thank you! Yes she is very dear to me and we have a very open and close relationship. Can be stubborn and is her own person but love her.
      If we sit down and think back there are so many things that we will want to change if we had known then.
      Well it was not meant to be but we have the experience now.
      Very wise words, no one will listen until they are ready!
      I value your comments thank you.

  3. Hi Stella,

    This is another great letter to your granddaughter.

    It is really right that there is no such thing as impossible dream. All we need to do is just prepare for it by setting our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goal. We have to make sure that we always revisit our goals to check if we are right on track or if what we are doing is not in line with our goals and dreams.

    Thank you for writing this letter; it serves to me as a reminder for me to keep going and to be on track. This article reminded me of what I need to do for me to reach my goals.


    1. Hi Joyce

      Thank you for your comment and glad you could benefit from it! It makes writing these letters worthwhile.

      It is very motivating to put your goals in writing and read often to keep on track.

      Good luck and hope you will reach your goals sooner than you think.

  4. What a great letter to a granddaughter. Wisdom that we all need to hear whether we are 8 or 80.

    I reflect back to a letter written to my by my grandfather the day I was born in 1939. Even today lets me know that I was and still am special, just like Thinette is to you now.

    It is wonderful that you have taken the time to put this in writting in a series of letters that she will be able to cherish forever and maybe even share with her children and grandchildren. She will reflect back on just how much you care about her achieving her goals along with the times of coming up short.

    The love expressed is so impressive and real that a reader cannot help but feel it and live in the moment with you. You write with true feeling.

    1. It is wonderful to cherish something so valuable as the letter you have of your granddad. He expressed his gratitude and love for you by making it such a memorable letter written on your birth day.
      Hope these letters will help one day when she needs them.
      Thank you Barry your comment counts.

  5. This is a great article Stella and I commend you on sharing your wisdom and helping others.

    I have a couple of points to add. I think you can learn a lot by reflecting on your past instead of dwelling on your past. Thinking about how you could have made a better decision or handled a situation differently can be very powerful if you use it to make better decisions today and in the future.

    I believe there is no such thing as a failure as long as you learn something from your mistake. Failing forward is how we all can learn and become more capable.

    1. Hi Braden
      Thank you for your comment and points made. I appreciate it.
      As I have said I see failure as a tool to success, turn this stumbling block into a stepping stone on your road to success.
      Sometimes the young do not have the experience yet to do an in depth study of their past …. I believe that comes a bit later when they have experienced more to compare, but it is always good to relfect back when you are older to make better choices for sure.
      I value your comment.

  6. Great article! Even at my age your wise advise is sound. Back in the day (‘40s & ‘50s) who would have thought we’d be watching things happening on the other side of the world in our living room or even on the bus traveling to work. Not to mention all the other advances that have occurred.

    You advice to your granddaughter not only applies to her. It is meaningful to all ages, even 80. You have such a wonderful way with words, can visiaulize her reading this five years down the road.

    Thanks for sharing your precious letters.

    1. Thank you Barry for being a real motivator!
      The world has changed so much in a way we never though it would, really making it good in some aspects.
      Hahaha, yes I hope she will, at the moment she is still running wild, I am hoping one sunny day the penny will drop.
      Will have to do the book to keep it safe or her.
      Thanks for an inspiring comment.

  7. Stella,
    This is a great letter to let my son read. He is at the time in his life that he will have to start making decisions that will lead him to his future. He does not want to listen to me, I am a parent you know. Maybe reading this from a person he does not know will spark something in him.
    He does dabble a little online, he thinks this is an easy way to make a buck without much work. I think it is just like a full time job if you want to make a full time living.
    I think making a plan is always the first step to success in anything. Having a journal for your thoughts and plans is a great way to start.

    1. Thank you John!
      Yes what a parent say means nothing … they know it all.. hahaha
      These letters is equally good for men and women. I only have one grandchild therefore the letters to her, for the same reason.
      Hopefully she will come to her sences read and take note.
      This is all we can do, the rest is up to them.

  8. What a great article! When I was young, I never knew what it would be like when I was of age to take on responsibilities. I didn’t want to think about it but on the other hand… I wish I did. This is a great post with great information for people of all ages. Even if you have not started yet… you can start now!

    1. Joseph, very few people think about retirement at that age … lol
      Now we know it was of the essence to do some prep work in advance.
      Life works in more or less 30 to 40 year cycles. If you catch the cycle at bad timing like now, you will have good times in 30 to 40 years.
      Then the next 30 odd years it will be bad times again.
      At my age we caught the good cycle in our prime of 35 to 45 years of age.
      Now 30 years later we have hard times again in our old age …
      You can work your cycle out according your age… hahaha
      Good luck with your planning!

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