A good relationship lies at the core of every human being’s happiness. It is the most important emotion in any persons’ life.

A happy relationship is the ultimate motivational factor for human reaction. To define a happy relationship is a feeling of satisfaction, pleasure, positive emotions, a meaningful life filled with contentment. Not by the possession of goods, that only brings temporary happiness, but by a feeling of how someone has made you feel. What more can one say!

There are many relationships you will have in your lifetime.

  • It starts with your family relationship with your parents.

  • Your siblings,

  • Grandparents and

  • Extended family.

  • At school you have relationships with friends and teachers.

  • In this process you learn how to accept and how handle authority, that comes in handy in the work environment.

  • Your love relationship with a partner is the most important relationship you will ever have. It can be very complex but there are ways to find endless happiness.

  • Relationships at the workplaces climbing the ladder of success.

  • Friendships with your friends as an adult.

  • Relationships with your adult children. and grandchildren.

Your outlook and attitude in life will have much to do with the outcome of happiness in relationships you have during your life.

Make it your goal to secure happy relationships, it will put a constant smile on your face

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Gran Stella

6 Comments on “Relationships”

  1. Well said.

    Having a healthy relationship should never be underestimated because trust me when I tell you that it can actually make life worth living. It can create paths that one never imagined.

    Living a life of loneliness is a lifestyle we all should try to avoid because it can lead to various dangerous things. This does not mean we should just go out and be making friends with just about anyone we see. We still need to be wary of the type of friendship we make because being lonely is better than being in a relationship that is not healthy.

  2. Yes I agree, a healthy relationship is worth living for Jay, it changes everything!
    The best way is to find yourself first, and don’t hide who you are.
    Be yourself, be open and honest all the time and the right person will fall in love with you for the right reasons. Never hang around fake people.
    Make as many friends as you can, then the chances to find The One is much better.
    By the way there are more than One made for you, all depends who you meet first.
    Congratulations on your happiness!

    p/s I hope you browsed around in the drop down menu of Relationship, that is what I meant.

  3. Stella… Your letters to your granddaughter are precious. I hope every grandmother or grandfather finds this website… This post about relationships is  very true. They are the center of everything in our universe form the day we are born. When  we are older, building relationships outside of our family and inner circle becomes what we call networking, which is building relationships with the people we meet that can help us, teach us in our journey through life. In turn we become teachers and mentors to others in their journeys, too!

  4. You have excellent advice- I definitely agree that having healthy relationships are so key to being happy.  I am navigating my relationship with my teenage daughter right now which has been very tricky. When we disagree- it makes us both unhappy and then sends us on this downward spiral.  Unfortunately, I have lost many of my adult friendships due to not staying in touch.  I only have so much time and right now it’s going towards my kids.  

    1. It is a tricky situation with young adults, They think they know best, but when it does not give results, the whole world is against them.

      If they can just realize there is a lifetime ahead, rather take you time and learn the behaviour of the opposite sex for better understanding and create a relationship based on respect and interests than the physical. 

      Be natural and true to yourself and a person will fall in love with you for the right reasons.

      You might just leave a note with the website address on her desk with a few topics she can read and get informed.

      Try and find the time to reconnect with old friends, it is worthwhile.

      Thank you for your comment, you are welcome to pm me anytime you feel the need.


  5. So true Hal. We never get any guidelines or schooling how to have successful relationships!
    Building relationships is the correct way of seeing it.
    It is a slow and delicate process, finding the person with the same respect and values, in the end you dance to a perfect tune.
    Experience is the great master to help you find the skills you appreciate.
    Thank you for a great comment, it is very motivating!

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