A good relationship lies at the core of every human being’s happiness. It is the most important emotion in any persons’ life.

A happy relationship is the ultimate motivational factor for human reaction. To define a happy relationship is a feeling of satisfaction, pleasure, positive emotions, a meaningful life filled with contentment. Not by the possession of goods, that only brings temporary happiness, but by a feeling of how someone has made you feel. What more can one say!

There are many relationships you will have in your lifetime.

  • It starts with your family relationship with your parents.

  • Your siblings,

  • Grandparents and

  • Extended family.

  • At school you have relationships with friends and teachers.

  • In this process you learn how to accept and how handle authority, that comes in handy in the work environment.

  • Your love relationship with a partner is the most important relationship you will ever have. It can be very complex but there are ways to find endless happiness.

  • Relationships at the workplaces climbing the ladder of success.

  • Friendships with your friends as an adult.

  • Relationships with your adult children. and grandchildren.

Your outlook and attitude in life will have much to do with the outcome of happiness in relationships you have during your life.

Make it your goal to secure happy relationships, it will put a constant smile on your face


Gran Stella

As Time Goes By an Introduction

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