Letter 11. Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure

Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure.

My dear Grandson,

Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure. Understand the mystique of  a woman’s mind a little better? How they think and why? Do you want a willing partner that shares your passion for life the same? The short version is, treat her like your queen and she will be your devoted lover for as long as you want. Read on to know the full recipe.

If you are an adventurer which I know you are, you will know, understanding and loving a woman is never easy. At the same time romancing a woman with the right sincere attitude can be one of the biggest adventures in life. Romancing  woman roller coaster adventure can become the most exciting event to embark on.

 Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure an amusement park roller coaster ride.

Love and romance are static, only you can blow life into it, and soon it will be a blazing glowing furnace of satisfying feelings for you and for her. How to romance a woman becomes logic the moment you understand the way most women’s minds are designed. Navigate to make her happy becomes easy when you know how. Not all are the same but treating her with respect will get you a long long way.

What Does a Women Want

•  A woman wants to feel cherished, secure and special.

•  Give her the acknowledgment for who and what she is as well as her achievements.

•   Never alienate your woman by speaking negative of her and her behaviour or the generalized perceptions or is it miss-perception of women. Most of the time women and their behaviour become the joke of town. As a matter of fact, it is only spoken by a man who does not know his woman, making him the laughing stock. Women generally just keep quiet.

•  Women do love differently than men, accept it and play the game …  she also has to accept men love differently.

•  A woman does love surprises, even an unexpected kiss or hug. There are so many ways and will cost you nothing, she is actually very easy to please.

 Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure Man surprising a woman with a kiss in her neck.

•  Shower her with love and affection. Tell her every day how much you love her and how special she is to you. Show her how much she means to you.

•  Remembering special dates and occasions makes her very happy and she will feel you care. By remembering, you have given her a space in your life and it will make her feel she is important to you. Find a way to remember it! She is the most important person in your life, and it will make her so happy! Will you forget a meeting or an appointment at work, with a person or manager who are strangers and outsiders in your life? Yet again who she is will be made the laughing stock, but it was actually the man at fault.

 Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure Remember her birthday Happy Birthday Card

• Be present and be a part of the activities at home. It makes the team you are so much stronger and this is the time to flirt and seduce.

In other words my son, acknowledges her, loves her and cherishes her. Never makes her feel inferior, unimportant or left out in your presence ever. You both have to attend to each others needs.

Behaviour of men

I would like to give you an insight into old fashion men’s behaviour. It boils down to general good manners which will make you an outstanding distinguished man in a world where being sloppy is the trend. You will gain immediate respect being so different to the don’t care ways of today. Try it, don’t waste time. It will change your world.

Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure

Old World Behaviour

Did you know there was a time

•  A man would open the door for a lady.

•   Pull out her chair for her, and open the car door for her

•   Let her enter a door before you, any women not just yours.

•  When you walk down the street, the lady will walk on the inside, away from the traffic.

 Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure. Gentleman walking on the outside protecting his lady.

•  Never start eating until she has started.

•   Wait until everybody has finished eating and all have their dessert before you eat.

•   Dress with respect for yourself, for her and the occasion. Not just the same old denim jeans all the time.

•  The table at a hotel will have different sets of cutlery for every course you eat and you will have to know how to use them. That is still the case when you dine out smart. Don’t just grab any piece of cutlery and start eating.

 Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure Know table etiquette. Classic table setting with silver cutlery.

•   Standing up when a woman enters a room or come to the table you sit at in a restaurant.

•   Your leather shoes will always shine and other soft shoes be clean and fresh. Your hands and nails will receive special care, and always carry a clean handkerchief.

 Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure Clean shoes, Shoe polish cleaning and brush set

•  Never let the sun set on a disagreement, set it straight, discussing it before going to bed and seal it with a kiss and a hug.

•  Giving her flowers and chocolates once and again is always a winner.

 Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure Gives her chocolates and roses for a lady.

•   Ask each others opinion about everything.

•  Give her compliments.

•  Treat the relationship 50/50 in everything.

You won’t believe it but this behaviour will still steal a woman’s heart and make you special to be a real gentleman, but some men got lazy. I would not know how to describe the modern way of behaviour, maybe you can help me on that one my dear.

Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure

The Way to a Woman’s Heart and Making her Happy

This my love is when you have found your real true love, you are in a committed relationship, and want to know the secrets to understand a woman.

 Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure a committed man caring a woman lovingly to a house

•  Romancing a woman starts in the morning if you want results in the evening. Another difference between a man and a woman. Take it slows and suggestive, giving compliments where it matters and leave it at that. On your way out touch the part that matters when you say goodbye. Try it!

 Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure, romancing starts in the morning. Man and woman kissing goodbye

•  When you walk into the house after a long hard day, leave the macho business man outside. Become the tender loving man you are and show her the tender loving feelings you have for her.

• During the day send her a message, telling her how much you miss her and would love run your fingers through her hair and hold and cuddle her. Set her mind going.

•  In the afternoon send her another message, taking it a bit further, how much you want to feel her naked warm body against yours.

•  When arriving at home find her where she is busy in the kitchen, hug her from behind, kissing her neck and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. She might surprise you, wearing just an apron and a string of pearls if your behaviour makes her feel special

Turn her around and lift her up against your chest, look her in the eye telling her how special she is and how much you love her. Kissing her and let her slowly slide down your body for her to feel your arousal. Invite her to a shower with you before dinner and make sure to switch off the stove.

Soaking and washing each others bodies is a good start but that is where it ends too, leave the shower session for another day. Dinner is waiting and desert will be taken in bed or where ever.

You have to take it slows with your woman my dear, the pleasure of it all is the whole process of courting. Tease her and make her want you. You have to find your love dance to entice her letting the exotic animal come alive in her.

It shouldn’t be a quick and easy process, prolong the pleasure. Be never boring have initiative and make it different and exciting every time.

Much later in bed when she lies in your arms you can talk about the days happenings and discuss the next day.

Never use the word Sex when it comes to your loved one. You Make Love to your partner. What you have is much more special than the plain everyday sex they talk about.

Never lie to your woman. The moment you feel the need to lie there is something fundamentally wrong.

Search your inner self and find what caused it, discussed it immediately and find a solution. If you leave it to grow inside you, it will become a monster which will tare you apart.

Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure

The four most important elements of a good and happy relationship is


Respect for each other is the most important of all, and honesty is close second.

When one of these are missing my son, it is not a good idea to stay in the relationship. Learn to know the secrets of love and honour them.

Having all four of these important elements, the Desire for each other will be there, and nothing and nobody else will come close to what you have.

Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure

There is much talk about a soul mate but I think in the ideal happy relationship, you have all the keys to her locks and she has all the keys to your locks, there is no hidden secrets, you are both honest and sincere making each other completely happy.

Taking the time to learn the logic of a woman’s mind, will make romancing woman roller coaster adventure an easy way to have romantic fun with bliss and benefits.

Love you

Gran Stella.

22 Comments on “Letter 11. Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure”

  1. Wow Stella,
    Very touching … I have great respect for women and I always tried to better understand them
    After all, a woman is the only person who can make a man feel like a man, right?
    I found your post very inspiring, reading it helps me to deeply understand what women really wants
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

    1. The delicate dance between men and women are fascinating. If we will just take the time to learn and understand each other the world will be a much better place
      Thank you for you comment I appreciate it.

  2. This is so beautiful. We need to rescue romance and old school practices like you wrote here. You are giving great advice to your readers 🙂 and if some put in practice these tips, they will definitely be compensated lol 😀 My mum tells me stories of how her boyfriend when she was young used to serenade her and compose songs for her. How wonderful is that? I never had something like that :'( I wished!

    1. Thank you Thais your comment is heart warming!
      It is time we mothers get involved in the upbringing of a new generation with integrity. All good things has gone through the drain and we have to salvage some of it … lol
      The story of your mom is precious.

  3. Not sure if you are writing this to actual grandson or to your grandaughter’s husband. Either way what a magnificent collection of manners for both the young men just starting to experience the joy of female companionship or the old married man who has over time become relaxed and forgets to treat his woman with great respect.

    You letter open my eyes to a few ways I need to change to be more appreciative of my wonderful wife and best friend.

    1. Hi Barry,
      Hahaha you will never know! I love the old school ways, it was meant to make a woman feel very special.
      I ruffled some feathers … I thought I would not be able to. Only joking.
      I believe Respect is the big one, all the rest come afterwards.
      Thank you for a great comment.

  4. hope the fellas are reading this, great advice and tips, thank you so much Stella for yet another great article. I always enjoy reading your articles, so full of wisdom.

    1. Hi Rose
      Thank you for inspiring words, and I hope so too.
      It is the time now to give The One in your live special treatment, demonstrating you devotion.

  5. Hi Stella,

    Another great post!

    Understanding and loving women is never easy. However, with respect, appreciation, trust and adoration everything will follow. I totally agree with you that these elements are the key in a good, happy and lasting relationship.

    I totally agree that the old ways are better than the ways of courting nowadays. I personally love the flowers, chocolates and sweet words of appreciation often said and whispered.

    Thank you for sharing this article.

    1. Hi Joyce
      Yes us women can be a challenge sometimes, but if a man takes the time to know the design of his woman’s mind it is very easy to keep her happy and to please her. Love her the way she wants to be loved and she will do the same.
      Good old school manners will go a long way, in essence it is how a woman wants to be treated. It makes her feel special and appreciated, though in society today it is the laughing stock if a man does it.
      Thank you for your comment I appreciate it!

  6. I’m a bit confused?… Your website says letters to your granddaughter, however, here you are writing to your grandson.  I guess, it is granddaughter and grandson?
    What I like the most about your rendition of how a man should treat a woman, was the traditional way a man should behave, in my estimation, it should be the accepted standard with no deviations as it requires effort on the part of a man to be disciplined and respectful at all times.
    I so enjoyed the fact that I had the privilege to experience these factors in my younger day.
    You are so right about how it makes a woman feel – there is no mistake in that at all, just the plain truth of what really works!

    1. It might be confusing but forgive me to write a letter to all my grandsons around the world.
      I had to let the men know what a woman is like and how we think, what better way than writing a letter to a grandson who has no granny.
      I can assure you, you will impress all women with that basic behaviour, she will adore you, and you will be the envy of all your friends.
      All your connections with women will be a smooth ride.
      Thank you for a valuable comment.

  7. Hello Stella!
    First of all, thank you so much for this amazing post about Romance and Love.
    I totally agree that nowadays, all men should act properly with women around them, and the best way to actually maintain their love and relationship is affection, care and always being a gentleman!
    I believe that living a life with a lovely partner, sharing endless love and attention, is one of the best experiences in life that no one wants to end! 
    And I think that love isn’t something easy as you mentioned, in fact, both genders must understand each other, and each other’s thinking.
    Do you think that there’s always a partner that loves more than the other? Or could it be the same for both?
    Amazing Post
    Keep it up!

    1. Respect is the magic word Georgio!
      Honesty in all your actions will capture her heart, make sure this is what you want and then jump in for a wonderful adventures ride.

      Having a happy relationship is a never ending labour of love. Keep connected with interests and values and you are halfway there.

      It should not be, both should feel the same way about each other, if not then it might not be The One.
      Look hard at all the signs and body language, soon you will realise which side of the line the dice will fall. Make a hard choice and decide if you would rather move on or are prepared to live with this equality.
      Thank you very much for your supportive comment, truly appreciated!
      p/s You are welcome to contact anytime.

  8. Hey Stella; Wow!!! You have unearthed and stripped naked the real romance that a woman needs in no simple term. Reflecting on men of old days, I want to define those days as Diamond and Gold. Women of old time were blessed with real romance.

    Stella; is there hope in you that the grand-sons of today will read, cherish, practice, and publish this golden citation on ” romancing women roller-coaster adventure?

     I hope that they will; I could feel the ambiance of love bubbling all over within me while I read through the romantic lines of realities that you have taken the time to share. 

    Thank you, Stella.


    1. My hope is for everybody to stop chasing after the fake gold. diamonds and images, to connect with the real, original Diamonds and Gold and find real honest happiness, as you say.
      Stop worrying what other people will say, do what is best for you, the others don’t care about you anyway.

      People with respect, honesty and integrity are the happiest in their heart, because they have the freedom of the world.

      Dorcas thank you for a very motivating comment, I appreciate it.

  9. Wow. Your content is valuable and sore needed in today’s society. You have wonderful insights as to how to make a woman feel loved. Your grandson is a very lucky man, for sure, and any woman with a man who treats her like this is a very lucky woman. I wish your blog much success. Thanks for sharing. ~ Elaine

    1. Hi Elaine, we all have become what we are exposed to, the cold at heart and faceless characters, acting like the robots in the videos games and TV programs, because it is cool … lol
      I wrote this letter for all the grandsons out there, big and small, old and young, in the name of all women crying out.
      Thank you for your kind words and best wishes, I appreciate it very much.

  10. Hey there. Thank you for this inspiring article. The times have really changed. I am a Millenial, and after reading your article I can only say that our generation lost the charm that a special relationship between a man and a woman had. 

    I was unaware that couples were so gentle and cared about each other. Writting letters to your loved ones, something that seems so outdated today.

    Thank you also for providing quality tips about relationships and about what women really want.


    1. When there is real love, age and time does not count, that special feeling you have with the person you have chosen is and stays bliss.
      The problem might be that the younger generations do not know what real love is. Could the disconnected society that one is everyday exposed to be the problem, what do you think?
      Understanding the importance of how to choose a partner is not well known.
      Do not marry or commit too early, gain knowledge of different people and their characters before you do, to make a better choice?
      Respect and honesty is the key to a healthy and happy relationship.
      Thank you for a great comment, and would like to know what you think.

  11. fantastic! What an inspiring tips for a good relationship.  If most of the points you levelled out are being used, the divorce rate would have been reduced. Most men find it easy to practice most of these tips during courtship, the moment they tie knot with their lover, the become something else. This review will be very useful for many home that are about to start their blissful matrimony and those that are at the edge of crashing . Thanks for this inspiring review.

    1. Misunderstandings lay at the core of many problems. If couples will just find the time to connect and be honest with each other it will help a lot.

      Men think and see relationships different than women and it is important to know the difference and why, and another thing is to know the love language of your partner. There are excellent books on the subject if you want to study it.
      Not all love the same way, when you find his way, you will see all the romantic little things in it and then love him back the same way.

      Thank you for a very motivating comment Estelle, I appreciate it!

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