Stella’s Bucket List

Everybody has a bucket list whether it is places to go or things you wish you have. Most of the time a bucket list is wishful thinking and about something you can’t afford, but I have decided to make my bucket list about things and places I will be able to afford, but have not had the time or money to do so yet.

Living in the bush makes going into town an exciting adventure. It is so good to just browsing and see what’s new. As a kid I use to have a book full of pictures of things I want to get one day, most of it I have achieved but there are still a few good ones outstanding and listed here.

That is what this bucket list is all about. I am letting you in on my secret list of things I still want to achieve.

On this page you will see my bucket list … and some might ring true to you too.

~ Ray Bay Sunglasses

~ Victorinox Kitchen Knives

Start saving and make it happen!