Ways to Get Your Ex Back




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Let us spend some time and find what has happened and what are the reasons.  Let’s get to the bottom of it. Ask yourself these questions and find those reasons why it happened, before you decide, my dear.

Ways to Get Your Ex Back

Why Did It Happen?

Why did you break up? It is not about the resent argument but the underlying differences coming a long way.

Were you a priority in his life?

Did you have the same values and vision?

What gave you a feeling of happiness, in the beginning, thinking about him and this relationship? Is it still there?

Analyse and find what has happened to make you unhappy and caused the split. Look at the behaviour on both sides and list what created this rift from your point of view. Realise it happened over time, and you missed the signals.

What could have gone wrong

You have to know, a man loses interest when the relationship stagnates. It does not have the challenges he wants to pursue, or it has become the dumping ground of all your problems and negativity, blaming him all the time.

Where you just two different people with nothing in common except the sex? You don’t think the same or do the same, always an argument.

Is it fundamental differences? Know you can never change any person’s behaviour if they are not prepared to do it themselves. If it is not negotiable it is not worth the try, my dear. Define your emotions and get clarity. 

Have you become too predictable and boring in his eyes?

All this could end in frustration, arguments and name-calling. If it is fundamental differences, my dear it is not worth pursuing this relationship. It is doomed to fail.

A man wants to be around a happy and fun-loving person, if not he will go and find it somewhere else. He will just slowly disappear from your radar. 

 Do you really want him back and what are your reasons?  Analyse and find what has happened to make you unhappy and what caused the split up. Examine the behaviour on both sides. List what created this quarrelling and rift from your point of view. Could it be habits that are not negotiable?

Guidance with Granny Ways to Get Your Ex Back Couple quarrelling  

Ask yourself this question:  Why do I want him back in my life if there was unhappiness? What does he mean to me and my future? Are we compatible?

If the answer is an overwhelming YES, my darling. there is a solution, hang on and listen carefully.

‘Get your ex back’ is your mantra now if that is what you want.

So here we go …

Get new inspiration and focus on yourself. You are on a mission now to become the better You! The New You, he will fall in love with again.

Time to Value Yourself

First of all, the focus is now on you my dear. Forget about him for the moment. It will be very hard because all you want, is to be with him again. It is not going to happen soon and not the way to do it, my dear, trust me on this one.

Get your ex back girl by a stream in the mountains being happy and free

Feel free! Now is the time for a big shift and change in your life. Become this fun-loving, happy, confident, lady free in yourself. 

Number one … Stop all contact with him at once. Stop texting and stalking him. Don’t have the slightest intention or wish to message him, because he detests it.

In his mind, he is done with the relationship and doesn’t want to see or hear from you.

When you keep on pursuing, men will say anything to keep you quiet and happy. It will not be the truth or how they really feel. They will not do what they say, just fade away and never contact you again. Did you hear what I just said, my dear? Read it again!

He will call and says he still loves you and want to see you again. Do not fall for it, it is his way to validate that you still desired him and he is not a failure. Break up totally and keep it that way.

Forget about having an agenda or plans to get him back, that will happen by itself if it is meant to be. Find new friends with the same interests as you and avoid mixing in the same crowd as he.

Guidance with Granny Ways to Get Your Ex Back A row of friends holding hands

Don’t worry there will always be someone who will keep him informed of all you are doing, and the more active you are in a group of new friends the better, my dear. Forget about him for now.

Focus on becoming a better version of you for YOURSELF. Believe and grow into this goddess you always wanted to be.

Hint: stay out of his site, avoid all visual contact, at events and parties. Stay with your new friends. He will see the new person developing from a distance. 

Getting Your Ex Back

Society puts so much pressure, it is time you break that bondage and become who you really are.

Tips and Plan of Action

  • BECOME CONFIDENT. Believe in yourself and your dreams, make it your goals and say to yourself ‘ I can and will do it!’.

  • Dream big and let no one convince you otherwise. Walk tall!

  • KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. What do you really want to achieve in life? Do you want to travel or have a career, have a family or stay single? Forget about your Ex and outside influences, you have to find what makes YOU happy!

  • TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Now is the time to change to who YOU want to be, without any interference The image of the little doll everybody else wants you to be, has to go out the door. Take a hard look in the mirror, and love the person you see, fat, wrinkles, freckles, cellulite and all.

Guidance with Granny Get your ex back by taking care of yourself girl jogging .

  • See if there are some improvements you want to make. How long have you had the same hairstyle, the same way you do your makeup? Would you like to have a firm body? Get going and make the improvements, focus, exercise and achieve the goal you have set. Keep the glasses, dull hairstyle and big clothes to keep the old image for a while, hiding your new image until you are ready. When the time is there, you will change to an unrecognizable new you, like a butterfly from a cocoon!

You are now the most important person in your life

  • KEEP LEARNING. Improve yourself. You might have an interest you always wanted to pursue, gain a new skill and become good at it. Get out your comfort zone and grow. Now is the time for those guitar lessons you always wanted to master or become an online businesswoman.

  • To become more motivated find a mentor and follow his advice. In business, I would think of Dan Lok, mindfulness to develop consciousness Dan Dapani is a good example, there are so many good mentors, as a result, will enhance your life.

  • STAY INDEPENDENT.  Society has conditioned a woman to be dependent and to serve. Strive to have a life filled with happiness and joy of your own. A partner will come into your life as a bonus, even more, you will both add and share happiness. Two individuals having separate lives joined together becomes a perfect circle. Think of it as double pleasure, instead of one boring struggle.

  • SEEK HELP. When heartache, sadness and loneliness are crushing you inside, rather reach out to someone you trust with your feelings. Have a good cry and talk to find new strength. The trust you show in them will strengthen the bond too and will mean so much to them being able to assist someone in need.

  • HAVE YOUR OWN OPINION. Never feel afraid to speak up and say what is on your heart. Your opinion matters. Be more assertive, and learn to say no. Demand behaviour that makes you happy. There are ways to say it, be mature and diplomatic, most of all, never hurt someone’s feelings.

Learn from Your Mistakes.

If you don’t have mistakes you are not growing as a person, therefore learn from it and take responsibility, be accountable for your own mistakes. Was it the wrong decision? Apologize, and make sure never to repeat the same mistake again.

get your ex back  compare your change to the life cycle of a butterfly.

This was your mission to change into this beautiful butterfly, enjoying sparkling happiness in the sunshine. You have changed for a better stronger You.

Now you are ready my dear, the time is here to get your Ex Back with Guidance with Granny

You have reached your goal to be who you always wanted to be. Be independent, have the best skills to prosper and be happy for the person you have become.  It is a feeling of freedom my darling. Nothing can hold you back.

You have become this new goddess, with a new hairstyle, new natural makeup, new well fitted timeless clothes and a new body. This is the new person you are comfortable with.

Make all these physical changes just before a party you know your ex will attend too. You are ready for this new life you have created.

Keep the element of surprise, arrange with a friend who understands the situation to accompany you. Make a grand entrance on the arm of a new man and stay out of your Ex’s way, ignoring him, laughing and enjoying the party as if he is not there.

This new sparkling you will be an eye-catcher my dear and you might have a few more new followers too.

Enjoy all the attention and make better choices, be yourself.

The right one will find the new you very enchanting. and fall in love with you for the right reasons, the real independent you, not a puppet or a doormat.

The new You might not even want to get your Ex back my love.

Love you dearly

Gran Stella

Granny Stella



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