Who Are You? 5 Ways to find out.

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Darling Thinette

“Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing.”- Abraham Lincoln The shadow can also be your reputation following wherever you go.

Your character reflects who you are and your character is defined by habits and routines.

Who Are You, and how do experience life? Does it make you happy? What are their influences? How does that affect your personality and your relationship with yourself? Woooo Gran so many questions! Yes, my dear, we will have to answer quite a few questions.

How would I want to experience life?

What changes will I have to make to live the life I desire. Write your own little story with Thinette as the main character, and how she evidently will live one day.

Today in Guidance with Granny it is all about finding who you really are, my dear, unravelling the real person hiding deep inside. Find the true self, who you want to be, and in the process, get rid of unwanted shadows.

What makes me who I am, what defines me, and most of all, what are my habits that dictate the values I live by? How does it make me feel about myself?

How do I See Myself?

Answer these questions my darling

  •  What are your values, truths and beliefs in life and what is important to you?

  • Be a spectator into your life, see yourself from a distance. Do you love and respect yourself?

  • Evaluate your lifestyle and write down all that is important in your life and formulate why it is important. Express your own opinions and feelings.

One thing to remember, you become like the five friends closest to you. You pick up their habits and mindset …  look around you with critical eyes, is that who you want to be? Thus, be careful who you spend your time with. 

It is very important to associate with successful people, especially people you respect. You will adapt their habits and mindset. 

Who you are and what your habits are will inevitably have a great influence on your mission and goals in your life. The foundation is already laid at home, school and college. Now is the time to add the finishing touches, likewise, you can reinvent who you want to be, along, with your own twist on it. 

In the practical world, there are certain rules and regulations to keep everything in good order. In short, it will have influences and impacts on the development of the new advanced You, but do not let society dictate who you want to be.

Who Are You? 5 Ways to find out.


• Define your personality type.

• Changing habits to new better ones. One way is to set a routine for your day, that is the beginning of the new you. Getting up early is number one.

Who Are You? 5 Ways to find out. Getting up early. Cock crowing

• Where does weakness come from? Is it fears or inadequacy?

• How to conquer it all. 

• Valuable Characteristics.


No, it is not your name, address, phone or family ties, these are, as a matter of fact, your official information for statistics. We are going to delve deeper than skin deep to find the real Thinette and, in the process, what makes her happy.

Get to your emotional world and, most certainly, what is it You want, no matter. There is only one chance we all have, furthermore only one life. Give it the best you can and create your happiness.

Remember, You are the most important person in your life. Protect your persona. Establish a strong relationship with yourself. In every situation, find your position first, and find a solution from that advantage point. Stay in communication with yourself, have a dialogue on a regular basis. Find new ways to become who you want to be.

Know who you are

  •  Start with “I am Thinette, and then the position you hold. You are the main most important person in all positions.

  •  I am Thinette and are currently a PA at a company, I applied for a position elsewhere and it can change any day.

  •  I am Thinette at the moment, teaching kids, at a school but I have selected to go to another school elsewhere.

  •  I am Thinette and are at the moment managing L&M Industries, but can change because I am planning to go and work on river cruises in Europe next.

  •  I am Thinette and have a relationship with Jack while we are still in love.

Do you get it, my dear? You stay the person you are, it is the base of your existence. It is just the position that changes, therefore you have to establish a very strong personality and know who Thinette is. 

Develop a strong Self that will never change. You will go on after any onslaught from outside, You will always have direction. As a mentally strong woman, who knows where she is going, you will therefore never lose your identity because you are on a mission. The core never changes only the trimmings.

Filling a position at work or at home definitely does not define or change who you are. It is just what you do at that moment, never about the title nor position. Every position in life is temporary and nothing is certain, only You are forever.

Who are You really?


Let’s determined what personality type you are: 

• Are you a positive, outgoing, bubbly, person seeing the glass as half full, for that reason, always happy and see the bright side of life. Fun to be with?

Who Are You? 5 Ways to find out. Thinette being positive outgoing and bubbly

• In contrast, never satisfied, always negative, moaning, grumpy, nagging and worst of all demanding?

• Afraid, shy, anti-social, therefore, lonely with very little confidence?

• Are you a person with integrity, sincere, loyal, dependable, honest and most of all trustworthy?

• Not always telling the truth, cheating, in addition, depending on others to make you happy and do things for you, being a miss Know-it-All, always knowing better?

• Sporty, artistic or musical, in other words, do you have a hobby?

Who Are You? 5 Ways to find out. Girl sitting outside playing her guitar as her hobby

• Are you a good listener, and at the same time, can you hold a good conversation, knowing what goes on in the world and therefore be interesting?

• Self-centred, boring, shallow-minded, and as a result, housing a small mind and a small world?

• Do you have good friends, most importantly, what are they like and what do they say about you?

Who Are You? 5 Ways to find out. Party with friends

Mark all the ones you recognize in yourself, and at the same time, mark the ones you want to change.

Decide who you want, the new Thinette to be, in short start changing old bad habits and have better self-worth.


Know what your new Habits will be in order to create your success.

Plan your next day the night before

A set routine for your day.

  • Get up early in the morning and make your bed. The first task is done.

  • Start your day with thinking session, think about your tasks for the day and write down any new ideas or suggestions. Have little sticky notes handy everywhere.

  • Read a few paragraphs or chapters of motivation.

  • Exercise for 15 min and reminiscent of what you have read.

  • Prioritize your tasks from the easiest to the hardest. Stay organised. Each task should serve a purpose. With the easier ones off your list, it motivates you to tackle to the harder ones.

  • Get up from your desk and take frequent breaks, but come back after 5 min and continue.

  • Finish what you have planned for the day, in short, push through until all is done.

It is said that you, subsequently, can change habits in twenty-one days with repetitive action.

Find the habit that will be the easiest to change, for instance, replace it with your new behaviour. 

Practice the new behaviour every time and certainly, never thinking to go back to the old bad habit.

Repeat until you feel comfortable it has become part of your new lifestyle, after that, move to the next.

These new chosen characteristics must become your lifestyle now, to a happy and confident Thinette. 

Find Who You Are


To be honest with yourself is one thing, but at the same time, it is never easy to admit. A clever way to use weaknesses is to make them motivators for the change you want. The core of most weaknesses is laziness, and in addition, too used to your comfort zone. love.

• There might be a few weaknesses, hiding in the dark corners, my dear. How about miss Procrastination, miss Lazy, miss Party Animal, miss TV Monster, or Internet games champion, etc.

 Who Are You? 5 Ways to find out. Girl lying on blanket with dog being lazy

To really become successful you, have to recognise and face all the gremlins in the way and hampering you in your success. Get rid of them one by one. Find your own way to do it, but the best way is to do it immediately, cut them by their knees, to fell off the radar as soon as possible. Teach yourself to overproduce on all your tasks, my love.

Have strict discipline rules with yourself.

Other reasons 

• There might be a more serious issue. It most probably is something an adult or a friend said years ago, and you are still dragging it with you.

See it for what it is, as a matter of fact, the other person might have been insecure and just said it to hurt or draw you down. Sometimes it can be a failure, you subsequently can’t accept.


Now is the time to get rid of them all, first of all, you won’t need the memory that haunts you.  Sit back and finally, see it in perspective.

Analyse, more so see it for what it was. Say to yourself, it is part of the past, therefore put it in a box and throw it in the dustbin.

You are a much stronger person now and has grown past the obstacle. Get rid of it, step on it and crush it, most importantly it doesn’t matter anymore.

Make the decision to turn that into a motivating factor, move on to become the new you.

Do not ever respond to challenges or situations immediately if you are not sure. Rather say I will come back to you and observe to evaluate.  See each challenge as an opportunity to grow. Each situation can be a gift, do not let it slip by. 

Forget about any weaknesses, erase it from your memory and turn it into a positive. Let it motivate and inspire you, making you a stronger person.

Start by loving yourself, even more so, all of yourself. Be your best self!

Guidance with Granny asks Who You Are


Your emotions and feelings are determined by your subconscious mind which in return is the keeper of your happiness.

Remember your behaviour and your thoughts feed your unconscious mind and that mirrors your mood and your feelings.

By having an open-heart, being honest, sincere, truthful and caring you feed your unconscious mind and spirit what it needs.  Most of all you are projecting the emotional healthiness which makes you a happy person.

Who are You?


Never become mediocre and disappear in the flock walking the streets.

Stay strong and your authentic self.

Make your own choices and own them.

The most valuable sought after characteristics you want to have are honesty, trustworthiness,  being dependable, positive and a good listener.

Follow these principles and you will be a confident person with integrity which everybody can depend on.

No money in the world can buy that my dear.

Take the time now to develop the person you want to be.  Find your personality type and furthermore, make some habit changes to become the new person you want to be.

You may ask what makes a strong character?

 They are self-driven and motivation. They have amazing self-discipline and a great work ethic.  

A person with a great personality and character is one who knows who they are and therefore, makes wise choices decisions. They have firm believes and values. He or She can not easily be influenced by others but can have a positive influence on others around them, therefore be a good leader. 

 People who know themselves make decisions for themselves automatically. Therefore never stagnate, keep pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone, time and time again.

To protect yourself you have to, first of all, know your identity and be true to it at all times. Maintain a good relationship with yourself and believe in you.

Happiness will follow you wherever you go, just get up and get started.

Your loving Gran Stella.

Gran Stella