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Dear Thinette


The Internet changed the way people do shopping today. Most products are available on the world-wide-web and makes the choices endless.

Having an online business is a way to create your own future of financial independence, my dear. It is the only permanent solution in this unstable world. The job market is so volatile and uncertain. In the workplace, the whole dynamics of the commerce industry has changed. 

What used to be a stable environment, has become so unpredictable and uncertain, for that reason, fewer and fewer opportunities. Nobody feels secure, as a matter of fact, retirement funds have been affected too. People are looking for alternative ways to supplement their income, because everyone wants a better life, or rather, just maintain the status quo.

Most people are using the Internet. It is convenient, and furthermore, offer a huge variety you can buy from anywhere in the world. Therefore, most people do their shopping online, it has become a billion-dollar industry and certainly growing still.

Discovering Wealthy Affiliate will be one of the best solutions to overcome this problem. It is a legitimate most noteworthy Affiliate Marketing program on the Internet. It has the best reputation and reviews of all Affiliate Marketing online.

The Internet offers the best opportunity one can find on the internet and has become the future of commerce. Therefore, offering a solution to many people becoming entrepreneurs … could this be an answer to a problem darling Thinette?

The Best Home Business To Start Laptop, notepad, cell phone and cup of coffee.

Finding a way to become financially independent, is a dream everyone wants, most importantly, making you a happy, confident and content person.

To be successful and becoming Financially Independent you have to have the right mindset and attitude. You can get that with the help of a Mentor

Only a long term and hard work to find a solution, my dear, hence, no overnight quick fixes.

First of all, know what you want, and above all, make a firm decision.  Start at any age, be diligent and determined to work towards your goal. With this method, you will inevitably, achieve your dreams no matter what.

This is a very good home business model to start with, above all, it is legal, legitimate with great a successful reputation.

Excellent training and support are, subsequently, their claims to fame.

Guidance with Granny The Best Home Business To Start

What is the Correct Mindset?

We are programmed to follow a leader and never taught to become our own person and be independent. Raised at home and at school to be fantastic workers, due to an 8.00 to 17.00 mindset. 

 The Best Home Business To Start Workers sitting in their cubicles at office

Now it is time to get out that box! We all have a poor person’s mindset and to be successful you have to have a Rich person’s mindset.

Dan Lok a very successful entrepreneur has this to say about attitude and mindset. I would like to share this with you before you start your new exciting journey to be a success.

Dan says:

7 Things Poor People Do That Rich People Don’t Do

1]   Poor people watch TV, to escape their situation, therefore, living in a dream world.

Rich people Read Books, to increase their knowledge to achieve.

Books with lettering NEVER STOP LEARNING

2]  Poor people get paid based on Time, and as a result, falls into a comfort zone.

Rich people get paid based on Results, making him, most certainly, more responsible. An athlete, for example, doesn’t matter how many hours he practices, it is the results that matter.

 3]  Poor people blame others for their misfortune, if it is not the politics it is the company or family.  Lame people Blame people.

Rich people take Responsibility for their failures, and at the same time responsibility brings Growth and Power.

4]  Poor people focus on Saving. A penny saved is still a penny says Dan, therefore, you don’t have a Savings problem you have an Income problem.

Rich people focus on Investing, furthermore, let money work for you. Earn more to Invest not save.

 The Best Home Business To Start an online Internet business investing your profits at Investment buildings             The Best Home Business To Start. Rich people set goals to reach their dreams and buy a Bentley Car

5]  Poor people think they Know it All. Always very Opinionated. Have an Opinion on everything to get attention and put the focus elsewhere.

Rich people continuously Learn. Ask Questions and Listen, therefore, Reading is continuous learning.

6]  Poor people think money is the root of all Evil, hence making people greedy.

Rich people believe Poverty is the root of all Evil. Crime, drugs, family problems, etc.,

Money is a Neutral entity, hence, it is a Tool. How you use it makes it what it is.

7]  Poor people have a Lottery Mentality. In their mind, it is the only way to get rich, on the other hand, buying a ticket is buying a Fantasy, not a Reality.

Rich people have an Action Mentality. It is All up to Me to make it happen. My Actions will dictate the outcome. Rich people, in contrast, rely only on “Myself.”

The Best Home Business To Start with Guidance with Granny


Think about this and make the necessary mind shifts for your success.

Why Would You Need, Wealthy Affiliate?

To start an online business from home a reliable facilitator is needed. Good training is very important to develop the skills-building your own website, and the X-Factor in the support from experienced members around the clock.

Wealthy Affiliate is a Training University with 24/7 support to assist. Help to equip when creating a site, even more, no previous experience needed.

The Best Home Business To Start Online training on laptop

WA has a reputation of excellence in helping its members, in addition, completing successful sites.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a Training Company assisting you in the best way possible.  Priding themselves to have the best training program on the Internet.

Building affiliate websites of your choice and in the process help people to find answers to their problems. An Affiliate website offers products to buy and thus making money for its owner via a product link. 

When joining the program to build a website, there is access to a full training course with more than 70 tutorials. Mentors and members are willing to help step by step to success.

No need to know anything about website development. You just have to have the desire to become a successful online affiliate marketer to reach your goal.

The Best Home Business To Start

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WA offers something different, it has the X-factor in 24/7 support when needed.  All the requirements to meet your goals are there. Wealthy Affiliate has a very proud reputation to keep up on the Internet, therefore ranking very high.

Best Ratings on Google for Excellence

  • Support system 24/7 from any of the 1.4 million members helping and guiding you within minutes. Rating 5.0 out of 5.0

  • Building a website becomes so easy with the hands-on step by step instructions on video from Kyle.  Rating 4.9 out of 5.0

  • Research of Keywords for your contents with Jaaxy, a keywords search tool, perfecting your articles for Google.   Rating 4.6 out of 5.0.

  • Hosting is also included, that is the way you keep in contact with the world. Rating 4.8 out of 5.0

  • The success rate of people completing their website and achieving their goals with Wealthy Affiliate. Rating 4.5 out of 5.0

The Best Home Business To Start


Starter member is free.

• As a free member, you have access to the first 10 training lessons.  It pertains how to find your niche and build your website.

• For 7 days you get complimentary free access to full membership to ultimately experience the inside and to build your websites interacting with all members

• Free membership offers 2 websites, best of all it is free to develop.


Full membership costs $19 the first month, a granted discount of $30 and then costs $49 per month thereafter.

The rate annually is $359 and a Black Friday surprise can be as low as $299, as a result, to grab the opportunity.

This includes everything pertaining from hosting, WordPress, emails and best of all, keeping the website updated and secure etc.

Huge savings are possible if making the right choices, and therefore, achieving all dreams and goals.

25 paid domain Websites will be hosted plus and additional 25 home-based websites, in total you have 50 websites to develop all included in the membership fees.


Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim developed Wealthy Affiliate in 2005 and are based in Canada, both highly successful entrepreneurs.

The Best Home Business To Start. The owners Kyle and Carson.

  • On the left is Kyle, he takes personal care of all the excellent training and updating of videos. Is involved with helping, answering questions and welcoming every new member simultaneously make everybody feels special.

  • Carson on the right has the major task, keeping the technical side running smoothly. To develop new strategies to perfect the program, and at the same time, keep all sites secure. He is also involved in welcoming new members and lead the extremely capable admin support team.

Guidance with Granny The Best Home Business To Start

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Get out your comfort zone and take the ultimate plunge, it will be an informed decision. What are you waiting for? This is the best chance you will get to secure a better future and finally, with the assistance of a Good Mentor, you will be unstoppable.

The best home affiliate business to start is now in your hands! Never ever will you have to apply for a 9 to 5 job again.

See you along the road to SUCCESS!


Gran Stella