What are My Expectations of Life

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My Dear Thinette


Think for a moment, What are My Expectations of Life? Is it Expectations or Anticipations,  which one will it rather be?

The difference is with Expectations you put pressure on yourself and get going to achieve your goals. With Anticipations, on the other hand, you are expecting and waiting for the same things to come your way, hence, no real effort from your side.

Which one will it be my darling, waiting for things to happen miraculously or go and get what you want yourself with hard dedicated work? What is your relationship with yourself, do you respect your mission and are you willing to do what it takes, or do you fall back in laziness and never achieve any.

First of all, ask yourself, what will the purpose of my life be?

My goals, what do I desire or what would I be happy with? Is it, bags full of money, the ultimate lifestyle or blissful happiness?

How am I going to get it?

What is it I really want, furthermore, what will I be proud to achieve?

How am I going to balance it all to create a fulfilled life?

Plan of Action

Good planning with vision is really the only way to get what you want my dear.

Ask yourself: Now I am of age and can do whatever I want, will I be wise and therefore do what I need to do to be successful? Will, I procrastinating and waiting for the perfect moment for this miracle to happen?

No time to waste my dear, most importantly, start planning immediately when you know what you want. Put shoulder to the wheel and with determination and enthusiasm fulfil your expectations. Many important decisions will have to be made. Heal your relationship and become proud of what you are doing.

Make sure, every goal in life must have a purpose and good planning, with tons of preparation. As a result, the more detail the better and then the dedicated execution thereof.

Guidance with Granny asking What are My Expectations of Life

Where do I begin?

There are a few questions to answer, my dear. Answer them one by one to make it after all clear, what you want in life.

  • What do I expect from life and what will my career be?

  • Clarify what is important, what will it be, make a list.

  • How do I want to live my life? What will my standards be?

  • What is happiness, what puts a smile on my face and makes me happy?

  • Yes, what is a meaningful life? I want to be successful with a purpose.

  • What will I need, to achieve those expectations? Will it be hard work, an outstanding skill or determination?

Growing up you had many fantasies, with high expectations about your future, even more about a wonderful romantic relationship forever after.

Consequently, visions of living an idyllic life in luxury are overpowering your thoughts.

 My Expectations of Life: What to Take into Consideration

~ What gives me that happy warm secure feeling? Most of all, I want to wake up every morning with a feeling of joy and excitement? What will it be?

~ The future, where will I be in 10 years time?

~ Ask “Are my expectations realistic?” Unrealistic expectations mostly turn into a bigger problem, my dear. It will most definitely, de-motivates you along the way.

~ Take a moment and write the future story of the rest of your life, above all, who do I want it to be in this life story? Will it be the hero, wicked stepmother complaining about everything or on the other hand, the happy princess?

~ My relationships, am I dreaming of a handsome prince kidnapping you. Riding off into the sunset on a white horse or, more likely, a solar-powered sports car. Do I, therefore, know how to be happy for the rest of my life?

~ Building a seven-figure business online, selling courses and be an influencer. 

Back to this moment … much more has to be done to get to that point my dear, therefore lifestyle and habit changes might be in the air to achieve your goals!

Finding your direction. The field is wide open. You might want to become a professional, a successful online entrepreneur or a stay at home mom, but in addition, happiness stays at the core of your being.

Let us begin at the beginning and therefore create your plan.

What Are My Expectations?

The worst thing in life is the picture you have created in your head of what your life is supposed to be. That inner voice dictating your relationship with yourself. Remember expectations are an illusion of what you have created in your mind.

Never live your life according to other people’s ideas and expectations they have for you, especially not those of your parents. They sometimes want to achieve their own long lost dream through you. Not meaning any disrespect.


• Define your purpose and know your destination. First of all, what you want and how are you going to get there.

•  Know Discipline, Dedication and Determination are important.

• Do your planning in detail.

Overcome obstacles.

• Learn to Separate

• High-income skills.


 Where am I going?

What are My Expectations of Life. Image f a notebook and girl planing and listing her goals in life.

Everything I want to achieve in life will need a plan with tons of preparation, as a matter of fact, the more detail the better. 

At the end of each year do your planning for the next year. Create a plan with goals for one year, two years, a five-year plan and a ten-year schedule. Know where you are heading with your short term goals.

Do your 12 monthly planning for the year, divided it into 4 weekly plannings for each month. Then follows your seven day planning for the weeks. Lastly is the daily planning.  Lay it out in easily accomplishable goals and tasks.

 Draw a thin line through it all, leading to your ultimate goal. The best is to know where am I heading to, in other words, why is it so important to do what I do, and most of all, how am I going to achieve it. 

Effectively, the only way to get results is thinking, deciding and planning the road to success. Without this preparation and due dates, subsequently, nothing will happen, my dear.

Putting myself and most certainly, my future first, no matter what, it is a must! Have good positive conversations with yourself, building a winner relationship.

Habits to fulfil your Expectations


Both will be needed in huge quantities, therefore, discipline and hard work will be the key to get what you want. I will have to be very firm with myself and due to a heavy workload, follow a tight working schedule, in other words, the lazy days are over, I have a great task ahead.

Work hard when young to subsequently, harvest the good fruits at old age. Retirement plans are so important and should, therefore, be part of your planning from day one.


What are My Expectations of Life. Girl holding a calendar open at the 1st January  to do her annual planing.

Thorough planning on a yearly, monthly, weekly and daily bases are necessary for reaching your goals. Above all keep, journals updated and more so, keep proper records. Print it out and keep in physical files to keep track, or save to the Cloud. I do not have trust in the digital devices, have seen quite a few things disappear never to surface again. 

The same hard work and dedication a farmer has to go through, to get meat or veggies on the table are applicable to reaching goals too. It does not happen overnight, as a matter of fact, you will have this assignment for life to reach your goals. 

No magic wand, in other words, it is a lengthy process before you can harvest the fruit of your labour. 

As a result,  you have to budget your time and money well. Do spoil yourself with a treat or two, eg. one night a week out with my friends and enjoy it.


  • Stay calm and overcome obstacles with logic, however, gain some knowledge on the subject.

  • Learn to think out the box.

  • Never complicate issues. First of all, see it for what it is and not what you think it is.

  • Turn those obstacles, most importantly, into advantages.

What are My Expectations of Life


Find people who are trustworthy and honest and wise, to be close to you to form your support group. First of all, people willing to helping you achieve your success.

You will need this reinforcement group of people for the rainy days. Select experienced friends, who are sincerely interested in your wellbeing, it will mostly be older people in your life. Finding all the wisdom, guidance, support and most importantly sympathy in one person is a possibility. 

Guidance with Granny 


What are My Expectations of Life. Man caring boxes

Separate different occurrences and issues in life. Put everything that happens to you in separate little boxes in your mind. Each on his own and has nothing to do with each other only in the bigger picture.

If you had a flat tyre it was actually nobody’s fault. Fix it and move on! In other words, see it as an experience to learn from.

Close the box and file it in the archives of your mind, most importantly, don’t carry it with you the whole day. Moaning and groaning about it, won’t change anything, it will only steal your joy!

How to fulfil My Expectations of Life?


You will have to armour yourself for success. The best will be, with high-income skills to obviously earn more. Do some self-study, do applicable courses, in addition, read all you can and gain more knowledge to become an expert in your chosen field. Know more than everybody else on the subject, always stay one step ahead. Become the specialist.

 What is a high-income skill? It is not a general skill acquired in everyday work, it will have to have the distinction to be unique and scares, for instance,  not a normal office worker, but the best copywriter, falling under a speciality group that is not the norm.

Choose a career in demand, one that will still be there in twenty years, and develop it to the ultimate. Take your time and make sure to make the right informed decision. 

A desire to grow and become an authority in your field.

Dedication and persistence are crucial because reaching your dreams are your goal.


First of all, do your planning relentlessly, my dear. Making those dreams and expectations come true is of the utmost importance. Set your foundation on solid rock and work hard. 

There are two methods to enrich the quality of your life. Your career and your private life. They might need different sets of expertise to develop and in addition, keep it separate but balanced.

See the situation this way

Put each personality its own box, therefore, personal life stays at home and business life stays at the office. Mixing them will bring a conflict of interest and in the end, divide my attention.

While on my way home after work, put back the career attitude in its box and close the lid, simultaneously open my personal loving family box, and start thinking about the warmth and love at home.

When I get home, as a result, I will feel so relaxed already. I do the same in the mornings. On my way to work, I similarly leave my private life at the front door and start planning and thinking of the business day with important decisions to make, in short shift your focus.

The aim of these letters is, first of all, to help you get out the maze onto the high road to success, as smoothly as possible, my dear.


Becoming a financially independent woman, inevitably, brings the confidence needed. Do things the way you want to it, that is the ultimate freedom. Take responsibility for this process and make it happen.

What are My Expectations of Life

How to fulfil my Expectations

There are only two ways to be happy, my dear.

Either Change the Situation you are in or evidently, Change your Mindset.

What are My Expectations of Life. Window with handwritten words of happiness. I LOVE MY LIFE!

In conclusion, know where you are going and, more so, keep moving, my love. Never stay at the crossroads and worst of all let everybody pass you by.

Firstly find what gives you the happy and content feeling and then work on the systems to accomplish it.

What do you desire and, furthermore, what do you want life to be like?

When planning your goals, have your expectations in mind, furthermore, be specific.

Begin with the End in Mind, and finally, start working to reach those goals, my dear.

Stop procrastinating!

Love you lots. 

Gran Stella.

Gran Stella