Best Homemade Cleaning Solutions

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My dearest Granddaughter,

Guidance with Granny has the best homemade cleaning solutions and recipes. It can save you some money and be the answer to your home cleaning routine, as efficient as can be. The ingredients are normally natural products you have in your kitchen, therefore give it a try during your next cleaning routine!

There can be better ways to have fun I am sure my dear, but, when you think of the end results it is worth it and should give yourself the kick start you need.

Be creative and mix your own anti-toxic best homemade cleaning solutions, above all, have clean fun.

Best Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning products are some of the most expensive commodities you can buy in the shops. There are so many to choose from. Each cleaning shelf at the shop has a huge collection of stock to choose from, and even more, all very toxic.

You normally stand there deciding which one to buy, because, the one makes more promises than the other.

Granny’s Best Homemade Cleaning Solutions


Using sturdy rubber hand gloves will protect your hands and nails. A few spray bottles, washcloths, soft polishing cloths, microfiber dust cloth, pink coloured cloth for the bathroom. Bucket and a mop, scouring sponges and pads.

Let’s get going and start in the kitchen

The Stars of the cleaning show are Vinegar and Baking soda or Bicarbonate of Soda.

Vinegar eliminates smells and dilutes fatty residue, while bicarb, on the other hand, does the cleaning.

Be careful when mixing the two, keep the container in the basin, because, it fuzzes and boils over easily, making a clean mess!

Best homemade cleaning solutions Bottle of VinegarBest homemade solutions Box of Bicarbonate of Soda

To this mix, you can add disinfectant, essential oils for a fresh smell, little liquid soap, scrubs of ammonia and salt or lemon juice.

Scrubs of ammonia is a non-toxic substance, therefore, use everywhere, Clean with, dishes, clothes, bathroom or kitchen.

A very good all-purpose cleaner, mix the night before.

Use a large spray bottle and mix the following

All-Purpose Cleaner

– 1 cup of water

– a cup of white cheap vinegar

– 1 t liquid dishwashing soap

– 1/4 cup household ammonia

– 2-3 T bicarbonate of soda or baking soda, make sure the baking soda mix is dissolved, could jam the spray bottle. It will bubble over a lot, best to mix over the sink.

Mix and pour into a spray bottle the night before for the bicarb can solve.

For stubborn dirt use a stronger mix by adding less water or no water.

You can add drops of essential orange oil, lemon or peppermint oil to have a fresh aroma around the rooms, but is optional.

You can add a disinfectant such as Dettol or Savlon, for instance, 2 bottle lids full per litre will be enough for a clinical fresh smell. In the bathroom, it works very well.
Name the bottle ‘Disinfectant All Purpose Cleaner’

Keep under the sink with a cloth.

Cleaning Solutions



Find the switch that supplies the stove with power and make sure to switch it off.

Uses the all-purpose cleaner, scouring sponge and washcloth.

• Stovetop

Use All Purpose Cleaner

Spray the stovetop and oven, leave for a minute or two, scrub with your scouring sponge and wipe clean with a wet cloth.

Pay special attention and keep going around the rim of the four stove plates, rinse your cloth frequently, and wring dry before using it.

If you use too much water or spray at the rim of the electric plates, the water might penetrate. The electricity will trip when you try to use the plate too soon. Leave an hour or so to dry properly, then it will be good to go again. Your stove should never get that dirty though.

A greasy deposit can accumulate around the stovetop where the frame fits into the shelf. Use a blunt knife and scrape only the grease off lightly, wipe clean with your cleaner.
Have a shaker with Bicarb or baking soda powder handy to add more to stubborn greasy spots.

Clean stove every night after cooking while still warm, it will make cleaning on a Saturday a breeze.

Look at the switches or knobs measuring the temperature of the plates, clean properly around them. You might have to take them off to clean.Best homemade solutions, Clean stove every night after cooking while still warm

Carefully lift them with a knife and make sure you see how it fits, keeps the little metal plate in the fitting hole intact. Clean grease marks off the stove and wipe the switch in your hand clean around the rim and put it carefully back the way it was making sure the measurement gauge fits correctly. Press in to fit properly and never let it get this dirty again. Your stovetop should shine like new.

If the stove has not been cleaned for a while repeat a few times until clean and then keep it clean every time after using the stove. Remember to wipe the sides of the stove too. Get someone to help you move the stove once in a while to clean the floor underneath it.


It is easier to clean the oven if it is just warm to the feel. Spray and then wipe thorough in all corners with your wet cloth, rinse frequently till all the dirt and grime is off. If your oven has been not been cleaned for a while put an oven-proof container in the oven with some vinegar in it. Heat the oven till hot, finally, witch off and leave with the door closed overnight.

The vinegar will soften the dirt and grime and will wipe off easily, repeat the cleaning process with the spray bottle till it shines before the next use.

Pay special attention around the oven light inside, but be careful not to disturb the elements while wiping. The cleaning of the stainless steel racks will be easier in the sink, using the same mixture and a scouring pad or steel wool to get rid of the grease baked into the metal. Clean them one by one and in the corners too. Wipe with a dry cloth having a few drops of thin oil, most probably, coconut oil to help keep them easy to clean.

Keep the oven clean every time you use it and you won’t have to deep clean soon again. Remember to switch the stove on again.


No soaps or strong cleaning detergents should be used inside the microwave.

Best homemade cleaning solutions wipe microwave with soft cloth

  • Wipe the microwave clean with a soft wet cloth soaked in a solution of bicarbonate of soda or baking soda and warm water.  Take the rotating glass plate and clean in the sink, dry and put it back.

If the microwave is spattered and dirty fill a bowl halfway with warm water, Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice in the bowl and add the empty halves into the water too. Turn the microwave on for a few minutes on high, in addition, leave overnight and wipe clean the next morning.


Cleaning solution

1 cup Baking soda

1 cup Vinegar

  • Cleaning a smelly dishwasher, sprinkle dry Bicarbonate of soda on the bottom of the dishwasher and leave overnight. Next morning add 1 cup of vinegar and run the machine on the hottest cycle.

  • When packing dishes in the dishwasher, first of all, rinse all the extra dirt from your dishes and then pack to wash. Switch on at night. While the kettle boils for your tea or coffee in the morning, unpack the dishwasher.

  • Wipe the rubber seal of the door clean after every wash and give it once a week a rub with baby oil on a cloth to keep it soft and flexible.

Stand back feel proud ‘Job Well Done!’

Best Homemade Cleaning Solutions


Uses the All-Purpose cleaner, a washcloth and a bucket of clean water.

Start cleaning the outside and inside of the cupboard doors. Spraying with the cleaner, wipe clean especially around the handles. Move to the inside and wipe clean too, most importantly, rinse your cloth frequently.

Time for the inside, unpack each section on top of the cupboard, spray and wipe clean. If you have cockroaches or ants pestering you, make a dry mix of icing sugar and borax, add to the lid of an old empty bottle and place the open lids with the mix in the corners at the back.

This is a mix to kill, be careful the borax is toxic for animals, therefore,  make sure to put the stuff where your pets cannot get to it.

 Wipe and dust your pots, pans, plates etc and pack neatly back.

Best Homemade Cleaning Solutions


Never wash the inside of the fridge with soap or cleaning detergent. Like the Microwave use a paste of baking soda and water, NO vinegar. Wipe clean with a soft damp cloth.

Purple fridge

On your morning of cleaning switch off the fridge and freezer when you wake up, open the doors and put an old towel or a dirty one on the floor in front of the fridge and freezer to catch all the water running out from defrosting. Leave the food and milk inside to stay cool. Go on with your cleaning of the house and let it defrost.

Clean the outside of the fridge and freezer with your all-purpose cleaner and a washcloth. Don’t forget to clean the rubber folds of the seal in the door and wipe down with a few drops baby oil on a cloth to keep it flexible.

If the ice is hard to melt run a fan and blow directly into the open fridge. When all the ice has melted unpack the food and milk on the cupboard shelf. Take out the shelves of the fridge and wash in the sink. The inside of the fridge, just as the microwave, should never get harsh cleaner or soap.

Wipe the inside of the fridge and freezer with a solution of warm water and bicarbonate of soda or baking soda. It cleans and. at the same time, takes away any smells. When finished, put usable food back inside the fridge. Get rid of old food not used. Switch the fridge back on when done.


Use the All-Purpose cleaner for the bathroom, especially, with the disinfectant. An old toothbrush, a blunt knife and a different colour washcloth and scouring sponge. I use pink clothes for the bathroom and it stays in the bathroom. Hanging behind the toilet seat on the water pipe, ever so handy.

Cleaning the basin, bath and shower, above all, give special attention to detail. Look for lime deposits around the taps and on the tiles. Scrape off the alkaline residue around the taps with a blunt knife. Spray and clean properly with your cleaner and scrubbing sponge.

In older houses, the tap inline of the water pipe leading to the water bowl of the toilet can be brass, make sure it shines. Make sure to clean the overflow grid of both the basin and the bath. as well as, around the fitting with your toothbrush and rinse well.

solid wooden furniture should be oiled Clean bathroom basin bath and shower

Brush and flush your toilet every morning, keeping it spotless. On a Friday night, you can add a quarter of a cup baking soda and half a cup of vinegar to the bowl and leave to sit overnight. Saturday morning brush the bowl vigorously.

Spray the cleaner everywhere and scrub with the pink sponge, furthermore, remember to wipe the water tank.  Remember to lift the seat and clean thoroughly. Rinse well and wipe with a soft dry cloth. Wash the sponge and pink cloth before hanging on the pipe.

When finished polishing all the taps use a few drops of baby oil on a cloth and polish the taps and the flushing handle of the toilet It will keep its shine and the water will roll-off.

Wash the bathroom mats too, but keep them separate, your tops will get fluff all over when washed together.

Granny’s Best Homemade Cleaning Solutions


1/2 cup Vinegar and 1/2 cup Baking soda with the soap in every wash.

It deodorises and brightens your washing too.

Bicarbonate or baking soda and white vinegar to the wash.

  • Soak the clothes with dirt marks in a solution in a container overnight.

  •  Crush and add about 6 aspirin or Disprin, dissolve in 1 cup of water before adding to the washing. It will keep your clothes white and bright.

Washing will be brighter and cleaner with no nasty smell.

Separate the white and lighter coloured clothes from the types of denim and the blacktops etc.  Wash separately.

Delicate top or dresses, in contrast, should be hand washed.

Never wash towels with your clothes, due to the fact, it will be full of white fluff from the towel.

Wash the dark clothes and old pieces of denim together. If you suspect there might be pieces of clothing that will stain the rest, for instance, brand new denim or top, keep and wash separately.

Wash linen, towels and facecloths together.

To much Stasoft will give your white clothes, and the rest of the washing, a grey colour. Use very little or none at all.

Treat all stains as soon as possible, especially, before a wash.


 Best Homemade Cleaning Solutions clean carpet spots

Best Homemade Cleaning Solutions


Have a good look at the carpet and furniture, especially, after visitors and treat immediately. The cleaner and cloth behind the curtain are very handy, for the reason, dirt can be treated promptly.

A good homemade carpet cleaner

– 3 Tablespoon liquid dish soap

– 2 Tablespoons vinegar

– 1 Tablespoon baking soda or bicarbonate of soda

– 1 Tablespoon of ammonia

Mix well with a hand blender

Use the foam on the spot or stain and scrub lightly with a little brush in the process, press hard with a damp cloth to lift the dirt. Repeat the exercise leave for a few minutes and press dry again. Use clean water to rinse and press hard to dry, using the heel of your foot.

Repeat the same process for pet urine spots. First, spray neat white vinegar on the spot to eliminate the smell.

• If there is candle wax melted into the carpet after a romantic evening Lovely, make a few pads from rolled toilet paper and put on the spot and keep the rest handy.

Add a double folded piece of newspaper larger than the size of the iron and place over the spot and the toilet paper. Heat your clothes iron and iron over the paper, be careful not to touch the carpet pile, it will subsequently melt and leave a black mark. Have another double folded newspaper next to you to make the iron stand while you replace the toilet paper. Take out and repeat till all the wax is out.

• Treat the furniture made of a material with the same mix. I would do a test at the back of the couch or chair to make sure the colours won’t run and damage the upholstery. A mix of just vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and a soft brush will also treat light stains with success.

Best homemade cleaning solutions, solid wooden furniture should be oiled


• Wooden furniture should get a polish spay like Mr Min to keep it shiny and easy to dust. Spray on and polish till dry and shiny. All solid wooden furniture should be oiled with furniture oil once a month, oil the bottom and backside of the table or chair too. When dry or soaked in, for instance, use a shoe brush to polish it until bright and shiny.

If you have wooden furniture with water stains on, apply some mayonnaise thickly on the mark. Leave overnight and rub it in with a soft cloth, the next morning.

Add more mayonnaise if needed. Put some furniture oil on and leave for a few days. polish as normal.

Outside wooden furniture should be treated with a water repellent varnish. Protecting the wood, furthermore, the bottoms of all the legs of the furniture too, because that is water soaked in.

Granny’s Best Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning Brass Ornaments and handles of windows.

Best homemade cleaning solutions. Cleaning brass ornaments

• Brass and Copper cleaner.

Equal parts of

– vinegar

–  salt

–  flour

Mix equal quantities of vinegar salt and flour, and certainly, keep the paste in a plastic container and name it ‘ Brass Cleaner’

Put the paste on the handle or lever. Leave a few minutes and use your scouring sponge to get the paste off. Rinse and dry. Use the baby oil and a cloth, add a few more drops and wipe-polish the ornament or handle, for instance, it will stay longer shiny and clean.

Copper or brass will stay bright and shiny longer if sprayed with a clear varnish after cleaning, let to dry. It will keep good for much longer.

• Cleaning windows and glass ornaments.

Mix equal quantities of

– Methylated spirits

– Water


Shake well and bottle.

Spray on the glass, polish off with an old newspaper when dry.

When living at the coast the paraffin keeps the windows sparkling, it keeps the salty spray of the sea at bay.

If you are a sceptic leave the paraffin and just mix the water and methylated spirits.

Mix in a spray bottle and name it ‘ Window Cleaner’.

Best home cleaning solutions, newspaper does the trick to keep your windows bright and shiny.

 Spray the windows, wipe with a squeegee and wipe dry with an old newspaper. Make sure to buy one every week or ask a friend.

• You can also use a mixture of water and equal part vinegar to clean the windows but always use newspaper to wipe dry and clean.

Never use a cloth to clean windows, as a matter of fact, it leaves smear marks. The printer’s ink of the newspaper does the trick to keep your windows bright and shiny.

Use a safe step ladder when washing windows.

• The windows on the outside can be washed with liquid soapy water and a hard sponge, use the hosepipe and rinse, what fun! Wipe dry with your newspaper. Wipe with a soft dry microfibre cloth specifically allocated for your windows and nothing else.  Use silicone spray carefully to polish the frames.

Best Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Handy Hints

• If I were you, my dear, I will get one large litre spray-bottle with the all-purpose cleaner in the kitchen, and two smaller ones with all-purpose cleaner too, one in the bathroom and one in the lounge behind the curtains on the window sill with a small cloth. Handy when needed.

• Mark all the bottles clearly and add another sticker at the back with the recipe.

Once all is done it will be a breeze and a pleasure to clean your little nest.

Soon this will become common sense my darling.

Shopping list for mixes

– 2 litre cheap Vinegar

– large box of bicarbonate of soda or baking soda

– bottle of methylated spirits

~ a bottle of Paraffin

– a small packet of self-raising flour.

– Salt

– 1 bottle of Liquid soap

– Ammonia from the chemist if you can’t find it at the grocers

–  a small bottle of baby oil

–  1 small bottle of disinfectant

Homemade Cleaning Solutions

Mixing your best homemade cleaning solutions are safer for the environment and your health, cleans just as good if not better. Try it and see the difference it makes to your budget too.

Happy mixing my dear!

Your loving Grandma


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