Romancing a Women a Roller Coaster Adventure

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My dear Grandson

Do you want a willing partner who shares your passion for fun and sex in a committed relationship? The short version is, treat her like your queen and she will be your devoted lover for as long as you want. Read on to get the full recipe.

Romancing a woman can be challenging, but there are ways to make this roller coaster ride an adventure, exciting and smooth.

In this letter, you will read about, never been told before info and soon find a way to get to know her better.

Did you know Romancing a Women have many ups and downs? I am sure I don’t have to tell you. How a woman thinks and why she thinks the way she thinks, is a mystery to some people?

Understanding the mystique of a woman’s mind is no easy task they say, but today you will find what you need to know.

Being the adventurer you are, you will say, you have explored many but understanding a woman is a daunting task. Romancing a woman with the rightfully sincere attitude can be one of the biggest adventures in life. This roller-coaster-adventure can become the most exciting and rewarding event to embark on.

 Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure an amusement park roller coaster ride.

Romancing a Women

Love and romance are static, only you can blow life into it, and soon it will be a blazing glowing furnace of satisfying feelings for you and for her. How to romance a woman becomes logic the moment you understand the way most women’s minds are designed. Navigating to make her happy becomes easy when your know-how. Not all are the same but treating her with respect will get you a long long way.

What Does a Women Want

•  A woman wants to feel cherished, secure and special.

•  Give her the acknowledgement for who and what she is, as well as her achievements. She is doing it all for your relationship.

•   Never alienate your woman by speaking negatively of her and her behaviour. Keep on the same side and be a team.

Most of the time women and their behaviour become the joke amongst men because they do not take the time to learn to know the psychic of a woman. As a matter of fact, it is only spoken by a man who does not know or have the necessary respect for his woman and her behaviour. Making him the laughing stock, women generally just turn a blind eye.

•  Women do love differently than men, accept it and play the game …  she also has to accept men love differently.

•  Surprise her and see the joy in her smile, even an unexpected kiss or hug. There are so many ways and will cost you nothing, she is actually very easy to please.

 Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure Man surprising a woman with a kiss in her neck.

Run her a bubble bath with candles and a glass of wine, make her favourite cup of tea, rose petals from the garden on the bed, call her and show her the beautiful sunset with your arms around her, give her a body massage with her favourite essential oil. Find out and learn to know what your partner likes.

•  Shower her with love and affection. Tell her every day how much you love her, how beautiful she is and how special she is. Show her how much she means to you. She is the keeper of your happiness always remember that, and so are you the keeper of hers.

•  Remembering special dates and occasions makes her very happy and she feels you care. By remembering, you have given her also space in your hectic life and it will make her feel she is important to you.

Find a way to remember it! Take the time and set yearly reminders, a week before, a day before and at the day, to be prepared to get a gift and flowers or make a booking at a restaurant. [Do it yourself, not your PA.]  You will reap the benefits. She never misses your celebrations.

Will you, for instance, forget a meeting or an appointment at work with a total stranger, or manager who are outsiders in your personal life? No, you will diarise it, set alarms, do preparations in advance and make sure you don’t forget. Make her the most important person in your life, it will make her so happy!

Can you imagine the disappointment and sadness, if you forget about her birthday or the kids’ sports events? Ask your partner or wife to list all important dates on the fridge where everybody can see it, and make it a habit to check every time you use the fridge.

It is all about priorities, my Son.

 Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure Remember her birthday Happy Birthday Card

• Be present and be a part of the activities at home, it makes the team you are so much stronger and this is the time to flirt and seduce. That is what happiness at home is about.

In other words, my son, acknowledges her, loves her and cherishes her at home and in public. Make her the number one in your life. Never makes her feel inferior, unimportant or left out in your presence ever.

You both have to attend to each other’s needs, share a life together and be a winning team. It is no disgrace or an embarrassment to love and make your woman the number one person in your life, even in public. Real men will envy the relationship you have.

Behaviour of men

I would like to give you an insight into old fashion men’s behaviour. It boils down to general good manners which will make you an outstanding distinguished man in a world where being sloppy is the trend.

You will gain immediate respect being so different from the, don’t care ways, of today. Try it, don’t waste time. It will change your world.

Romancing a Roller coaster Ride

Old World Behaviour

Did you know there was a time

•  A man would open the door for a lady.

•   Pull out her chair for her, and open the car door for her

•   Let her enter a door before you, any women not just yours.

•  When you walk down the street, the lady will walk on the inside, away from the traffic.

 Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure. Gentleman walking on the outside protecting his lady.

•  Never start eating until she has started.

•   Wait until everybody has finished eating and all have their dessert before you eat.

•   Dress with respect for yourself, for her and the occasion. Not just the same old denim jeans all the time.

•  The table at a hotel will have different sets of cutlery for every course you eat and you will have to know how to use them. That is still the case when you dine outsmart. Don’t just grab any piece of cutlery and start eating.

 Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure Know table etiquette. Classic table setting with silver cutlery.

•   Standing up when a woman enters a room or come to the table you sit at a restaurant.

•   Your leather shoes will always shine and other soft shoes are clean and fresh. Hands and nails will receive special care and always carry a clean handkerchief.

 Clean shoes, Shoe polish cleaning and brush set

•  Never let the sunset on a disagreement, set it straight, discussing it before going to bed and seal it with a kiss and a hug.

•  Giving her flowers and chocolates once and again is always a winner.

 Romancing Women Roller Coaster Adventure Gives her chocolates and roses for a lady.

•   Ask each other’s opinion about everything.

•  Give her compliments.

•  Treat the relationship 50/50 in everything.

You won’t believe it but this behaviour will still steal a woman’s heart and make you special, be a real gentleman. All women I know will endorse this because you care and show respect. Some men got lazy. I would not know how to describe the modern way of behaviour, maybe you can help me with that one, my dear.

A Roller Coaster Adventure

The Way to a Woman’s Heart How to Make her Happy

This, my love, is when you have found your real true love, you are in a committed relationship, and want to know the secrets to understand a woman.

 A committed man caring a woman lovingly to a house

•  Romancing a woman starts in the morning if you want results in the evening. Another difference between a man and a woman. Take it slow and suggestive, giving compliments where it matters and leave it at that. On your way out touch the part that matters when you say goodbye. Try it!

Romancing starts in the morning. Man and woman kissing goodbye

•  When you walk into the house after a long hard day, leave the macho businessman outside. Become the tender loving man you are and show her the tender loving feelings you have for her.

• During the day send her a message, telling her how much you miss her and would love to run your fingers through her hair and hold and cuddle her. Set her mind going.

•  In the afternoon send her another message, taking your message a bit further, how much you want to feel her naked warm body against yours.

Going home leave the businessman attitude at work and start thinking of your loving wife and children on your way home. Getting home you will be so relaxed already.

•  When arriving at home find her where she is busy in the kitchen, hug her from behind, kissing her neck and whisper sweet nothings in her ear. She might surprise you, wearing just an apron and a string of pearls if your behaviour makes her feel special. You might look at a kitchen counter with different eyes in future or

… turn her around and lift her up against your chest, look her in the eye telling her how special she is. How much you love her and have missed her during the day. Kissing her and let her slowly slide down your body for her to feel your arousal. Invite her to a shower with you before dinner and make sure to switch off the stove.

Soaking and washing each other’s bodies is a good start but that is where it ends too, it was just a little foreplay. Leave the shower session for another day. Dinner is waiting and desert will be taken in bed or where ever.

You have to take it slows with your woman, my dear, the pleasure of it all is the whole process of courting. Tease her and make her want you. Find your love dance to entice her, letting the exotic animal come alive within her. The longer the dance the more ready she will be!

It shouldn’t be a quick and easy process, prolong the pleasure. Be never boring, have initiative and make it different and exciting every time. Set an example of mutual excitement, next time she will surprise you and take the lead.

Much later in bed when she lies in your arms you can talk about the days’ happenings and discuss the next day.

Never use the word Sex when it comes to your loved one. You Make Love to your partner. What you have is much more special than the plain everyday sex they talk about.

Do not lie to your woman. The moment you feel the need to lie there is something fundamentally wrong.

Search your inner self and find what caused it, discussed it immediately and find a solution or a compromise. If you leave it to simmer inside you, it will become a monster which will tear you apart.

Romancing Women the Roller Coaster Adventure

The four or rather five most important elements of a good and happy relationship are


Most important is  Respect for each other, and honesty is a close second.

When one of these is missing my son, it is not a good idea to stay in the relationship. Learn to know the secrets of love and honour them.

Having all four of these important elements, the DESIRE for each other will be there, and nothing and nobody else will come close to what you have.

Romancing a Women is an Adventure

There is much talk about a soul mate but I think in the ideal happy relationship. In a complete relationship, you have all the keys to unlock her needs and she has all the keys to unlock your needs. No hidden secrets, be wide open. Let both be honest, sincere and vulnerable, trusting and making each other completely happy.

Taking the time to learn the logic of a woman’s mind, and it will make romancing a woman the roller coaster ride, a ride of adventure and excitement.

The easiest way to have romantic fun with bliss with benefits.

Love you

Gran Stella.

The Secret Language of Relationships