Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Good Protection.


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Ray-Ban Sunglasses the Brand with Good Protection are your fashion statement with class.


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Ray-Ban Outdoorsman 3030 Aviator Sunglasses with Wire Wrap Ears. 

Ray-Ban sunglasses for good protection. 

  • Provides very good protection, and great visibility with Polaroid and UV lenses.

  • The wire-wrap earpieces are comfortable and provide excellent fit, furthermore, enhancing safety.

  • The green glass lenses improve contrasts,  and metal frames are durable.

  • Some models block 100% UV 

  • 4.3 out of 5 stars for excellence.

See the great variety of different frames, designs and prices Ray-Ban has to offer, and after 75 years it is still the best and has longevity.

Ray-Ban sunglasses the brand with a reputation, to the Test.

A Testimony 

A good friend who has used a Ray-Ban for years under extreme conditions has this to say:

“I worked in the Oil fields all over the world for 47 years and only used my Ray-Bans as protection, and believe me I really needed the best you can get. Everybody in my team used Ray Bans and all people I know in the industry use Ray-Bans.

As a manager, out at sea on an Oil rig in the middle of the ocean, there is no room for errors. Every minute of every situation is a matter of life and death if you do not concentrate and focus. The dinosaurs did not die in the best of places on earth, and the rigs drilling for oil are miles and miles from civilization.

Every day in full sunshine, the glare was extreme at 50 *C in Saudi. There is no second chance, all must always run perfectly, and Ray-Bans live up to that standard, making the workplace safer. It has big glasses for better vision all around, especially looking down.

Once we had to move a Rig with all the equipment across the desert in Libya and tracked for 12 days over dunes with big trucks, no roads just a guide and a compass. Ray-Bans was an item we definitely could not go without in that blazing sun … and besides pilots don’t lie.

I have a second pair still flawless after 20 odd years of use.

I believe and trust in my Ray-Bans”

Capt. Stephen Hayes from Britain.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Good Protection. Testimony by Captain Hayes.

I think that says a lot for Ray-Bans, don’t you?

Not having had or every used Ray-Ban sunglasses, it is one of the items high on my bucket list and will surely be worthwhile investing in.

Why should I Own a pair of Ray-Ban Glasses?

Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Good Protection.

  • Sits with great comfort on your face.

  • Polarized lenses are designed to reduce the glare from surfaces such as snow, water and glass. enhances the clarity of vision, differentiate between contrasts and dimensions in the air, on the ground as well as in water.

  • Special polarized filters block the glare of sun rays, making it safe to work in the sun.

  • Blocks the UV [ultraviolet] rays of the sun which could damage the retina in your eyes.

  • Ray-Ban sunglasses have a reputation for excellent craftsmanship and very good quality materials, making it one if not the best pair of sunglasses on the market.

  • Its popularity is closely linked to the ownership of celebrities.

  • Besides all that, it has a style that fits all fashion trends over decades and lifts any outfit to a higher level.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Good Protection.

How Can my Eyes get Damaged?

  • Not wearing sunglasses when in the sun. The Ultra Violet UV rays of the sun can damage the retina in the eye and over time, it put you at risk of developing cataracts and abnormal growths.

  • Wearing not UV approved or fake sunglasses. It is just coloured glass with no protection against the sun rays.

  • Make sure the colour of the glasses is dark enough to protect.

Why Ray Bans? 

  • Protecting  my eyes against the bright sunlight with UV protection

  • Polarized lenses break up the glare of sun rays on water and glass, making the surroundings more clearly.

  • All Ray-Ban glasses have UV protection but not all are 100 per cent.

  • Pilots are using the Ray Bans for a reason since 1937.

Outdoor Ray Bans

Ray-Ban has a model that is perfect for outdoor sportsmen and women.

It has a wire wrap ear hook for a better fit and will not slide down.

The flexible hooks make it easy to fit over normal glasses too, captain Hayes has used his Outdoor Ray-Bans over his normal prescription glasses.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Good Protection with flexible hooks around the ears.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Good Protection.

The Origin

Why do pilots wear Aviator Ray-Bans? 

Is it because Ray-Ban sunglasses are the brand with good eye protection.

During 1930 with the development of aircraft, in particular, the military air crafts, the designs allow pilots to fly faster, higher and longer distances.

The pilots experience high levels of glare which lead to vision problems, headaches and altitude sickness. It reduced their ability to function at high levels and affected their accuracy.

A military sergeant-major MaCready requested the help of American company Blausch and Lomb to find a way of dealing with the problem and the Anti-Glare glasses were developed. In 1938 Ray-Ban Aviators were patented and the military has used it ever since.

Later the company designed the first Ray-Ban sunglasses for public use, and the rest is history.

Ray-Ban Aviators

Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Good Protection. The original.

 The Present 

Ray-Bans were made popular by J F Kennedy and the big breakthrough came with the movie Top Gun when Tom Cruise as a pilot wore Ray-Bans. It became immensely popular and till today almost every celebrity is seen with a pair.

During 1999 the brand was sold to an Italian company Luxottica and is now situated in Milan.

Leonardo Del Vecchio the new owner, blew new life into the design with a variety of new frames and colours.

He owns about 80% of the eyeglass market worldwide, with Oakley in the stables too.

Many of the fashion houses such as Gucci and Channel have contracts with him.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer

Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Good Protection. Unisex New Wayfarer RB2132 901/58 Polarized 55mm, t


The popular Wayfarer has seen the light in 2006, with a new Ray-Ban Frame. 


Ray-Bans has kept up with modern technology and launched the Ray-Ban Tech Fiber Collection with the latest techniques.

 Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Good Protection. with a leather pouch.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Good Protection

The Future

Ray-Ban has signed a contract with Google to develop Google Glass.

 Ray-Ban Sunglasses for Good Protection. Goole addition to their brand with the reputation.

What is Google Glass?

“Google Glass is basically a piece of wearable technology. This looks similar to an ordinary pair of glasses but enables the wearer to carry out many of the functions of a laptop or mobile device.

This voice-activated device lets you access the internet, store information, make calls, take photos, in fact, all the functions the modern, seamlessly connected user wants, but in an unobtrusive form.

Ray-Ban started with the aim of being at the very forefront of eye-ware development, designing and manufacturing sunglasses that gave an outstanding performance as well as being totally fashionable.

As it approaches its 75th anniversary, it seems the Ray-Ban brand has every intention of maintaining this forward-looking approach and continuing to deliver iconic sunglasses that look beautiful and give unrivalled sun protection.”

Thanks to edel-optics.com for the historic information.

When next time I am in need of a pair of sunglasses I will know what to look for, would you? Finally, Ray-Bans has the reputation, comfort and style to be the best buy I can make.

It will be an investment for a lifetime because captain Steve says so! 



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